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A story(It is still titleless)

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No matter how much I want to, I don’t regret any of it. Every thing happens for a reason right? You may never know what that reason is but there always is one. I’ve been able to learn that through a very… unique experience. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me here, because those same decisions brought me so much more than I ever really had or needed.

Life is just a little more complicated now. But complicated isn’t always bad and if it wasn’t complicated it would be boring. And even without those choices I guess I’d still have complications. The fact is, I know stuff. Maybe stuff I shouldn’t. I know what really lurks in the shadows at night and even more popularly during the day.

Maybe I’m just insane. A few people might say opposite but this isn’t about them, not yet, they come in a bit later. But I guess this story really isn’t about my decisions either, it is more about what they led to. How it would change everything and that my life would never be the same again.






25 Feb 2010

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25 Feb 2010


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1- Distractions

I didn’t even really know what Ms. Rolland was talking about. I was just waiting for the bell. The symbol of freedom from this torture chamber that adults send us to for hours a day, as some sort of cruel method of punishment for an unknown crime. I tuned into the woman standing at the front of the room.

“How exciting!” she was saying, “myths can be controversial and we are going to cover the most popular ones. Then at the end we will all do 1000 word essays on one of your choice!” What kind of sick demented person enjoyed this crap?

“Ms. Rolland? Can they be longer? Is there extra credit available? What about a due date? And is this going to be presented?” a chipper voice rambled familiarly. Of course Baylee would, being the good little nerd that she is. She’s also my best friend. We met in kindergarten. She’s always been the type of person who can come off as being a little odd because she tries too hard. She’s always striving for perfection. But I love her and she’s always there.

Thank God. Before Ms. Rolland can say another word the bell rings and I am already out the door. In a flash I was at my locker and getting ready. I shut my locker shoving my notebook into my bag as I head over to Baylee. “Do you think there will be extra Credit or anything?” she wondered anxiously.
“ Hey Bails.” I said ignoring her questions.

“Um, I have this thing after school so I can’t give you a ride. Unless the library works, it’s a little out there. I mean I’d drop you off first but I barley have time to get there myself and…”

“The library’s fine.” I said cutting her off.
“ Kay, but do you think there will be a lot of marks on this thing?”
“Who cares? It is Friday night and you’re worried over extra credit and due dates on a little English project. Like really Baylee?” I slid out of her car. Wishing her luck I grabbed my bag and started to leave.

“Bye, call you later Rox! Love ya!”

“Kay.” I shouted behind me.

I slipped onto the sunny streets keeping my head down and walking quickly. I refused to look at anyone or anything. I was totally focused on getting home. A safe place where I could be completely safe. The sturdy Iron walls held a promise of keeping them out. Sure maybe I’m paranoid but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that faeries don’t exist. The streets were so crowded that you had to weave in and out of the way. Except, half the people weren’t really there. Well they were there; they just weren’t real, not to everyone else. They were faeries. They were everywhere, which is nothing new. The mischievous little creatures tormenting the mortals of the world.

Rule #1- don’t let them know that you know they exist.

I love being downtown. It’s great for window-shopping, but it is also crawling with inhuman things. I tried to ignore them and focus on my task, walking home, and window-shopping. I saw a cute necklace and was looking at it through the shop window. Its turquoise stones shimmered in the bright light, making its intricate designs look even more gorgeous. The slim delicate chain look like a bunch of silvery stars woven together. This was probably the most beautiful piece of jewelry ever.

I could imagine myself wearing it and knew I had to have it. Matched with the dress, my dress; the one my mom got me for the spring formal. I fantasized of me wearing it and yearned to own it and be able to take it home. That was until I noticed the price tag. Yeah… it ended in a couple of zeros. And I did not have that much cash.

I turned around slowly, still distracted by the necklace. I started crossing the street. Yes I know it was stupid, I was stupid. Look both ways and all that. But I guess I wasn’t thinking that and it was just my luck, which for the record isn’t that good. I mean I can’t even win a game of bingo or rock paper scissors. I’m surprised my luck hasn’t gotten me killed, but that day it did get pretty close. My train of thought trailed off quickly then, because it was then that I heard it.


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1-The First Sighting
At first I was confused. I was pretty sure I had heard someone call my name. I was almost certain when it happened again.

“Roxanne!” The voice called again. This time I spun around only to see a speeding car shooting down the road straight at me. And I know this is the part where I’m supposed to say I saw my life flash before my eyes, but to be honest I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been that interesting anyway. What happened was I got run over. Just kidding. I quickly stepped out of the way only for my luck to land me in the other lane of traffic before I could even let out a breath of relief. Too panicked to move I stood there eyes wide, unable to speak and paralysed in that spot. In that moment a few things happened.

a) The car started to lay on the horn and try to stop in time. But I knew better there wasn’t enough time; with the speed and close proximity it was a pointless action.

b) Something wrapped around my wrist and managed to fling me onto the half grassy curb.

I hit the ground with a thud. I looked up and saw them standing above me, both looking a little worried. The girl was gorgeous, which is the simplest way to describe her. Her slim pale body matched her long extended limbs. It was a strange combination, the tiny body, with all the curves in the right places but could still be so thin. Her golden hair had that perfect natural flow to it. You were immediately drawn to her eyes, after the notion of her beauty of course. You had to notice her big bright green eyes. The bright almost too green eyes were framed with thick black lashes. She held such beauty it almost hurt to look at her.

Standing at her side was a tall toned guy. He had the same hair except cut short instead of kept long. He had the same pale skin, but instead of lanky his body and limbs he was built and perfectly framed. He had to be a cross between an Abercrombie model and a God. His eyes had the same capability hers had; however his were a bright ice blue, which looked as though you could melt into them. I had to admit he was cute but he was faerie. He was faerie but cute. The faerieness almost cancelled out the cuteness. (Faerieness? Oh whatever, back to my point) Almost but not quite. My point is he almost wasn’t real, not to everyone else at least.

His perfect lips parted as he started to speak. “Great Asabelle, just great.” His voice sounded annoyed but still melodious.

“You were the one who pulled her out of the way.”

I let my eyes drift back to him. He said nothing in response to her. Observantly I examined his muscular chest and arms in amazement that someone could be so perfect. I trailed along his shape, noticing his one arm at his side but the other was kind of leaned out. I followed it down to my arm, where his hand was wrapped firmly around my wrist.

“Do you mind?” I asked, immediately regretting it.

The girl’s, Asabelle I think her name was, eyes followed his arm down to mine as well. This might have been what caused him to release my arm quickly and draw his hand back. The worried look was resurrected on Asabelle’s face. “Do you think she can, you know… see us.”

“Don’t be silly Az. People can’t see through the glamour. You have got to stop believing the stupid rumours.” The boy replied, although it didn’t sound like he believed himself.

“Yeah, but she like just talked to you,”

He just shrugged in response. She knelt down beside me. “Hey Honey, can you hear me?” she asked waving her hands frantically in front of my face. I just stared back at them. I had already broken my first rule. So many worried thoughts buzzed in my head.

“I guess, not.” Said the boy

“I don’t know…” She shrugged “ maybe she can but just doesn’t understand.”

See right here? This is where I could have shut up, been a good little girl and ignored them and walked away. But she did just pretty much call me a moron. Plus I just couldn’t help it. “ Of course I can see you! Of course I understand! I’m not mentally retarded!” I started to stand up “This was all really nice, but why don’t you go torment someone else, because I do not have the patients to tolerate this, I don’t like you, or any of your kind. I have to go now. Good bye.”

I turned and started to walk away on a fast track home to my apartment. I didn’t turn around. I resisted the temptation. When I was across the street I sneakily peered back behind me. They had vanished, but I didn’t care I pushed it out of my mind and kept walking home. As soon as I got home I slammed and locked the metal door behind me.

“Honey? Is that you?” Nora called from the kitchen. I’ve lived with her for a long time. Since I never knew who my father was, when my mom died I was sent to live with her best friend. My mom had the sight too; I guess it’s where I got it from. She also taught me all about faeries. She always said they were horrible creatures, so I always assumed she had had a bad encounter with them. I never asked but I’m sure there had to have been one for her to feel as strongly as she did. Nora knows too, she kind of had to be informed when I started getting it. My mom told her everything she knew and started giving us lessons on what she learned. Nora can spot out faeries not after practice. Okay well she only knows about them in human form and gets a weird feeling when their not, but it’s close enough. She wants the sight even though I’ve tried explained to her it’s more of a punishment then a gift.

“Nope.” I called out “I’m just the boogieman who happens to have a key to the front door,”

She laughed, probably realizing the stupidity of her question. I ate dinner with her in silence. Then rinsing my plate and heading to my room to do homework. And I really did plan on doing the homework, I tried, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about them. After I couldn’t take it anymore, I finally gave in. Checking the locks on my window and turning off my lamp, I retired to bed.

Waking up to the bright sun and birds chirping isn’t like the fairytales make it out too seem. It is actually quite annoying. I mean this is the real world. We don’t get up at
5am with birds chirping at the window feeling happy as hell. When I get up I want to turn off the sun, go back to bed, and shoot the dang birds.

I followed the smell of coffee and pancakes into the kitchen, where I found Nora and the kitchen covered in flour. That’s another thing about her, since she has no kids of her own, can’t get a good man let alone some real man candy that she can hold onto, it’s usually just us. And she thinks since I have no parents I some sort of complex, emotional needs and need some real ‘mothering’. I mean I’m sixteen. I can fend for myself. But she tries to be my friend but like a great mother at the same time.

I ate my pancakes, enjoying the calm Saturday morning. Just as I finished the phone rang. I picked it up quickly expecting Baylee “Hello?”
“Hello.” A male voice answered carrying a slight British accent. “Can I please speak to Nora Charmichael?”
“Hold on,” I said politely, handing it to Nora.

She had a sparkle in her eyes once she’d heard his voice. I looked at her questioningly and dramatically fanned myself with my hand, posing a silent question. She nodded smiling. I gave her a thumbs up and watched her skip off to her room gushing to this hot mystery man on the phone. I decided I should give her some privacy so I got out a pen and the note pad.

Out. Be back later. I'm walking to B's cell is on. Don't wait up
Love you
Grabbing my keys and locking the door behind me I started off onto the busy streets.


When I got to Baylee’s I was immediately greeted. By greeted I mean ambushed and yelled at for not being home when she called, and ordered to explain what took so long to walk a few blocks home. So I decided to dish out the story to Baylee. Or parts of it at least. So I left out most of it, but Bails has no clue about faeries she only knows about the cartoon Disney ‘fairies’ (which FYI don’t exist.) I’ve wanted to tell her but Bails is strictly a facts person she’d never believe me. She'd probably try to send me to the nut house. Well part of me does believe she would be cool about it but I think I’m more scared of her getting hurt.

“Did Nora tell you I called? ‘Cause I called…”
“Yeah, she told me this morning,”
“This morning?” Her eyebrows rose “You could have told me. I mean I didn’t even know there was a guy… or girl. But Rox, you can tell me everything. Who is he?”
Before I could protest she said “oooh, come on Damien is so gonna want to hear this,” dragged me into the car “ Does he know? Did you at least tell Damien about the guy?”

“Okay sweetie, you need to calm down.” I hushed “I told you I was just window-shopping.”

“How did it take that long?”

“Bails, I was back last night, I just went to bed.” I told her “ And I got distracted that’s how it could’ve taken that long. I saw a couple of cute things that would probably be really amazing on me.” I replied hoping she would get the double meaning to my words.

Damien looked up from his table at the sound of the bells. Three coffees circled the tables along with a copy of vogue, which seemed to have captured his interest. Smiling up at us as we sat down he started gushing about the latest celebrity photos.
“Talk about grave apparel, that outfit is to die for.” He mused sighing. He flipped the page and gasped. “Ewww, it looks like she stole from the good will rejects box.” Damien gagged a little.
“Do they even have one?” I asked
“They should, and that should go in it.” He explained.
“Yeah, you’re right that is gross.”
“Oh honey, I do not know who dressed you but you should fire him” He shuddered at the magazine.

Baylee slapped the magazine shut gaining his attention. “You will never guess why I never got called back.” She paused only for a moment a kept going “She was out all night. I think a guy was involved, but she claims she was shopping.”
“I told you. Then I went to bed.”
“Alone?” she asked sarcastically
Damien nearly spit out a mouthful of coffee. “Her?!” he asked swallowing “Our Roxi?”
Baylee nodded at him. He started to laugh then stopped abruptly, and his smile disappeared.

“Either way I like both options, but I wanna know why I wasn’t invited.”
“Because I wasn’t out with a guy Damien. I’M NOT A SLUT LIKE YOU!”

He leaned back into his chair his eyes wide. “Ouch,”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it,” I apologized sadly.

“S’okay, I know you didn’t but it does mean your hiding something. But whatever let’s just drop, okay?”

I tossed my head back in frustration, noticing something odd in the corner of my eye. I must have stopped breathing and he must have noticed me noticing him, because he started to walk away quickly. Shrugging it off I convince my friends to leave the little coffee house.

“Ooh,” Damien exclaimed making us stop to look. “He is so hot.”
“Global Warming, hot.” Baylee agreed
“Mmm, I could get me a piece of that,” he said licking his lips. I rolled my eyes.
“What?” he asked, “you know he’s hot.”
“Yeah, Okay,” I agreed smiling “You could bake cookies on him. But I’ve seen better.”

Damien’s walk sped up and followed the guy into a music store. Baylee and I followed along too laughing at Damien’s ‘secretive’ boy hunting skills. We found him standing beside Mr. Oh-So-Hot deliberately reaching for a CD at the same time, so there hands touched. This gave him a reason to strike up a conversation and a flirt fest.

Soon I found myself alone. Baylee had dashed off to find a new CD. Looking for where she went I saw something that I didn’t expect to. I saw him, staring at me. He walked by me and brushed my shoulder as he went. That was it I had had quite enough, so this time I glared back at the faerie boy, then the door then back at him. I stormed out of the door and into the park across the street and down onto the bench. I sat crossing my arms. He hopped over the back of the bench and slid down onto the seat beside me.
“What is you problem?!” I demanded
“Oh I am fine, I assure you are the one who seems to be in need of anger management. I saved your life, and I’m the one with a problem. Last time I checked I could cross a street.” He retorted. The arrogant smile planted on his face made me even more pi**ed.
“You’ve been stalking me!”
“Don’t flatter yourself, I’m just doing my job. And I’d like to think of it as more ‘obsessively watching.’” He replied smirking “And how do you know that it isn’t just a coincidence?”
“But.. You.. you just.. admitted to it.” My irritated expression must have hinted him off, he changed the subject quickly.
“So, you can see us, eh? Well you see now that poses a problem. You’re gonna have to come with me.”

“And If I refuse?” I wondered scooting away from him.
“I wasn’t really asking, but I don’t think You’d want to do that. Cause I could always force you.” He said leaning closer so her was right beside me
I shut my eyes tightly and asked “Where are we going?”
He paused probably considering lying to me. “…Home,” he answered.

I opened my eyes to a bright light shining in front of me. I squinted trying to adjust to the light. I’m dead, dammit! I knew it, that a**hole. Something arose in front of me. I quickly made it out to be Asabelle’s face. “SHE’S AWAKE!!” She shouted sitting down beside me. I sat up confused. I was sitting in a bed in a cluttered room.
“I didn’t think you’d ever wake up.” Asabelle said
“How long was I out.”
“About five minutes.”
I looked up from my lap to see him standing by the bed. “I’ll go get you something to eat.” He turned to leave.

“Oh No mister,” I said “I’m not through with you yet. You, you…you can’t just go around knocking people out like that.”

“Well, I couldn’t very well have you know where you are and how to get here, now could I Miss. Acres?”

when he left I looked up at Asabelle. “Some faeries reported you,” she explained, “They thought you might know, you looked at them or avoided them. We researched you and then the other day we were almost sure you knew. So Rion was sent to watch you. To be sure.”
I nodded “where am I?”
“A dump, a pig sty, a barn. Pick a word. Rion’s allergic to vacuums I swear” She said “Never has kept his room her. And there’s only so mush one girl can do. I didn’t choose to put you here though so don’t blame me,”

His room that mean that I was in his bed too, which meant that… Uh-oh. I was in bug trouble as long as I was right about where I was. “Where are we exactly.” I asked already dreading the answer I knew was coming.
“Under the hill of course. Seelie side,”

Dammit that meant I was right, this was not a good place to be. I was in their world now , with no clue how to get the hell out.
“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me.” She said getting up and leaving. As soon as I was alone I got up and ran to the window. I pushed up on it. Locked. I tried to climb up and reach the lock. I stretched up to reach it again, this time I felt my finger tips touch it. I struggled, feeling it ease open slowly.

Something pushed my hand into the lock closing it again. Then taking my hand and helping me down gently from the windowsill I’d been leaning on, and towing me to the bed. Without even looking at me he pulled me onto the bed. I tried to catch a glimpse of his expression but failed.

“You should be more careful,” He told me, “You never know what may be waiting on the other side of that window. And plus, Az would kill me if I broke you this soon.”
“Eat,” he commanded.
“No thanks.” I said knowing all too well of the faerie ways “ I think I’ll stay …sober. Because I’d rather not be completely under your control over a sandwich.”
He smirked then started to laugh.
“I didn’t say anything funny,”
“I just didn’t realize you knew about that,” he laughed
“Well I do, so that ruins your plan, sorry.” I said matter of factly.

He laughed again. The sound must have made me break inside.
“I’m not going to do anything to you. I like you just the way you are…”
Rion stepped even closer and sat down beside me. He brushed a stray hair out of my face. I looked down feeling my face heat up and brighten.
“Please, It’s a PB&J.”

I picked up the sandwich and picked at the sides before actually taking a bite. Before I knew it we were engaged in a full on conversation like friends. Not to sound too contradicting, but I liked him. He really is sweet, but I couldn’t do this, not with him. It went against everything my mom every told me. Yet I couldn’t pull my self away. It wasn’t his spell either, I could tell. I had total control over my body yet I couldn’t leave. He reached over in mid sentence, stole my sandwich and took a bite. I smiled at him unable to help it.

My eyes flashed to the door, which was echoing a loud knocking from the other side. Out of habit, and almost too naturally I got up and opened it in a flash. Asabelle grinned politely. “Am I interrupting something?” she asked
“No.” My response was almost too quick.
She stepped through into the doorway beside me. “Ry, you know what time it, right?”

“s**t.” He answered, closer to me then I expected. An awkward silence filled the room. It was broken by Rion’s sudden apology. “I am so sorry about this Roxanne,”
“About what?”
He kissed the top of my head gently and said only one word. “Sleep,” he whispered.
I sat up under the shady tree. I looked around I was in the park, about a block away from home. I was also alone, except for the little message written on my hand. I read the blue ink carefully.
Next to it sat a little heart containing an X and an O.

My right thigh tingled with the vibration of my phone. Four missed calls and two new texts. I sent Baylee a text, saying I’d see her later. The rest of the weekend passed in a blur. I kept hoping I’d see him again, but had no luck. I checked everywhere, parks, malls, and the coffee shop. Nothing, no faeries. There were faeries just not the right ones. They weren’t my faeries. Why hadn’t I seen them again? Would I ever see them again? Why do I want to see them? My mind raced as I tried to push my self toward unconsciousness. My brain gave in, or the pills kicked in because I finally managed to drift off into sleep. I didn’t dream. I just saw black, dark depressing black. When My clock sang it’s morning call I did not want to move. But I managed to pull my self from my peaceful state of rest and into reality.

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