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Another song.

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 02:54 PM ( #1 )

Well. Freddie Mercury told me to write a song in my sleep so I did.
You know what I mean.
Probably not.
I wrote it last night while I was half-asleep during Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher". It's a good movie.
It's not fabulous. But I tried.
Kind of xD

I was still quite young when I aquired a taste
For anything odd and rather displaced,
And I suppose I can still be like that now.
Because I don't drive and I try not to drink,
But it's just some nights I can't seem to think,
And day by day I seem to lose myself a bit more.
Sometimes people do the strangest things,
I can not write and I try not to sing,
I've been waiting so long for a first-class hospital bed.

My sister says I'm doing fine,
My mother says I could do better,
I'm still waiting for them to find me lying here.
But I'm not sure if I'm up to waiting another year.

I was told in a dream I could do something,
But I would have to wait until I let you know.

I suppose I should just go home.

My friends laughed and said I'd be okay,
As I waited there for another day,
Sarah smiled and told me it would be all right.
So as of now I'm fine.

Nobody remembers the day I was born,
Because it wasn't filmed and I can't preform
Any important event taking place that day.
I suppose it's not that urgent anyway.

With laughs we'll remember the way words slip,
At least according to the script,
That I left on the nightstand for their benefit.

In scene one, my best friend is in shock,
And so are they, or so they thought,
Because one dramatic scene won't be enough.

I'm still waiting here today,
The car outside is miles away,
And everybody's left to see a casket without you.

I guess I should go too.

But hospitals are overrated,
The music on the radio is outdated,
And I'm not used to being this alone.

I'm not ready to go home.

I'm still sleeping here, back to the tile,
And I'll still be here, waiting for a while,

So if you're still coming,
I'm still waiting for you.

You still miss the kid lying in his bed,
Hanging on the words you could have said,
And I guess I do to.
And I'd like to tell you that he does too.






16 Jun 2009

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 03:05 PM ( #2 )

I love it, Alex. <3


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Posted 20 June 2009 - 04:06 PM ( #3 )

I love the song. I love, love, love it. It's really good.


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Posted 25 June 2009 - 03:54 PM ( #4 )

Beautiful Alex ;)