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how do i fix this problem!?

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Posted 06 August 2005 - 02:38 PM ( #1 )

ok, i dont know if you can answer this, but anyway, heres the story:

i was playing with my tamagotchi, and i wanted to debug it. i did that sucessfully, so i decided so do some other stuff to the tama. i opened it up, and used my pencil on some sicrles. i changed the language, and lots of other stuff, but now, it will not stop doing everything automatically! it starts out with the "download or reset" screne so i said "reset" and it gave me the screne where you set the date and stuff, so when i was done, it asked me what to name my pet (i didnt even choose the pet i wanted) and then it asked me boy or girl. so after that, it gave me the hamburger character (a secret one) and did everything by its self! please help me! how do i fix this!?

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06 Aug 2005

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06 Aug 2005

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Posted 06 August 2005 - 04:48 PM ( #2 )

Its ok. Calm down, Try to erase the pencil marks only with a q-tip
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