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Some story

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Posted 28 January 2010 - 11:59 PM ( #1 )

It's about a seventeen-year-old boy, Tragedy "Trae" DeVaniao, who had some incident when he was younger, making him say very little. He's afraid of what people think of him. He then meets Evalynn Brooks, and realises she is a childhood friend.

I walked along the street, tonight was a moonless night. No lights, except for about two or three streetlights, but they were dim. It was about four in the morning, and the sun was going to rise at five forty-four. I pulled my hood up, making my face no-longer visible, and wandered back home.
I lied down in my bed, curling up, and listened to my iPod. Mom was asleep, Dad was at nightshift, so I was alone in my room. I enjoyed being alone while I could. Soon, Dad got home. I stepped outside my room. ‘Hey, Trae.’ he said, tired. I choked out a hey, and walked outside, despite it was about seven thirty-five, and raining. I walked along the streets, hood covering my face, though I could see. The sky was a bright, bright blue, and no sun was out. Awkward. I walked faster as a car was stalking me.
I turned around, standing quite far from the car. It drove, almost running me over. I smiled slightly. The car halted to a stop, a girl running out. ‘What do you think you were doing?!’ she exclaimed. The girl ran to me. I didn’t reply, just shrugged. ‘Please, tell me.’ she said. ‘Just…’ I managed to mumble. ‘Just what? I’m sorry if you can’t say it.’
‘I can’t speak.’ I mumbled. The girl nodded. ‘That’s okay…’ she smiled. I turned around, and walked back home.

Mom was awake, and worried. ‘Trae!’ she yelled. ‘Dad was walking to work and he saw you…stand in front of a car! What were you thinking?!’
She sounded furious. I hung my head low, and Mom hugged me. ‘I’m sorry.’ she apologized. ‘It’s okay, Mom.’ I mumbled. ‘I forgot you couldn’t speak…since…that…incident.’ she hugged me again. I nodded. ‘I’ll find someone to help you, it’s been nine years!’ she exclaimed, raising her eyebrows in worry. I nodded, again, and went out the door.
There was that girl again. She bounced up, and ran to me. ‘Oh! Um, sorry for not introducing myself…I’m Eva…short for Evalynn Brookes.’ the girl, Eva, said. I nodded, and kept walking, hood down. Eva followed, and we both entered the school. Eva…Evalynn…Evalynn Brookes…her name sounded so familiar, I remember once, Mom was saying something about this girl, ‘Eva will help you, Trae, me and her mother are great friends. Try…try talking to her.’ I talked, just said a mere Hi.
‘Eva…’ I croaked out. She looked at me. ‘I remember you…’ I mouthed. ‘I remember you…Tragedy, correct?’ Eva smiled. I nodded.
All through class we passed notes, which almost got Eva into trouble.

After school, I walked home. It was three forty-five, and Mom was home, which was bizarre, as she was never home at three. There were phone books thrown on the floor, and she was talking on the phone. ‘Yes, my youngest son…yes, he can’t speak…he’s seventeen…’
I knew what she was doing…it was something she started nine years ago…when I was eight. That was when I started hiding, running, and not going to school. I started failing, and soon my parents had to pull me out. I hardly spoke, and my parents hardly knew why. If I did, it would’ve been a mumble of up to three words. The doctors barely knew what was wrong.

I walked up to my room, and relaxed on my bed, closing the door, and I listened to my iPod.
I soon heard a knock on my door, and Mom opened it. I turned off my iPod. She sat on my bed, and so did I. ‘Trae…’ she smiled. Questions started rolling in, such as ‘how was school?’ or ‘did you see the girl?’. I replied with ‘Good.’ and ‘Eva?’
‘You remember her? Evalynn Brookes?’ Mom smiled, and I nodded. She walked out, and I followed, but walked outside. I was looking for someone - Eva.
I saw her at the park.
‘Eva…’ I mumbled loud enough so she could hear me. ‘Trae!’ Eva leapt off the swing she was playing on, and ran to me. She hugged me. I smiled.






28 Jan 2010