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The Story of a Man Seeking Revenge.

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Lord Valphius

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 10:47 PM ( #1 )

Once upon a time there was a man known as Sukaba, Sukaba was born on a planet called Dak'Sun Gate. When he was born, a war was going on, Guns/Laser Rifles/Mecha Androids, You name it.

His mother was a Mecha Soldier for the Valphuis Army, Her Mecha was called Destroy Unit XV-6010 and the Father was a Colonel, He led an army of ground troops against Lardogan Force.

The war had lasted for 13 years. The young boy who was born during this war was horrified to find out his parents were killed by General Klide Strider...He wanted revenge on this man for killing his parents. But he needed the training in order to even get close to attacking him. Reading the Coordinates of a planet 2 Lightyears away called Yath'Sogn, he discovered there was a Japanese man there who left earth to find his own way. He was a Martial Arts Master...The young boy thought for awhile and said to himself.

"Surley he can help me...Maybe weapons aren't always the key to winning."

And so the boy traveled to the site where his fathers Mecha was blown up.
~~~6 Years had Passed.~~~

The boy was now 19 years old, and he had help from two men who helped him fix and repair the destroyed mecha. He can now leave the planet and head for Yath'Sogn. He hopped in the back and walked into the piolet chambers and buckeled himself in, after intense research and training he learned how to opperate it, He dialed in the units for the planet he needed to go to and with that the mecha transformed into a black and red colored jet.

He pushed a few buttons and put his helmet on and waved goodbye to his friends, and with the shed of a single tear, he clutched his fathers necklace that was found and he took off into the sky...his two friends had they're arms around eachothers back waving to the young man that left.

There was just a flash of light and a glimmer of the jet and with that...he was gone, finally on his adventure to avenge the death of his beloved parents. That he cared so much about.

~~~~IF YOU WANT MORE, STAY TUNED FOR CHAPTER 2 IN THIS CHAPTER 20 SERIES! And I'm sorry for my bad english. I will make a poll, Vote yes for more, or no for No more! I hope you enjoyed the story I pulled from the depths of my brain from an old roleplay! Thankyou and Goodnight guys, I truly hope you enjoyed it~~~~

...And PM Me if you find any dire errors or any improvments you can help me with. TYVM!

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

Lord Valphius

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 10:55 PM ( #2 )

Oh MAN, I have so much to write about on this story. But I really want to know if people here on Tamatalk want to see more!...I hate disapointing people. I really really do.