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Posted 06 November 2009 - 03:41 PM ( #1 )

Chapter 1[U]

My name is Max,Max Fendoor.It started on my birthday,my four friends had gone home and I was ready to nap.But as soon a I closed my eyes,a knock at the door,I opend my eyes to see my mother open the door,then,a black out.
When my eyes adjusted to the dark,I was alone,where had the happiness gone?The light slowly came on,and I reached for the phone on the table beside me.As I dialed the number to call my friend Lucielle,I had to make sense of what had happend,a knock at the door than a black out,made no sense,the phone kept ringing but I just turned it off and sat it down.I walked thorugh the empty hallway,to her the silents that was once my sweet mothers voice.I open a closet door to grab a pillow,because mabye if i sleep,it will all come back,but instead of finding a pillow,I found a book,a strange little brown book coverd in what seemed to be some kind of animal skin, is had a latin title,but iI could only make out the first letter,a C

Thats all I got,sorry fr any grammer mistakes,Im finger is borke and its hard ot type.






06 Nov 2009