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Celtic Hearts

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Celtic Hearts♥

Behind Mist
Far Away,
Kingdoms and Knight’s
Princesses and warriors,
Welcome To the Land of the Celts

With Her Hair Blowing, Her Horse Galloping, McKenna, Warrior Princess of the Celtic’s rode off down the hill where a feast is waiting for them back at The Kingdom of Hearts.
‘Victory is ours!’ Cried King Hagen.Hoorah! The villagers were crowded around in the Feasting Hall. When the princess walked in, everyone was shocked. McKenna’s pink face had gone blue, she had a cut under her eye, her bottom lip was bleeding, and she was soaked through with water. Oh No! Shrieked Queen Iradessa. ‘What Happened to you!’ ‘Its Ok Mom!’ ‘Aar Yes! Of course it is! We’ve been fighting against Kalgan For Months!’ Boomed the king’s loud voice. ‘Come and join the feast!’
There was a whole wild boar roasted on the big wooden table, Bread and fruit, and a traditional Celtic cake was to be eaten at 11pm.But there was more to come! Duck, Turkey and stew, frogs, and even mighty whole oxen! To the return of the princess!’ Hagen said. ‘Three cheers for the protector!’
And as the cake was being scoffed down by 679 people, the clock struck midnight. McKenna banged her spoon down. ‘Bed time’ she said. She had a tired look on her face, even though there was blood all over her, you could easily see her weary golden eyes. ‘Go and take a dip in the water hole, you look terrible, then go to see Nylarr about your eye.’ the Queen said in a whispered voice.
‘Yes ma!’ said McKenna and off she skipped outside to the Lake (water hole) she took a dip and the blood had gone. While she was heading for her steed, Shadarach, she heard a twig snap. She Drew out her sword ready for a fight. 10minutes after and she was still doing that. ‘Show yourself stranger! Or your head shall be my reward!’ A black figure appeared in front of her. Out of nowhere. ‘W-who are y-you!?’ She managed to say. ‘I’m Yo Chang.’The Figure pulled of his face-well actually it was a mask- and revealed that he, was a great Ninja Warrior. ‘I specialize in karate.’
McKenna’s mouth dropped open. ‘Please close your mouth! That’s very rude!’ he said sternly. ‘Stop acting like my mother!’ The princess screamed. ‘I can do what I wish!’
‘Alright.Have it your way.Goodbye.’Yo said in an annoyed voice. ‘Wait!’ But the ancient ninja, was gone. ‘I must report this strange warrior to father!’ she said to her horse. And with that, they galloped through the night. In the morning there was a shatter of glass. Then a loud bang, And then a blood curdling scream. Then…Silence. The guards ran through the corridors and towards the princess’s room. But when they went in, she was gone.
‘Where are you taking me Yo?’ The princess was strong, but not strong enough. The Ninja’s grasp was unbreakable. ‘You must not say anything to your father! Got it Princessa?’ Yo’s
Low voice was scary, and all McKenna could do was nod.
Finally, he let her sit down, and as the strange ninja was making a fire, the princess gnawed on the ropes that kept her from her family, and then it snapped. McKenna slipped away quietly. But she tripped over a trap, and fell. ‘Hehehe!I knew you were going to do that!’ The ninja laughed and it was embarrassing really. McKenna held on to a necklace her mother gave her. Her spirit is a spirit of a Falcon,brave,bold and cunning.
Thats all I got so far...Did you guys like it?






07 Dec 2009