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Magical, Mystical and Real.

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 03:56 PM ( #1 )

Chapter One:

I kicked the dirt and looked at Bella. "Ah, c'mon Liliana! Please!" She begged, her hands clasped into fists. I watched her jump up and down. Bella was my best friend, and I guess I could try it out...

"Fine," I said in a snotty voice. "I'll do it for you, my only best friend and my dearest Bella Clarice Jewels, I shall listen to you. If you tell me to jump off a cliff, I shall, my most best kindest friend. Anything for you Bella." I spread out my right arm and put my other on my heart. Bella rolled her eyes.

"Okay. Come on."

I followed Bella through the forest by her house. I was sure my mom didn't want me to get my clothes dirty, but I had to do this. I was missing 'the chance of a lifetime' and if I didn't come 'I would regret it for the rest of my life.' Which is not true, because the only thing I regret right now is deciding to follow my crazy hearted best friend Bella into the woods. Why was I going! Bella had told me the day before today that when she was walking in the woods, she heard a river. I told her theres not a river in the woods, because there just isn't. I know so.

"Close your eyes," Bella said. "And think of a river." I nodded. Bella smiled and closed her eyes. As I started to think about a river, I heard noises. The splashing of waves. The sound of swimming. It couldn't be... I opened my eyes and screamed. There before me, was a river. Bella looked at me. I looked at her. "You were right." I whispered.

"Yeah, I was. Now do you believe me?" Bella asked. I nodded. "Now let's go in."

"WHAT?! You want ME to go in that water?"

"Yeah. Cause it's not WET. It's MAGIC."

I sighed. Bella had always been crazy, in my mind. I knew Bella since kindergarten, and I guess me and her weren't much alike. I cared a lot about fashion, Bella didn't. Bella believed in dragons, I don't. We're just not to alike. In fact, we're as different as a person could get. The river was pretty itself. The water was blue and gleaming. I touched it and then brought my hand back up. My hand wasn't wet at all.

I grabbed Bella's hand, clenched my teeth and we jumped into the water togeter, screaming madly. as soon as we got in, my hand slipped from Bella's, and even though I didn't feel wet, I felt strange. Suddenly, the clouds in the sky turned gray and dark, and it started to rain. I still didn't get wet for some reason. Anyway, the water turned a purple and black color, and I became scared. The trees started to blow, and I screamed, hearing Bella scream back to me. The water started to twist and spin, and I started to suck down. I saw Bella go underwater before me. And then, I felt a tug. There was no turning back now. I tried to scream, but I was pulled under. Any minute now, my mom and dad would start looking for me and they would never find me because I was underwater in a magic river and it was too late for them to save me. When I got under, I could breath and everything was dark. I saw Bella and swam toward her.

"What's going on?" I said.

"We're going to a magic land!" Bella said.

I just kicked my legs, and started to swim. Bella followed me. I looked for signs to tell us where we were going, or where we should be going. I really didn't know where I was going because it was just to dark.

I suddenly saw something in the distance.

A city.

An underwater city.






07 Dec 2009

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Not my type of thing. But it would be good book for a 2nd or 3rd grader.


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Posted 07 December 2009 - 06:14 PM ( #3 )

I am a third grader, thank you very much.
And I'm skipping a grade to go to fifth. :ichigotchi:

My writing is the best in class and I have won many awards and writing contests. :kuribotchi:

I am going to write one of my other stories.

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