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Pass Along Story

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 04:02 PM ( #1 )

Hm, type a few sentences to create a bit of a story.. Then, I will stop my post and let the next person who posts contiune it however they want. Let's see how long this can go!
Okay, I don't want to limit you guys too much, but this is just a few guide-lines to help.

1. Don't get super crazy!!!!! I appreciate creativness, and silly stunts, but don't get entirely off-subject.
2. Please do NOT get interporipate. That ruins a good story..

Okay, well.. I'll start!

Deep in a forest around no cities, there was a hill of stones with vines securing them into the dirt. A hole was agasint the grass, so it was like a perfect little cave.
Inside was amazing. It was beautiful and seemed magical. First tunnels just twisted to mislead civilaztion-hunters, but then there were rooms after rooms. Bedrooms, eating rooms, living rooms, room after room after room.
And, the end was a dirt enviroment. It was like above the ground, a little village. People hustled and bustled for years there, selling their own handiworks and foods. Rarely were the other rooms used. In fact, they were built just to beauitfy the cave!
But then, a villager caught a horrible illness. He died quickly, and for about a week everyone believed eveything was fine. Then the villager's family caught it. A family friend. That family friend's family. Friends, families, strangers to eachother, caught the diesase and spun them into out of control sickness. Coughing, puking, soreness, dizziness, sometimes villagers even got dulisanale!
Then, one day, at midnight 5 people fell dead. One o'clock, 10 more. The next hour 14 more. Everyone was out cold, and hardly any of them could be buried.
And at night-fall, only one was left standing.
A baby named Ecoy.






06 Feb 2010