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Webkinz Kinzville park glitches

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Posted 06 June 2010 - 04:08 PM ( #1 )

I have three glitches i saw in the kinzville park :

1. in the studium in the park you can go in the tree and everybuddy cannot see you they only can see what you writh LOL
2. i was on yestreday and today in the kinzville park and i was with Berry my black bear and i saw TONS of pets they name also Berry this is a glitch ??
another example :
i was in the kinzville park with Kyle Broflovski my Pompom kitty and i see that a hippo he is was sitting in the tree and i saw his name also KYLE BROFLOVSKI !!!

3. today in the park i saw up in trees A hedgehog with the same name as my pompom kitty and then he randomly started running on the swings (when people were on them) and he had a bubble over him for like 30 seconds he was running really fast and he kept sitting on people and he levitated o_O






06 Jun 2010

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Posted 07 June 2010 - 11:20 AM ( #2 )

LOL this happened to me too. :o Also one time no one was in the Park and I couldn't move! :o :o I should e-mail Ganz to fix all these glitches, so many in Webkinz World. :(