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Posted 29 January 2010 - 01:03 AM ( #1 )

Sorry if this is long D:

I trudged through the snow to my house, my bag slung over my shoulder.I looked up, and sure enough, there were snowflakes, dancing down and sticking to the ground.I sighed.This wouldn't last forever.We rarely got any snow here.As I reached the house, I realised my sister's convertable was gone.I entered the house, Just as my Sister, Keri was blending a milkshake. "Heyy Keri!Where's the Pinkster?" I asked, grinning.Me and Pinkie-Pie had Identical nicknames."Heyy Fluffster, She's gone shopping" she replied with a heavy sigh."And Lime and Flare are playing video games, I suppose?" I mused thoughfully. "Mmm" Keri muttered.I heard the sounds of the game and shrieks of delight and misery. "I am wastifiying you!" Flare yelled, grinning. "Nuh-uh!" Lime protested.I sighed and went to my room.There was a letter. "Hm, who is this from?" I muttered, looking at the adress.It was blank.I frowned and opened it. Dear Miss Fluffy.
I have been strolling through the neighborhood and decided to pay a visit
I have noticed, that your artworks are quite splendid.I look forward to seeing you again.
Master Julian

I looked surprised.Who was this master Julian.I turned to see my half ghost sister, Hope, standing in the doorway. "Ahhh!" I screamed. Hope giggled. "Sorry there." she appologized in her slivery voice."I just came to see The letter" she added, flashing her teeth in a wide grin.Keri wandered in and drifted to my stereo.She put in her Midnight youth CD and payed 'The Letter' ."It fits" she murmured, shrugging and grabbing the Letter."Woah" she murmured.Suddenly our friend, Cadence burst in. "Hey guys! I see you have mail" she cried grabbing the letter.

That's it for now xD .







29 Jan 2010