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Tamagotchi iD Guide

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Gotchi Guy46

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Posted 06 January 2010 - 06:59 PM ( #1 )

I recently got a Tamagotchi iD and have learnt alot about this Tamagotchi. I am going to create a guide and I hope you will learn from it, I will try to cover everything as I possibly can. So to all those Tamagotchi iD owners, why don't you have a read of this. :D

Scales icon
The scales icons first menu shows four coloured rice bowls which indicates your Tamagotchi's level of hunger. If all of these empty your Tamagotchi will beep for your attention. The bar below is your Tamagotchi's happiness bar, it can be raised by bathing your Tamagotchi, feeding it snacks and playing games. If this empties your Tamagotchi will call for your attention. Four more bars can be added by getting the letters Ta Ma To Mo for your adult character.

Beneath the happiness bar is four empty circles. These are for the Ta Ma To Mo letters. Your Tamagotchi can only earn these letters if they are an adult. There are certain ways to get these letters such as feeding your Tamagotchi a certain food or letting them play with a certain item. There is a topic by binary in this section if you wish to know more about these letters. Below that is your number of Gotchi-Points which can be earned by playing games.

Knife and fork icon
This icon is for feeding your Tamagotchi. Once you press 'B' it will show you two options, meal and snack. In the meal section is a rice cake which is for free and fills one hunger bowl. The next option is the Convenience store and the food costs but your Tamagotchi will enjoy it more. The next option is only available to teens and adults and it is the restaurant where Maidtchi will place an order in front of your Tamagotchi.

The second option once you press 'B' is the snacks. Snacks fill your Tamagotchi's happiness bar. The first option is an orange which your Tamagotchi will eat at home. The next option is TamaDougnuts, a doughnut character will serve you but there will only be one dougnut available, but the flavours will differ. You can change the flavour of the dougnut by setting the time to 6:59AM (thanks binary) The final option is TamaCafe and you will be greeted by a Tamagotchi, you can see a Mimitchi in the background.

Shower/bath icon If your Tamagotchi makes a mess and you press 'B' on this icon a hand with a broom will descend and clean the mess. If you press 'B' on this icon when your Tamagotchi is fine it will give you two options. The first option is the toilet, if you catch your Tamagotchi with lines next to it this means it needs to go to the toilet. The second option is a bath. You will need to wash your Tamagotchi if it gets dirty, you can tell by the colour, if it is brown it is in need of a bath and if it is black it is seriously dirty.

Door icon
The first option when you press 'B' on the door icon is the arcade games center. Their are two available games to start with but you can download more only by the use of a Japanese cell phone. The first game is GoGo Slot and you have to match the Tamagotchi's in order to win. You can win by getting three Mametchi's in a row each time. Here is a hint; the first round, press 'B' on Kikitchi and it will land on Mametchi if you did it right. The next few rounds, Suspeisitchi is added and if you get three of him, you lose money. In these rounds, press 'B' on Chamametchi and if you did it right it should stop on Mametchi. The next game is a little harder, you have to catch the items the Tamagotchi character gives you. There are three items, a flower, jewel and a star. All you have to do is catch the falling item(s) the Tamagotchi tells you to. It is harder to catch two items, so it may take a while to get used to it.

The second option is Dougnut Park. Your Tamagotchi can have conversations with other Tamagotchi's. Different characters appear at different times, so check every hour or so. The third option is renovation, there are three styles you can use to decorate your house. These are blue, golden and sweets. The first option in the renovation is your living room style, the second is your eating room style, the third is the toilet room, fourth is the bathroom and fifth is your Tamagotchi's bedroom.

The next option in the Door icon is TamaDepa, basically you can purchase items for your Tamagotchi. The next option is only available to adults; the Photo Studio. Photo's you take of your Tamagotchi can be viewed in the book icon, you can only have five photos, if you take any more you will be asked if you wish to delete one.

The second option on Screen two is the Accessories shop, only accessable by adults. You can buy items for your Tamagotchi character to wear such as a bow tie. The option below this is the Matchmaker, your Tamagotchi can go hear after it has been an adult for 48 hours, it will be 4 years of age. The Matchmaker will give you an option of three Tamagothchi's and you can pick whichever one you choose, if you do not like the options you can simply visit her again.

The final option is the Friends Plaza which you can only access if you have two or more friend stamps (earned by getting your Tamagotchi the Ta Ma To Mo letters) Your Tamagotchi will meet on of the previous Tamagotchi's you raised.

Heart icon
Basically, most of these are the Tamagotchi's the Tamagotchi iD can connect with.
1.Tamagotchi iD
4.Downloads from a Japanese cell phone.
(thanks again to binary for the connection info)

Second screen
Password menu, pressing 'B' on this will give you two options, the first is for number-based passwords, the second is for letter-based passwords. binary mentions the passwords here
The next option is a special connection which I do not know much about, I believe it is something to do with TamaDepa.

Baseball cap icon
This is your Tamagotchi's selection if items. Press 'B' on the item you want it to wear. If you wish to remove an item, simply press 'B' on the item you're Tamagotchi is wearing and it will remove it.

Treasure chest icon
These are all items you're Tamagotchi can play with. Once you press 'B' you will be given four options.

1.Daily needs
3.Special items
4.Mcdonalds Bag (This option is only showed if you have entered one of the special McDonalds passwords)

Book icon
1.This will show you the Tamagotchi's your Tamagotchi has connected with, if you wish to delete one simply press 'B' on the friend you wish to delete. It will ask you if you want to delete the friend, top option is "yes" and the second option is "no". If you selected "yes" it will ask you to confirm it. Top selection is "yes" and second selection is "no"
2.The second option is your photos you have taken. Only five photo's can be stored here.

Clover icon
This option will heal your Tamagotchi if it is sick or has a cavity, selecting it when your Tamagotchi is well will make it shake its head.

This only covers the basic options of the Tamagotchi iD. I will make another topic explaining more about the Tamagotchi iD. :D
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Posted 13 January 2010 - 09:12 PM ( #2 )

Thank you! This is a really awesome guide! It will prepare me when I get one!


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Posted 13 January 2010 - 10:12 PM ( #3 )

There is a guide that is way better than this: http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=165502


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Posted 13 January 2010 - 10:50 PM ( #4 )

There is a guide that is way better than this: http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=165502

That one was made by binary, and everything binary makes is awesome :D :D But yeah, this is the best Tamatalk normal member made guide.

Gotchi Guy46

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 02:10 PM ( #5 )

Yes, binary's one is great but I just wanted to make another one and tried to add some different information.

Everyone else seems to like it so I stand corrected. :)