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Posted 14 September 2004 - 09:15 PM ( #1 )

Your Tamagotchi's name: Malin

Your Tamagotchi's age: 9

Date of birth:September 4, 2004

Date of passing:September 12, 2004

What generation? 1st gen

Any other information? Even though I only had Malin for a little while I will never forget her because she was my first Tama! She was almost always happy, only had to discipline her every once in a while like all pets, and was loving. she just got her first visit from the matchmaker and had 4 friends......I MISS YOU MALIN :P

Your Comments:I accidentally forgot Malin at home and thought I had her......i was gone for two days! I am soooo sad and I will miss Malin. Malin was a happy little tama when she left and now she is going to be a cute angel(gotchi). Have fun my dear Malin because I know you are doing fine in the Tamagotchi Heavens.






14 Sep 2004