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poems, one by me snappy c g that rymes!

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snappy c g

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Posted 26 June 2009 - 02:15 AM ( #1 )

Well i wrote this poem (its not realy a poem) a long time ago like a year ago and well here it goes

its about love!...here it goes :P

Well im 12 sittin here with you. i was feeling brave i was feeling strong. i was feelin cool.im so in love, i thank god above..... rubbing my fingers through your hair, your eyes so blue i couldnt help but stare with not a care in the world knowing you are my girl..

You make me wanna be a man, give the whole world all that i can. be the best for you, my friends and all my family. but im sittin here with you today, and i dont have a care in what the world is going to say. with you here in my arms i dont have to fight to win. i just live for the moment.

its been a few years now looking back on us. we were trying hard but things were getting tough. i was always coming home from work late. then one night you looked me in the eye and said i love you but this is goodbye. i cant go on living this life. you walked out with that sad look on your face, all i could ever do was think back to that day. when i said....i LOVE YOU and i will always love you all my life......

Driving down this road tonight with nothing but you on my mind. it was raining so hard and i lost control. when i opened up my eyes, i thanked god for my life i felt you take me by the hand as you held me in your arms i said..

youve made me whanna be a man. ive tried these past few years to understand, how you seen the best in me that i have never seen. if im bound to be heaven sent, i just whant to stay here with right here with you and live this moment, live for this very moment.....THE END.

hoped you guys liked it you guys should post your own poems on here well hoped you liked it!!! :blink:






26 Jun 2009