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I am a monster.

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Deer Boy

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Posted 21 July 2009 - 07:09 PM ( #1 )

I suppose this has a story behind this, but not right now.
I dont like it that much, but I think I'll go further into it one day.

I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders,
And the fire of hell in my chest,
You're an empty shell with ice in your eyes,
And I've got nothing left.

Not right now and not tonight,
I have no reflection but it's all right,
I've got burnt-down city smoke in my head,
Because one of us is not dead.

I'm fighting to stop something that I am,
I'm trying to stop something I'll always be,
I'm trying to end something that must start,
I'm trying to never be free;

I'm sickened by the invisible blood on my hands,
Horrified at what I have done,
I'm so terrified of what might be,
I'm so scared of what I'll become,

I can't let the impossible happen,
And I won't let the end come just now,
I won't let you slip away like steam through my fingers,
If we both have to die, this isn't how.

1. I don't want to be a monster.
2. I must fight against myself.
3. If one of us lets go tonight it will be me.
4. I'm the one that doesn't have much left.

Listen with whatever strength you have left,
I'll never let this happen again...
Please hold on, if I can't stop this...
This isn't not this can end,
Please no;

This night will be a night to remember,
If I can promise you one thing it's that,
I don't want to let go of a second of this,
Don't look at me. Don't look back.

I'm trying to destroy something that I am,
But I'm trying to destroy something I'm not,
So if you close your eyes, it'll be all right,
Tears won't get you anywhere I won't.

I know you can't hear me so I hope you can't feel this,
If you can, don't let me survive,
If one of us dissappears it's not you,
Even if we don't get out alive.






21 Jul 2009

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Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:38 PM ( #2 )

Thats really good. Umm, Heres some really bad poems I wrote When I was depressed...... O and my family and friends haven't read them yet. So alas you gaiz will be the first ones to. ;)


It overwhelms you
It swallows you whole
You can not escape it
It's part of you

Try to hide from it
It will find you
Try to run from it
It will chase you

It's all around you
Behind the corner ready to say Boo!
Ready to scare you
Wanting to make you Fear and Run

Some try to conquer it
Some try to run
It conquers them
It takles them

Running from it
Hiding from it
Conquering it
None of those work for it is fear.

Okay now next one......


Darkness is all around you
Around the corner, Behind you, All around you
Waiting, wanting to swallow you whole

Darkness follows it's prey
Following you, Waiting for the perfect moment,
To jump and take you into it's clutches

When you escape
You aren't the same
You are darkness
Darkness is you.

Running, Hiding or defeating it
Does not happen
They are impossible
You won't acheive them

When you run it catches
When you hide it finds
when you try to defeat it
It weakens you

Everyone is caught
Everyone is found
Everyone is changed

All your friends
All your family
Now beware
For it will find you
It will change you too.

I know they suck and I know they are depressing but
I was depressed so ya...