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The Best Friend Chronicles

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The Best Friend Chronicles
Edition 1

#1: I Become A Detective

I was at Danielle’s house with my two friends, Isabella and Monica. Danielle, more commonly known as Dani, had invited us to her house for a party. There was music playing, food and Guitar Hero. Bella, Monica and I were eating some Cheetos and enjoying ourselves.
Danielle walked over to us, bobbing her head to the rhythm of the music. She popped a potato chip in her mouth and said, “Sweet party, right?” Monica nodded and so did Bella. I was about to nod when I stopped. Suddenly, I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore.
Bella and Monica simultaneously frowned. “Do you feel something is... wrong?” Asked Bella timidly. Monica and I sadly nodded. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I looked around the party, waiting for something bad to happen. I tried to shake the feeling away, but it just kept coming back.
Danielle pouted, “If you don’t like the party, feel free to leave!” Bella, Monica and I exchanged glances. We wanted to leave, but none of us were brave enough to tell Dani straight to her face. “That’s what I thought,” she replied, a smug expression on her face, and she walked back to her house to play Guitar Hero.
Bella said, “Hey guys, I’m going to go find Danielle and apologize. I mean, she did invite us to the party.” No one replied. Bella sighed, “I feel the same way.” But Monica and I still didn’t reply. Finally, Bella asked why we were so quiet
“The feeling is so strong.” I simply replied. Then, BANG! BANG! BANG! BAAAAANG! There were multiple gunshots. “Hide!” I cried out. As a detective, hiding was an instinct. I scurried to Danielle’s house and hid under a bed. I really hoped that Monica and Isabella were hiding.
Two hours later, I crawled out from under the bed because I felt it was safe. I walked outside to the EXACT spot I had been standing earlier. There was nobody around. Being a detective, I knew that the only way to solve the mystery was by looking for clues. I looked around everywhere carefully, but I still couldn’t find evidence! I grew desperate and then heard a rustling noise.
It sounded like it was coming from a tree, so I walked towards it. Carved onto it was “HELP” and “GONE” in Isabella and Monica’s handwriting!!! I pulled out my small notepad from my back pocket and wrote this down. I knew I’d have to have to solve this mystery by myself but not today. I headed home to get some sleep.
The next morning, I went to Isabella’s house. I rang the doorbell. Bella’s mother answered the door. “Oh, hello, Desirae.” Her eyes were puffy and red. There were tearstains on her Polo t-shirt. “Do you know where Isabella is? I stayed up all night looking for her,” said Bella's momI replied “No,” but didn’t say anything else. Bella’s mom didn’t need anything else to worry about. Then, I thought, why don’t I go to the beach?” It was Bella’s favorite place! So I said goodbye to Bella’s mom and headed for the beach.
At the beach, I took off my flip-flops and walked on the sand. I love to look at the shells, but today I was on a mission. I just happened to look down and saw some words engraved onto the sand. When I took a closer look, they said ‘347’. I took out my notepad and wrote this down.
Then I went to Monica’s favorite place, Barnes & Noble Bookstore. I looked at some books and grabbed a shopping cart. On the basket, cared onto the handle, was ‘North Beach Apartments’. I wrote this in my notebook then I stopped. It said, ‘347 N. Beach Apartments’. I guessed ‘N’ was abbreviated for North. Maybe I should go there. I thought. I abandoned the shopping cart of books gleefully. Bella and Monica, here I come!
Once I reached the addressed, I was confused. It was a 3rd floor apartment that looked completely harmless. I rang the doorbell once, twice, but nothing happened. I decided to just barge in. The door was unlocked. When I walked in, there were stairs. I climbed up them. I walked into the first upstairs room I found. When I opened the door, I practically screamed.
Bella and Monica had tape on their mouths and their hands were handcuffed behind their backs! Monica was laying down, her back to me. Bella was sitting up, against a wall, facing me. “Bella! Bella!” I cried. Her eyes flickered open drowsily. When she saw me, her eyes grew wide.
“Mmmf? Mrrrn!” She yelled her voice muffled. I didn’t understand Mmmmrrff-inese, unfortunately, so I was confused. Then I stopped in my tracks. Tick, tick, tick! It sounded like a bomb!
“Holy cow! I muttered. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you out! I picked up Bella and Monica and hoisted them over my shoulder. Now, they’re not fat. I’m just weak, so I almost toppled over and collapsed. Where could I escape? The bomb might blow us up any second! I saw a window.
Very bravely, I roughly pushed against the window. The glass shattered and then I jumped out the window. Just a millisecond after I jumped out, Bella and Monica with me, the house exploded.
As I was falling, which was only a couple of seconds, my eyes stung. Then, WHAM! I landed on something. It smacked my cheek and upper jaw pretty badly. I looked around for Bella and Monica. Then I realized I was on top of them. I stood up and released Bella’s hands and mouth.
We helped Monica out of her handcuffs. “Thanks SO much for rescuing us!” cried Monica once we removed the packing tape. “Can you tell me what happened?” I asked.
Bella turned pale white. “Not here. He may be watching us.” So Bella, Monica and I went to my house. We sat down on the couch and ate calabasa. Then Bella told me her story.

It was at Danielle’s party. There were gunshots so Monica and I hid by a tree. Then someone grabbed my wrists and tied them behind my back. “Hey!” I cried angrily. “That really hurts!” Then, something was waved in my face. It smelled like my grandma’s foot cream! I coughed and gagged. Then I fainted.
When I woke up, I was gagged and handcuffed. I was having trouble coming to my senses. Someone lay next to me. It was Monica! Her eyes were wild. She couldn’t really move or talk. She was kicking the floor rather ferociously. “Mmmmf! Mmmmf!” She yelled angrily.
I wasn’t sure how I’d gotten here or how long I’d been there. I was hungry, bored and dizzy. I tried to entertain myself by watching Maniac Monica have short temper tantrums but it was no use. Finally, I drifted into a deep sleep.
When I woke up, Desirae was there. She had to leave! Then I heard ticking. The guy who kidnapped us must have set a bomb! I tried to say, “Run away! A bomb!” but I must have confused her.
She carried Monica and I to the window and jumped out! She let go of us, and I sort of crash-landed into the grass. Then, THUMP! She landed on me! My arm uncontrollably flew and whacked her.
I told Desirae, “HE may be watching... I’ll tell you my story later.

Bella was done telling her story. My jaw automatically dropped. “That’s CRAZY! I’m glad you aren’t hurt.”
Monica asked, “What about my mom?” I frowned. I had completely forgotten about the parents! “I’m going to go find my mom and explain before she has a heart attack!!” Said Monica, and she ran away to go find her mom.
“I’m going to do the same...” Said Bella, and she left my house. Then, vvvvvvvv! vvvvvvvv! My cell phone started to vibrate from inside my pocket. I checked my cell phone and realized I’d gotten a text message. The text message said:

Now that you’ve taken your friends, the bad luck will never end
I hope you know that I never lose and this evil plan is not a ruse.

The thing that scared me is that it was from an anonymous number. I tried calling the number back, but it said the number did not exist.
The next day, I woke up and got dressed. I went to Bella’s house and then Monica’s to pick them up. We were going to go to the movies.
We went and saw ‘Bedtime Stories’ and then went to eat at the most romantic restaurant. Why a romantic restaurant, you ask? We just like the food there.
It was around 7:30 PM when we got back to my house. We went onto the back porch and looked up at the appearing stars and chatted. I was leaning against the back-porch post when I realized something.
“Hey Isabella... how did you write ‘347’ onto the sand? And Monica, how did you write ‘N. BEACH APARTMENTS’ onto the shopping cart? Excellent work hiding the clues!” I grinned.
Bella and Monica were confused. “Desi, what sand? What shopping cart? I swear, each day you get a bit crazier!” Bella chuckled.
Oh well, I thought, a puzzled look on my face. Some things are probably better left as a mystery.

#2: My Friends Are Kidnapped
(this story is in Yahoo IM, and I am kickthekan123. As you know, Bella is Isabella)

kickthekan123: Story time!!!!
kickthekan123: Anissa and Bella were my best friends, but I never knew that one day I would end up saving their lives.
Isabella: ok
kickthekan123: It was May 1st, a Monday. It was a couple minutes before school and I was barely eating my Frosted Flakes.
Isabella: yum!
kickthekan123: I clicked on the Early Morning News and the reporter cried out, "An outbreak of the swine flu has hit South Texas!"
kickthekan123: "Whatever," I mumbled, turning the TV off and slinging my backpack over my shoulder.
Isabella: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
kickthekan123: LOL
Isabella: k go on
kickthekan123: K, so I called to my mom, "BYE MOM!" And I ran across the street (without getting ranned over) to school.
Isabella: u dodged the cars
kickthekan123: My friends were waiting for me. "Students, I'm sorry to say but school is canceled for today!"
Isabella: oh yeah
kickthekan123: My friends and I went to my house and watched some cartoons. Finally Bella stood up and said, "I'm going to my house."
Isabella: "Yes!" the students yelled
Isabella: awww why
kickthekan123: "Your house is like, 8 blocks away!" I cried, but Bella had already left.
Isabella: good bye
kickthekan123: Anissa and I continued to watch cartoons in silence, when she said, "I have a feeling something bad happened to her, let's go see her." "Kay," I said, and Anissa and I left my house.
kickthekan123: "Race ya," I said, and she nodded. I ran to Bella's house, my heart pounding. I hope nothing happened to her.
Isabella: am I ok?
kickthekan123: When we got to Bella's house, her mom asked why we weren't in school and where Bella was.
Isabella: where am I???????
kickthekan123: "Go to your house, I'll catch up with you later," I said, and Anissa went to her house. I explained to Bella's mom and her mom was crying.
kickthekan123: "So my daughter's gone?" she askedI nodded and added, "But don't worry. I'll find her."
Isabella: don’t cry mom im fine
kickthekan123: She didn’t look convinced
kickthekan123: PS ur not fine!
Isabella: ok then
kickthekan123: Mrs Carrasco wasn’t convinced. "This is a dangerous, serious matter Desirae!" She said. "I know, and I'm not playing around! I'll find her!" I said, getting angry. I would find Bella and her mom didn't believe me!
Isabella: believe her mom
kickthekan123: "What are you going to do, get your hound and your magnifying glass and find her?!" Said Bella’s mom. I left Bella's house and was walking by a dark alley to Anissa's house when I heard a noise.
kickthekan123: I carefully went down the alley and saw Anissa's mouth, gagged. "Anissa!" I cried, running towards her.
kickthekan123: Anissa shrieked, her voice muffled, and two white bony hands appeared on her face. They pulled her back into the darkness.
Isabella: go on
kickthekan123: A tall man stepped towards me and said, "I have Isabella and Anissa. My name is--well, you don't need to know my name. Call me sir and if you don't do as I say, your little friends pay the price."
Isabella: OH NO!!!!!!!
kickthekan123: I nodded and said, "Yes, sir." "Now," said Sir, "Remove the gags off Isabella's mouth." I nodded and stepped toward Isabella, who was sitting with Anissa, their mouths gagged, and they leaned against the wall.
Isabella: why were they gagged????
kickthekan123: I took the gag off Bella's mouth, my fingers trembling. "I'll get you out of here," I said to Bella quietly as I took her gag off.
kickthekan123: "Don't talk to Isabella or Anissa! Just ungag Isabella!"
kickthekan123: Screamed Sir, getting mad.
kickthekan123: "Don't call me Isabella!" Screamed Bella when her gag was off.
Isabella: what about Anissa
kickthekan123: Sir slapped Bella and left his handprint on her face. She staggered back and tripped. 'Say sorry, Isabella. And I'll call you whatever I want to." "No, I'm not sorry," you said, folding your arms across your chest and standing up.
kickthekan123: "Shut it, Isabella. Now, Desirae, ungag Anissa." Said Sir. I nodded and did as I was told.
kickthekan123: Sir put his back to us and said, "Now if you do anything, I will brutally..." I whispered my plan to Bella and Anissa and they nodded. "RUN!" I cried and we sped away from Sir, me at the end. I was such a slow runner!
kickthekan123: We ran away, and we went to Bella's house. We stood outside the house quietly and we were facing Bella's house door. "Should we go in?" Asked Bella. "No, let's take a breather," said Anissa, who was also a slow runner. Then I saw Bella and Anissa's face turn pale. They flinched and I saw Sir pulling them by the roots of their hair. "OWWW!" They cried.
kickthekan123: I felt his hand around my throat and he whispered in my ear, "You mess with me, you pay the price."
Isabella: I hate this dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kickthekan123: I know, right?
kickthekan123: Anyway... he dragged us backward and to... the Corpus Christi Beach?! We stood on the bridge which was about 20 feet up high.
Isabella: is he gonna ....... push us??
kickthekan123: I looked down and felt tears come to my eyes. "He's gonna kill us, he's gonna kill us," I said quietly, tears dripping down my cheeks. Then... "AAAAAAAH!" I heard Anissa scream. Sir had pushed Anissa off the cliff!
kickthekan123: Sorry, I mean BRIDGE! AAACK
kickthekan123: I cried out, "What are you doing?"
kickthekan123: "I told you, you mess with me and you pay the price!" Sir said. Then, he grabbed Bella.
kickthekan123: She kicked and struggled to free herself, but he threw Bella off the bridge too without trouble
kickthekan123: Now, I've always feared water and swimming, but these were my best friends. I jumped off the bridge, ready to save my best friends
kickthekan123: I felt the cold water and I struggled. Why did I do this? I would surely drown! I moved my fingers around until I felt someone's skin. Anissa or Bella? Did it matter? They were both my best friends!
kickthekan123: I grabbed them and--oh, they weren't as light as a feather! I pulled myself to the surface.
kickthekan123: It was Bella! "D-d-d--thank you!" Stuttered Bella, shivering. I ducked underwater until I felt skin. It was Anissa! I pulled her up and dragged both of them weakly to the sand. We flopped on the sand like fish out of water, weak and tired.
kickthekan123: I walked to a payphone nearby on the beach and put in two quarters. "Who are you calling?" Asked Anissa. "Bella's mom," I answered. Her mom picked up on the first ring. I handed the phone to Bella and tears sprung to her eyes. She cried as she said, "Mom, I'm at the beach." "Bella, I'm coming, stay there please!" Her mom replied. Bella said, "Okay mom. I love you." And she hung up. Five minutes later, her mom picked us up, not complaining about soaking the backseats in her car.
kickthekan123: She made us hot beef and vegetable soup and we slurped it up, starving. "Goodness gracious, what's happened to you girls? Tell me!" She cried out. "You wouldn't believe it," I said. "Try me," Bella’s mom said. And so I began the story of how I saved my best friends’ lives.
kickthekan123: ...
kickthekan123: We never found Sir, but I knew that it didn't matter because I had saved my best friends.
kickthekan123: The end.
Isabella: u were........................
Isabella: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Isabella: BRAVO
kickthekan123: thx

It's very long... More stories coming soon!

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