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My Friend and I Solve Yet Another Mystery

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My Friend And I Solve Yet Another Mystery

She was a sixteen-year-old pop star named Emily. Emily had the most amazing voice and her first three songs had instantly become the number 1 singles. They were played constantly on the radio and Emily had billions of fans all over the world. On this day, Emily was sitting in her dressing room, twirling her hair.
Her personal assistant, Macy, hurried into the dressing room. “You’re on in five minutes!” Said Macy.
“Cancel the show,” sighed Emily.
“And give refunds to every single person in that crowd?!” Gasped Macy. She wasn’t one to give refunds.
Emily nodded and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling up to doing tonight’s show. Sorry, Macy.”
Macy replied, “I understand, Emily. I’ll go tell the crowd.” And Macy hurried away.
Emily sighed again and looked in the mirror. All Emily wanted was a normal life and to feel like a real teenager, not some stereotype diva. She looked in the mirror, her eyes sad. She felt like if she was a rose or a flower of some sort, she’d have wilted. She couldn’t remember when she was a normal girl.
“Who have I become and where is the real Emily Violet?” She whispered quietly, a tear dripping down her cheek.

I woke up to hear someone knocking on my front door. I was laying on the couch in my living room. “Come in,” I said groggily.
My best friend Bella hurried in the room. Her name is Isabella, but I call her Bella, and so does everyone else. “Turn on the news! Turn it on!” Squealed Bella, sitting on the couch beside me and jumping up and down.
“A half-asleep person can only move so fast,” I said, yawning and turning the TV on.
The broadcaster said, “Singing pop sensation Emily Violet has been kidnapped! She was last seen in her dressing studio. Here is her personal assistant, Macy, explaining what happened last night at the concert.”
A blonde, stringy-haired woman appeared on the screen, her face horrified. “It was last night and Emily said she wasn’t feeling up to doing her concert, so I went to the crowd to explain to them. They would all get refunds, I said, and then the electricity clicked out. I heard a girl, who I think was Miss Violet, scream and I ran to her dressing room immediately. You see, I’ve always wanted to be a pop star and I’d do absolutely anything to help Emily, so when I went to her dressing room and saw it was empty, I screamed with horror and called the police!” Explained Macy.
I looked to Bella, shocked. “Can you believe that someone kidnapped Emily?” I cried out. Emily was my favorite singer and I knew all her songs and the lyrics by heart.
“I know, Des! She’s my favorite singer too, if you forgot, so I was wondering...” Bella looked out the window, not meeting my gaze.
My eyes narrowed. “Wondering what, exactly?”
“You saved me and Anissa when that guy pushed us off the bridge! You saved me and Monica when we were about to die ‘cause of a bomb! Can’t you save Emily and find her?!” Gushed Bella, looking at me pleadingly.
It was tempting to refuse the mystery and go on with my average life, but I’d never live with myself if something had really happened to Emily Violet and I knew I could’ve saved her life.
“She’s in Hollywood, Bella! Hollywood is in California and we live in Texas!” I tried to explain to Bella. “Look at the difference!”
Bella looked at me mischievously. “I got two plane tickets, Des. It leaves in three hours, so hurry it up and pack. We’re going to Hollywood!” She cried, dancing in little circles in my living room.
“Oh my god, I’m going to Hollywood!” I screamed, squeezing Bella. I ran to my room and packed my clothes, quietly chanting, “I’m goin’ to Hollywood, I’m goin’ to Hollywood!”
Several hours later, Bella and I were in Hollywood, relaxing in a hotel. I snuggled in the king size bed, not wanting to move.
“So, I was thinking we start with interviewing Macy and going to the stage,” I told Bella.
“Okay. Where is Emily’s studio?” Asked Bella.
“What our luck. It’s right across the street from the hotel!” Bella and I went downstairs in the elevator and crossed the street.
A huge sign said in neon flashing letters, “The Limestone Lounge”. Apparently, the whole building was made out of limestone.
Bella and I walked in and a security guard—wow, he looked strong—stood in front of another door.
“Name?” He asked. A nametag on his shirt read, ‘DANIEL’.
“Well, Daniel,” I began, “We’re here for—”
Daniel interrupted me and said, “I asked for your name, not your purpose!”
“Bella and Desirae!” Replied Bella, chickening out when she looked at him.
“And why are you two kids here?” Daniel asked.
“I’m a detective, for your information!” I replied. This guy was seriously starting to get on my nerves.
“What my friend meant to say is that we’re detectives and she’s saved my life twice and that she and I have a chance to find Miss Emily Violet,” said Bella quickly, covering for me.
Daniel pointed to Bella and said, “I like her better. She doesn’t have attitude.” Bella beamed.
“So can we go in?!” I asked, bewildered. This wasn’t the time to discuss who was friendlier and who had a better disposition.
“Can we please go speak to Macy and investigate? We really do have a chance to find Emily,” pleaded Bella.
“Okay, go ahead. Miss Emily’s dressing room is on the right and Macy’s is the room across from Miss Emily’s dressing room. Miss Emily’s bedroom is right next to Macy’s. Good luck,” said Daniel, granting us access to the studio.
Bella and I hurried ahead, thanking Daniel. I could swear that as we entered the studio, I saw Daniel smile.
“Oh my gosh, look at this studio! I—It’s beautiful!” Cried Bella. She wanted to stay and look at all the things in the studio, but I grabbed her arm and towed her to Emily’s dressing room.
I’d always imagined a dressing room big and glamorous and—oh, yes, pink fluffy stuff draped over the mirror. I’d imagined their was posters and pictures everywhere. When I opened the door to Emily’s dressing room, it was a small, cramped space, no bigger than a janitor’s closet.
There was a mirror and some clothes on a hook, a stool in front of the mirror, and that was all. How boring was that? I told Bella, “Let’s go see Macy first.”
“You’re right,” replied Bella, “It looks like there’s nothing interesting here.”
So we went to Macy’s dressing room, which was much bigger than Emily’s. Wasn’t the superstar supposed to have the huge dressing room?! Macy’s was the size of my mom’s bedroom, probably!
Macy was sitting on a chair, her back to us. When we entered the room, she turned around. She had a wide grin on her face. Probably faking it. “Hi, darlings! May I ask who you little cuties are? Have you lost your mommies?” Asked Macy, bending down like we were toddlers and looking at us where she was eye-level.
“As a matter of fact, grandma, we are fourteen!” I insulted her angrily. She looked at me, surprised.
“Fourteen year olds without manners! Ever heard of knocking? It’s polite and it’s used when you’re speaking to someone utterly important—such as me,” said Macy.
“Excuse me!” Interrupted Bella. “I’m Bella and she’s Des and we're here to interview you about Emily's disappearance."
“Miss Emily Violet, you mean? Manners, child!” Snapped Macy. “What company are you interviewing me for, anyway, for I don’t need to be wasting time with children!”
I looked around the room until I saw a bouquet of roses. “We’re interviewing you for Rose... Rose16, that new teenage girl magazine!” I said.
Bella looked at me, relieved that we hadn’t blown our cover. “Yes, we’re from Rose16, to interview you.”
“And you’re fourteen?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Y-yes,” Bella answered, stuttering.
“What are you going to ask, what my favorite color is?”
“No! We’re here about Emily—I mean Miss Emily’s disappearance!” I angrily said.
“Fine,” said Macy, twirling her stringy blonde hair around her finger.
“Anyway, we’re here from Rose16 and we’re going to interview you,” I said. Then I wondered what people asked at interviews. I liked journalism, so here was my chance!
“Ahem, Macy, would you please explain what you were doing when Miss Violet disappeared?” I asked politely.
Macy apparently was going to treat me better if I was nicer. “I was about to tell the crowd that Miss Violet wasn’t feeling good and wasn’t going to sing,” answered Macy.
“If it is not too much to ask, can you please explain everything that happened last night before, during, and after Miss Violet’s disappearance?” I asked, hoping Macy would say yes.
“Yes, Desirae. You see, I went into Miss Violet’s dressing room and told her she was on in ten minutes. She then told me to cancel the show. I nodded and left her dressing room. I went out to the crowd and began, ‘Emily Violet is not feeling good so she will not perform.’ Then, the lights flickered out and the room was pitch black. The power was out. Everyone panicked and I had to scream to be heard over their racket. When I was explaining that the electricity would be on as soon as possible, I heard Miss Violet shriek. The lights flickered back on and Daniel, the security guard, and I went to Miss Violet’s dressing room quickly. She wasn’t there,” said Macy.
“What outfit was she wearing?” asked Bella.
“Bella!” I cried. That was off-topic!
“She was wearing a red halter top that said, ‘Emily V.’ in graffiti-like letters and blue jeans. Why?” asked Macy, becoming suspicious.
“Oh, I just had a question. Thank you for allowing us to interview you and we’re going to get back to Rose15 now, thank you,” said Bella. We stood up and walked to the door.
“You mean Rose16? You aren’t from Rose16, you frauds! Is this interview even real?!” Demanded Macy angrily.
“Yes, we are!” I said, quickly covering for Bella’s little error. “We just wanted to see if you’d catch that. This interview will come out in the April Edition of Rose16, which comes out next week. You’ll get an autographed copy. Thank you!”
Macy smiled and said, “No, thank you.” I had a feeling she only agreed to do this interview because of the publicity.
Bella and I walked out into the hallway, silent. I broke the silence by saying, “Bella, why did you ask about Emily’s outfit?”
“Because... look.” Bella led me to Emily’s dressing room. She grabbed the halter top and jeans that were hanging on a hook and said, “I have a feeling that... these clothes are important.”
She inspected the shirt and I inspected the jeans. I put my hand in three of the pockets and nothing was there. On the last pocket, there was a crumpled-up piece of paper. I unfolded it and it had a phone number on it and an address!
“Bella!” I exclaimed. I showed her the paper and said, “This is a major clue. You have your cell phone on you?”
Bella shook her head. I looked around Emily’s room until I found a plain phone, almost as plain as my house phone. I dialed the number and a man’s voice answered. “Hello?” He asked.
“Do you know about Emily Violet’s mysterious disappearance?” I asked.
“Why are you so suspicious about me?” The man asked. “Leave me alone!” And the man hung up.
I sighed and Bella looked to me to tell her about the short conversation. “I asked if he knew what happened to Emily and he asked why I suspicious about him. Then the man hung up.”
“Let’s go to the address! We have to find Emily Violet!” She cried.
We walked out of the studio and saw Daniel outside. “Any luck?” Asked Daniel.
Bella and I shook our heads. “Can you lead us to...” I looked at the address on the paper and continued, “761 Warbler?”
Daniel gasped and said, “Why do you want to go to Mick’s house?! You’re inviting trouble!”
Bella asked, “Who is Mick? That’s the address the paper says and the paper was in Emily’s dressing room!”
“Mick was Emily’s drummer. He was late for rehearsals and had a horrible attitude, so he was fired. Poor Mick was so desperate, but we stopped feeling pity for him when he told some of Emily’s fans that she fired him for no reason. He started pestering her and begging her get back in the band, but he was horrible. He’d do anything to get back in the band.” Explained Daniel.
“He kidnapped Emily to get back in the band!” I cried out, blushing when I realized my outburst was uncalled for.
Daniel snapped his fingers. “You’re right, Desirae! 761 Warbler is down the street. Mick moved closer to the studio to bother her more. I—good luck,” Daniel said.
Bella and I ran down the street until we got to the address. I ran inside the house, surprised the door was unlocked. I saw something that probably should’ve been in an FBI show or a crime show or something. Mick was holding a knife to THE Emily Violet’s throat. There were tears in her eyes and her mascara was smudged.
Mick looked up and said, “Who’re you?!”
“Why are you so suspicious? Leave me alone!” I mocked Mick’s voice. “Drop Emily Violet.
“Leave!” Cried Emily in a strangled voice. She was tied to a chair and Mick was right behind her.
“No! I’m saving your life!” I said, feeling stupid as I said that. “I mean, I’m a detective named Desirae! Trust me cuz I’ve done two mysteries! On the first one—”. I probably would’ve babbled on if Mick hadn’t stopped me.
“Shut it! We don’t need to know your background! I will be back in Emily’s band!” Cried Mick.
On TV, Emily always seemed fun-loving and hilarious. She was actually like that in real life! “What are my options?” Asked Emily softly.
I laughed and then stopped when Mick said in a deadly serious voice, “Queen Violet, it appears you have none which could benefit you. You can agree and have the wonderful Mick in your band, or you could decline my great offer and be murdered by your ex-drummer!”
I gasped and tears came to my eyes. I closed my eyes and wiped them when I heard a bloodcurdling scream. It was Emily Violet! I saw Mick pushing her chair backward onto the tile and step forward towards her with the deadly blade of the pocketknife.
Bella ran in the house and cried, “Get the knife!” I tried to grab Mick’s knife but was too late. He pushed me against the wall and held the knife by my neck.
“Detective Desirae, it appears your detective business is over!” He cackled, and I felt the knife graze my throat. Mick closed his eyes and sighed. “Some people need to learn that when it’s not their business, it’s not their business!”
That was my chance! I grabbed the knife and pushed Mick backwards. I cut Emily free from her chair as Bella grabbed harassed Mick. “Messing with a pop star only leads to bad luck!” She said.
Then, I heard a shriek. Bella had been pushed backward by Mick! I grabbed Bella’s arm and Emily, Bella and I escaped Mick’s house. We ran to Emily’s studio and Daniel called the police. When the police arrived at Mick’s house, we saw his car speed away. The police caught Mick and he was arrested.
Bella and I went back to our hotel with Emily. “As a reward for saving my life,” began Emily, “I supply you with tickets to see my concert!”
Bella and I squealed. “Tell me, how did you find me? I’m amazed that ten-year-old girls could save my life but my personal assistant couldn’t get me a glass of water!” Emily rolled her eyes.
“It’s a long story,” I insisted. “But if you want to hear it...”






24 Jun 2009