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A quiet witness

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 03:40 PM ( #1 )

She was just lying there on the cold, sticky grass, her eyes as wide as a bush babies.
Why did we have to go at 11pm - we could have waited and none of this would of happened.
Me and my best friend Demi, were at the funfair and we were having so much fun, we didn't realise that we were out after curfue...
As we walked through the allyways home, me and Demi had a arguement and I stormed off, a few paces infrount of her then I heard a scream, a thud and silence.
I was fearful of what my eyes would meet as my head spun round over my shoulder, my hair flying in every possibe direction...
I still have flashbacks of the moment I spun round, the blood, the scream, the terror and the lifeless eyes of Demi, staring back at me like two globes of the world.
We still haven't found out who dunnit, but one things for sure - Its me her parents are relying on since I was the one that witnessed the murder of their darling, angel of a daughter...

Hi, my name is "Lady" Pandora Lavender Samantha Egmont, all my fellow classmates think I'm posh just because I'm the stuck up kid in Year 9 with only 1 (well 0 because of Demi) very spoilt friend.
People called me snobby Samantha before Demi died - now they all take pity on me. It is weird because I have had interview after interview and nobody witnessed it as well as me - not even the barmaid in the pub.
One evening at school on a wednesday at 9:24pm (more on the fact it was past hometime later)I was on the computer in library. I always went on the one in the corner because nobody can see what your doing on the webcam or searching on Google. I had a flashback as I updated my MSN page - I saw Demi's profile: jammed full of photos and notes.
I looked through an album of pictures from when me, her and my friend Dylan went to see Calvin Harris a couple of years ago. I had to quickly click the cross at the top of the page when Mrs. Canthrope strolled in and scanned all the glowing screens to see if anyone was looking at anything inaproprite. She classed reasearching Demi as inapropriet and she should be left in peace, but I simply couldn't let it go.
I am trying to figure it out...to try and find out, I need to talk to the police for evidence.

I strutted down the Huckleberry Police Station to enquire. They told me to stop being snooty but I told them that I was the eyewitness and the were showeringing me with questions - bad move...
Suddenly reporters flooded in, snapping me and asking me questions - someone must have recived a tip off that I was heading that way......






27 Feb 2010