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June 2009 Contest

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 05:12 AM ( #1 )

I found this picture in a Japanese book. I'm not sure what the original dialog is, but I'm sure you can provide something interesting.

Contest deadline for entries is: June 27, 2009

The contest winner will be announced: July 1, 2009

[1] The usual TamaTalk rules about inappropriate content also apply.
[2] Members can submit more than one entry, but please remember, we're judging on quality, not quantity.
[3] Entries must be submitted by the deadline. The time zone used for contests will be USA Central Time Zone.

Prize: There will be a prize for first place only. The member submitting the winning entry will win a TamaTalk Angelgotchi membership. (Click here for more information about TamaTalk Angelgotchi.)

Judges: TamaTalk staff.

Who is eligible to enter: All TamaTalk members. (TamaTalk staff can also enter, but are ineligible to win.)

How to submit your entry: send a PM to me with the subject line "June Contest Entry"

Professor: "Memetchi! Why does your math homework have doodles of Kuromametchi all around the border?"
Memetchi (speaking): "Sorry! Sorry, Professor! ... Ummm ... I ... I ... my little sister did it."
Memetchi (thinking): "ARGH! Why did he have to ask in front of the whole class?!?!"






03 Jun 2009

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03 Jun 2009


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Posted 03 June 2009 - 08:07 PM ( #2 )

Here are all the entries received before the deadline.
Note: the numbers that appear below are index numbers; based roughly on the order the entries were received. They are not an indication of ranking.

(1) x.Cant//Knit.x
Memetchi (speaking): ''Oh, sorry, it's a family problem. My mother and I, well, you see, it's hard to explain...''
Mametchi (thinking): ''I knew I should have put the alarm on.''

(2) squeakythepenguin92
Memetchi(speaking): 1+1= um, um, um 12?
Professor: 12! Memetchi we practiced this! How in the world is the answer 12?
Memetchi(thinking): I panicked. I'm so ashamed.

(3) LilDewd
Teacher: "MIMITCHI! Did you just throw a ninja's throwing star at me?"
Mimitchi: "*flushed* What!? No! Psht! Of course not! Why would I!? *nervous laughter* hahahaha."
Mimitchi (thinking): "Well, DUH! You HAVE been teaching me since kindergarten! I was bound to get tired of you by now!

(4) spongebobiac
Memetchi: M-my legs can't reach the ground!! >3<
Professor: That's no excuse for not turning in your homework.
Memetchi: But Teacher, I've been in this chair for months. I couldn't get out of the chair to RECEIVE my homework!
Professor: No buts!
Memetchi: No LEGS.

(5) violetchi_garden
Teacher: And 7 times 5 is, Memetchi? Do you know?
Memetchi: *Wakes up from sleeping* 68 flowers! I finished my homework!
*Class starts laughing*
Memetchi: *Thinking* Darn it! He's making us work so much he's invading my dreams!

(6) tosakatchigal
Teacher (speaking): Memetchi, where is your history book?
Memetchi: *starts panicing*
Memetchi (speaking): Umm, Sorry! I-I can't find! I, umm have seem to lost it...!
Memtchi (thinking): Ooooooooh! HOW EMMBARESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(7) shiroiaka
Teacher : What are you doing there Memetchi ?Are you trying to sneaking out of my class AGAIN ?
Memetchi : N...no.. of course not, I..I.. hmm.. I just look at my legs, just that...
Teacher : Hey, you can't see your leg. They too small for you. Stop doing that and back to study!
Memetchi thinking : Man.. I really hate this teacher, He always mocking me since the 1st grade! I want to get out from here!!! >o<

(8) Brainy
(At after school detention)
Memetchi:"Um mm..." "My...."
Memetchi:"Um mm..." "My face is so happy!" (Memetchi said it with happiness and laughter.)

(9) tamaluver4088
Teacher: "Yes, Memetchi?"
Memetchi saying: "Ummm, the answer to that question is yes, Mametchi is smart and also very cute."
Memetchi thinking: "Oh crap I said the wrong thing! Great now the whole class is laughing![I]"
Class: Ha, ha, ha! Memetchi has a crush on Mametchi! Ha, ha, ha!
*Memetchi blushes and runs from the room*
The class continues laughing. The teacher tells them to be quiet.

(10) complete_tama_fanatic
Proffesor: Memetchi, what's this magazine you've been passing around- A fasion magazine?!... You shouldn't be reading this in class!
Memetchi: I'm reading it for my book report!... Yeah!
Proffesor: ...Well then, why is the entire 'GuruGuru Town's fasions of the month' section of this magazine ripped out?
Memetchi: (thinking) Darn, I forgot about that!

(11) ~Kaythina~
Teacher: MEMETCHI! What is that Blue stuff coming out of your mouth!
Memetchi (speaking): Mmph. Hmph Phh Tphh mmmph!!!!!! Mpph!!!!
Memetchi (thinking): Oh, man. I really wish I saved my blueberry pie for lunch!

(12) crazie4tamaz
Professor: "What is THIS?!"
Memetchi: "It's my homework."
Professor: "This is a page from the magazine Get Rid of Mean Teachers !!"
Memetchi: "Whoops, heh heh, how did THAT get there?"
Memetchi (thinking): "Man , I was gonna use that!"

(13) staragotchi*
Teacher: Memetchi! Wake up!
Memetchi: Oh sorry...um...2...no S L E E P sleep *goes back to sleep*
Mametchi: WAKE UP!
Memetchi: *waves at Mametchi* *Goes back to sleep*
Kuromametchi: WAKE UP!
Memetchi: Oh anything for you! *stays awake for rest of class*

(14) paper*cut
Professor: "Memetchi!, Why does your homework say 'Professor sucks eggs'?!"
Memetchi: "Oh nono, It's supposed to say 'Professor is handsome,.. Stunning!"
Memetchi (thinking): "Oh carp!"

(15) Sarah1997
Memetchi: *thinks* Ohh, ohh!
Professor: What now, you're suposse to be reading?!
Memetchi: I have to go to the bathroom!

(16) ChibiMe
Proffeser: Hm...
Memetchi: Whats wrong, sir?
Proffeser: I bet you have an explanation of this -Shows homework book-
Memetchi -looks at book- Gah!! Give me that!!
Proffeser: Heh.. I didn't know your love for Kuromametchi was that deep.
Memetchi: H-HAH!!-Blushes- Deep enough for you to give me an A or even a B+?
Proffeser: Heh, How about an F!

(17) Mametchi_Fan
Teacher: Why does your math book have a picture of Kuromametchi and Mametchi and saying who should I choose?
Memetchi (speaking):Well... I can't explain in detail... But!
Memetchi (thinking): Why did he have to say that!?! I'm soooo embarrassed!

(18) xoswansxo
Professor: MEMETCHI! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ?!?! For the third time this week, why have you drawn Makiko with straight hair and tears in her eyes in your homework pad? Do you need another week of detention, hmmm, let's see, that would be three weeks of detention! Why have you drawn it?
Memetchi: Umm, sorry Professor. I must have been day-dreaming!
Memethi in her mind: Oh, man! Why did he have to say it out loud! Now everyone will think I want to be better then Makiko!

(19) Tamagotchi-4-Life
Professor: Why didn't you bring in your homework Memetchi?!
Memetchi (speaking): Ummm... *face turns red* I can't find it....
Memetchi (thinking): ...in my dog's stomach.

(20) Asiangotchi
Professor: Memetchi! Stop waving your arms around! We're in the middle of a lesson!
Memetchi: Uh... Yes sir. Sorry!
Memetchi (Thinking): I should've gone to the bathroom this morning!!!

(21) YellowJedi
Professor: " Memetchi! What re you doing with your hair??"
Memetchi (speaking): "Oh, I just was twirlinlg my hair"
Memetchi (thinking): " Good thing he did not now I was using it to look at Mametchi behind me."

(22) tamaluvz25
Professor (annoyed): What is it now memetchi?
Memetchi(excited): I got the answer this time, I know I do!
Professor: Ok *sighs*, what does the word "beautiful" describe?
Memetchi: ME!!!! :( :(

(23) Snowfang
Professor: Hmmm... "Toskatchi is stupid, Kuromametchi is empty-headed , Makiko is snobby, Mametchi is a n00b." What did I say about putting down others?
Memetchi:But-but but...
Professor: Detention for you!
Memetchi(thinking): I knew I should have slept in my room and not next to Imotchi!

(24) HoneyJ
Memetchi (out loud): *Whistles* "Oh no! my tama's not happy;!!"
Memetchi (thinking): "I'll go on tamatalk later and ask for tips."
Teacher: "Memetchi! what's that in your hands?!"
Memetchi (thinking): "Oh shoot!!"
Teacher: "A TAMAGOTCHI!?!? Named Mametchi?!"
Memetchi (thinking): "I whish he didn't say that ><!"
Teacher: "DETENTION."
(lettered picture here)

(25) romety@pacbell.net
Professor: Memetchi! Why does your math test have the same exact answers like Violetchi's?
Memetchi (speaking): Er......um.....it's because we think the same! Yeah! That's right!
Memetchi (in thought): Aw, man! I'm doomed!!!!

(26) patchis-forest
mr. turtlepedia: the desk and i are watching YOU!!
memetchi: sorry desk!
memetchi thinks: WHAT THE-?

(27) ~Kaythina~
Memetchi (thinking dreamily): Oh, I wish Mimitchi would stop looking at me. He's distracting me from my work. But yet, I do have a crush on him.......
Teacher (calling on memetchi): Memetchi!
Memetchi (speaking): Huh!? What?!
Teacher (annoyed): What is the capital of tamatown?
Memetchi (speaking dreamily): Mimitchi..... *sigh*
Teacher (thinking annoyed): Man, Memetchi's really getting on my nerves these days.

(28) Makiko500
Teacher:Memetchi! Why is there a picture of Makiko stuck in a mud pit!
Memetchi:Um...I was insane that time.
Memetchi (thinking):Great job, Memetchi. I'm now on a one way ticket to detention.

(29) Tomato-kun
Memeitchi: Umm..sorry!

(30) cecib
Teacher: Where is your homework, Memetchi?!
Memetchi (thinking): Ummm...
Memetchi (yelling): My sister ate it!!

(31) PeaceFrog777
Teacher: You there! Why are you 10 minutes late to my class?
Student: Well, Teacher, it's not my fault! Jessica forgot to wake me up after second hour!!

(32) KuroMame
Proffesor: Memetchi why is this woopy cusion on my seat with your name on it?
Memetchi: Uhh, It has got my homework inside it?
Memetchi thinking: Nice answer Memetchi! Busted!

(33) meowbark
Teacher: Lucy waek up u fat lard and pay attenshun to me cuz im ur teecher >:|
Memetchi (speaking): Im sry im sry D: D: I didnt meen tew. D: I'll pay attenshun
Memetchi (thinking): Ogod Im falling halp me nao!!! D:> (Is dat desk supOsed to lew angry tew? FFFFFFF)
Teacher: No u fall on dat grownd liek teh bad gurl u r 4 punishmint fer not payin atenshun D:<
(lettered picture here)

(34) Tamalove2
Teacher:MEMETCHI!!!!Why are you late?!
Memetchi:Beacause I needing to find the right thing to wear!I need to impress Mametchi you know!
-Class starts laughing-

(35) Doodle_Bear
teacher:talking:Memetchi, what is 2+2?
Memetchi:Talking:Ugh!I don't know!My brain hasn't computed that yet!

Teacher: Memetchi, what was that noise?!
Memetchi (talking): That was my...uhhh...watch...
Memetchi (thinking): darn it! why cant these tamagotchis be quiet when you want them to?!?

(37) Mametchi-Lover
Mr Turtlepedia: MEMETCHI! Why can't you spell 'ball' properly?
Memetchi: Err... umm... erm... uh.. Well, you see....
Memetchi (thinking): OMG! Where are his glasses? The question is 1+6=?, not How do you spell ball?

(38) Shiba
Proffesor: Where is your homework, Memetchi?
Memetchi: I didn't have time to do it. I had to fix my hair.
Proffessor: Yea, your only hair. >_>

(39) Jakuro
Teacher: Memetchi?
Memetchi: (long pause) Yeah?
Teacher: Memetchi..?
Memetchi: (long pause) Uh huh?
Teacher: Excuse me, Memetchi.
Memetchi: (long pause) What?
Teacher: Memetchi, why were you blow drying your hair in the middle of class?
Memetchi: (long pause) I dunno.
Teacher: What do you say when you do something wrong?
Memetchi: S-s-s-s-sorry!

(40) WerewolfStorm11
Teacher: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah........ Mametchi wake up!
Mametchi: *snoring* Huh?
Teacher: You were sleeping, now go get some paper towels.
Mametchi: Why? *looks down to see big puddle of drool*
(class laughs)
Mametchi:(thinkin to herself) Why does everything bad happen to me?!

(41) wameed98
Memetchi:oh no my pencil!
Teacher: Memetchi why arent you focusing?
Memetchi: Sorry!
Memetchi thoughts: How am I gonna write!

(42) violetchi_garden
Memetchi: (writing in journal) Day 16, 10:57 am. I am still trapped in the school, aka, the bird cage. I have yet to find an exit. All the windows are locked, and the doors are-
Teacher: MEMETCHI! What are you writing in your journal?
Memetchi: How much I like Mametchi!!!
*all the class stares*
Teacher: Go back to doing your science work, please.
Memetchi: (writing in journal) Day 16, 10:58 am. I'm definitely gonna find an exit now...

(43) kuchipatchi_freak
Memetchi(daydreaming):I can't belive it! Kuromametchi asked me out and I can go!(jumps ot of chair)
Mr. Turtlepedia:Memetchi! What are you doing out of your seat?!
Memetchi: Umm Nothing?
Mr. Turtlepedia: Then why did you murmur Kuromametchi and I go out?
Memetchi: Dang! not in front of the class! He sure knows how to make children mad!

(44) Yaranaika
Teacher: "Memetchi! Was that perhaps a note you just passed?"
Memetchi (Thought Bubble): "No! If he saw me passing notes, I could be in really big trouble!"
Memetchi (Speech): "N-no sir! I assure you, I wasn't passing notes! See?! See my hands?! Empty!"

(45) katie_bug
Teacher: Memetchi, What is that noise I hear?
Memetchi: Um,Um, Sir I have no idea!
(Class Giggles)
Teacher: Hm, it sounds like a Tamagotchi Toy
Teacher:Is it yours Memetchi?
Memetchi: No, it's just a Music star singing!
Teacher: Well, bring it to me!
Teacher: This is not band practice class!
Memetchi thinking: I knew I should have waited to battle Mametchi; but I sure showed him! No one can beat my music skills!

(46) Kickthekan123
Teacher: Memetchi, sit in your chair correctly.
A couple minutes later...
Teacher: Memetchi, sit in your chair correctly.
A couple minutes later...
Teacher: Memetchi, this is the last time I will tell you to sit in your chair correctly!!!
Memetchi: T-teacher, I'm falling! I can't get up, so can you please send one of my classmates to help me? *fake-coughs and says, "Mametchi!" and bats her eyelashes at Mametchi*

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