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Secrets behind the eyes

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 06:01 PM ( #1 )

Chapter 1

As I walked up to the cab,I had wonderd where they would take me,the man driving looked me as if I was a cockroach.I stepped in and dragged in my little duffle bag with me.As we drove the man finally spoke up,"tell me,do you keep a diary?'.How had he known,in fact I have but it wasn't accually a dairy,it was my old headmistress's planner,I had taken it off her desk,but didn't return it.Have of it was filled with scribbles for meetings and plans,but I scribbled them out,and I didn't write feelings,I worte what happened. 6:00 am:brush teeth 2:00 pm eat and so on.But I replied with a simple and quick 'no',then he waited awhile and spoke up again,"have you ever wonderd if what you saw as green,was everybody elses blue?",infact she had thought that once or twice,but no one else has,

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12 Nov 2009