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The Unthinkable. o:

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 04:25 AM ( #1 )

The title is very mysterious. In no way is this story mysterious. I was just looking through my old schoolbooks from like, February, and found this. It was pretty hilarious to me. [: I know it's no where near perfect, I know the use of wording is quite.. childish.. but I like it anyway. Oh, and this is long. So here goes;

It was a Saturday. Bradie was just waking up and realised there was a truck outside his house and next to his neighbours. Bradie got dressed in his favourite shirt and pants, put on his Pacman necklace and went outside to have a look at what was going on. A car than stopped at the house and out came a family of three. There was a man, a woman, and a young boy who looked about thirteen. Bradie ran out and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Bradie. I see you're moving in next door," said Bradie excitedly. "Well hello there young fellow. I'm George, this is my wife Julia and here is my son Andy." Bradie looked excited. He could see that Andy was just the right friend for him, maybe even a long lost relative!

Bradie invited Andy over to his house, seeings as George and Julia were just unloading the truck. As they headed over to the front door, Andy saw two strange looking catterpillars. ''Bradie, what's that?" asked Andy. "Oh, they're just my two pet catterpillars, Nimpy and Shrimpy. I found them at school and Mum let me keep them," said Bradie. Andy looked freaked out. He had never met anyone who has a catterpillar as a pet. But still he felt that Bradie was going to be a great friend.

As the two boys entered Bradie's room, all Andy could see was Spiderman. "Wow, you really like Spiderman, don't you?" asked Andy. Bradie nodded. Andy had had a look at Bradie's room, and now it was time to see the backyard. Bradie Webb's backyard was spectacular. It had everything a young boy could want. Even a pond full of toys and fishes. But this pond was no ordinary pond at all. It was, in fact, magic! But neither of the boys knew this yet.

Andy walked over to the pond. "Hey Bradie, what's this?" "Nothing special, just a random pond." Andy shook his head. This did not seem ordinary to him at all to Andy. He felt as if it could've been another room, another world, or even another galaxy! Andy stopped everything. He stared at the pond. Bradie asked Andy what he was doing. Andy didn't reply. He did the unthinkable. Andy had jumped into this pond, wearing clothes and all.

''NOOOOO!" Bradie yelled at the top of his lungs. He ran up to the pond and jumped in as well. Andy and Bradie were floating in a so called 'pond'. Are you kidding?!?! This was no pond! This seemed like a portal to another world. But you know, it wasn't. It was something completely out of the ordinary. Something no one could have ever imagined.

The pond was full of fish. And these fish were in fact a lot more civilised than people would've thought. Andy and Bradie couldn't swim. They froze in shock. The fish were actually wearing clothing! Of course, it wasn't like normal human clothes, but I don't think anyone would ever imagine a fish wearing ANY type of clothing. Andy and Bradie still were frozen. Then they realised they could breate under this water. By this time, both Andy's and Bradie's parents were worried sick. But meanwhile, a group of fish noticed the two boys. "Bob bubble bup," bubbled the fish. Then a big fish swam over to them. "Hello, what are you doing here?" asked the big fish. "W-w-w-well, Andy jumped in the pond, and I followed, and y-y-you see, we ended up here!" said Bradie in a very fast voice. The big fish then explained to Andy and Bradie that to live in this pond, they will have to sacrifice their human life and be turned into fish. Bradie looked at Andy and said "Lets do it!". Andy yelled at the top of his lungs "I'M NOT GOING TO BE A STUPID FISH!!" But in a blink of an eye, Bradie had a fish finger on him. He was now, officially, a fish.

Bradie started crying. Yes, fish can cry. Andy just went crazy and swam away. Bradie kept crying. A little fish swam up to Bradie and patted him on the shoulder three times. Everything just crashed down. The two boys were stuck in a pond, they had a fight, and Bradie was a fish! How bad could everything possibly get? While Bradie was cryig, Andy had found a fish friend. He showed Andy around and Andy was starting to forget abiut Bradie. Meanwhile, Bradie found a policefish. He told the policefish that he had lost a friend, so they went on a search. A very long search.

The policefish asked Bradie where he'd last seen Andy. Bradie answered the truth. He last saw Andy swimming away when Bradie got turned into a fish. While Bradie was worried out of his mind, Andy was having the time of his life. He made a lot of new fish friends and was even considering going to a fish school! While Andy and some fish were playing hide & seek, Andy suddenly remembered about Bradie. He didn't know what had happened. So he left the game and took off to find Bradie.

The policefish and Bradie were searching everywhere. But they still couldn't find him, they couldn't find Andy. When they came to their last stop, the petrol station, Bradie sat down and cried. He couldn't imagine losing his best friend like this. The policefish patted Bradie on the shoulder three times. This just made Bradie feel even worse. "Get lost!" Bradie yelled. "It's bad enough already! I've lost my best friend and am going to be a fish for the rest of my life!" he said again. The policefish stared. You could tell he wasn't happy, so the policefish just swam away. Bradie sat there for hours, just crying his eyes out. Until, someone came. Someone very special came.

Bradie had an excited look on his fishface. More relieved than excited, actually. It was Andy. His best friend had come. The two gave eachother a hug and everything was back to normal. Well not everything exactly. Now they had to figure out how to get Bradie into a human again. "How about if I pick you up and we dive out of the pond?" asked Andy. "Well, there's nothing wrong with trying," agreed Bradie. So they went for it. They dived out.

"SHIVERS!" yelled Bradie. He was human again. And was excied too! Andy's Mum ran up to them. "Thank goodness you're back! Where were you?" asked Julia. "Errrr.. we were playing chasey," said Andy. Bradie nodded. Julia told them to never wander off again and that Bradie and his family were coming over for dinner. They walked off. "By the way boys, you two are step brothers!"

Gosh that is long. Took forever to type.
If you read that all, you are a true legend. (:






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Posted 28 October 2009 - 04:51 AM ( #2 )

"By the way boys, you two are step brothers!"
Random, much?

It was great. :D
It made me laugh. ;D

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That's funny. I didn't understand half of it though. xD