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Win a free Tama-Go!

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Posted 26 July 2010 - 06:31 PM ( #1 )

Want a free Tama-Go of your very own? Our friends at Bandai have come through again and are offering some prizes to the Tamagotchi loving fan community! And these prizes are GREAT!

There will be one grand prize winner who receives:
1 Tama-Go (random design)
6 Tama Characters (complete set)
1 Tama Case

There will also be a runner-up who receives::
1 Tama-Go (random design)
1 Gotchi Character (random)

Sound like something you'd want?

So this is how the contest is going to work... We need some cool ideas for future contests. The person who replies to this post with the best idea will win the grand prize. The runner-up prize will also be drawn at random from those who reply here with ideas. So, this is free to enter. Come up with an idea and if your idea is picked by the staff as the best contest idea then you will receive the grand prize of a free Tama-Go, 6 characters and a tama case. You also get a second chance to win a free Tama-Go just because you entered the contest! Two chances to win some goodies!

1) You can only enter one idea. Enter to win by replying to this post with your idea.
2) All entries must be posted by 11:59PM August 9, 2010. This gives you two weeks to enter!
3) TamaTalk staff will pick the winning idea. Runner up will be picked from everyone who replied with an idea at random. Both grand prize and runner-up winners will be announced August 16, 2010
4) Sorry! This contest is only open to TamaTalkers in USA and Canada! :(

UPDATE: Doh! Fixed the problem where nobody could reply to the topic. Sorry about that!

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26 Jul 2010

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 06:06 AM ( #2 )

*Post removed because I dont live in the US or canada*

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 07:34 AM ( #3 )

The next contest could be that you make a tamagotchi cartoon( in pages) and it has to be at least 5 pages long. And also, you can't copy any cartoon part from someone else. There will have to be at least 3 characters. SO, that's my idea.
Edit:because I got a vocabulary mistake.

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 07:45 AM ( #4 )

Yes, I do live in the USA. My idea for a contest:

Since it is summer, we should write a made up Tamagotchi that is "Summer Tama". You make any design you wish, but you'll also need to make a charater chart for "Summer Tama" and on the bottom you'll have to tell the charaters name.


1): You cannot copy other desgins or charaters, everyone must make their own.
2): You cannot copy any charaters from the V1-V6 TMGC+C. TMGC iD or the Tama-Go.
3): I'm making this one (If I win) when the dead line for the contest be (But the Guides or Admin could I don't mind.)

Well this is my contest result! Thanks!

To let yu guys know, I don't want the Kutchipatchi Tama-Go or Figure, because I already have it. (I hope I wasn't pushy :lol: )

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:03 AM ( #5 )

I do live in USA.

My idea for a future contest is to come up with a song for some tamaggotchi characters!

The Rules
1)You must at least mention 8 characters or more.
2)It has to at least rhyme a little.


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:10 AM ( #6 )

I live in the USA. My idea would be a caption contest. It's simple and everyone is able to try. Rules-
1. The caption must be appropriate.
2. Tamatalkers can provide no more than 2 captions.


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:48 AM ( #7 )

i do live in the us. california to be exact
my idea for the next contest is to make a tama story about the starting of school since summer is almost over. the characters are optional and you also can use characters you make up. there has to be a funny problem throughout the story and at the end the characters solve the problem. you can add pictures or if you dont want to you dont have too, but at the beginning you have to draw the characters out(doesnt matter how good or bad at drawing you are-drawing it is just for fun)
Edit- put the state i live in

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:52 AM ( #8 )


Make the best Pouch!

Want a pouch for your Tamagotchi?

This is a fun contest that will have you creating your own Tamagotchi Pouch. They can be any size for any type of tamagotchi. Trick is.... Are you game? This one includes needing images.

1: Design on Paper first. Tell the specifics. Size, what tama you designed it for.
2: Either you, or if you have a family member who sews, sews a pouch for you. Specify if you recieved help for sewing. Post your/their level of sewing.
3: Then take an picture of the pouch completed either with or in the pouch.
4: It must be appropriate.
5: Design it with love.
6: Enjoy it.
7: Have it be new, Not a recreation of the ones already released.

They will be voted on by the following.
1: Creativity
2: Work/Effort
3: Skill level (Basic, Medium, Expert) This will be posted with entry.
4: Design
5: Useage
6: Portablity

I realize many of you don't know how to sew.... But its fairly simple once you learn how.

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 09:17 AM ( #9 )

TMEdit: Revised entry re-posted here: http://www.tamatalk....dpost&p=2994663

Obviously I live in one of the two countries!

My contest Idea would be to make a new "TamaTalk Logo"

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 09:26 AM ( #10 )

I <3 My country! USA! USA!
My idea is come up with a story about tamagotchis!
1.There must be at least 3 pages.
2.There must be at least 2 real or made up tamagotchi characters.
3.There must be a problem and solution.
4. Any and all mention of cussing, alchohol, or drugs will be a disqualified entry.
5. The setting could be in the real world, or on tamatown online/in a tamagotchi(v1-v7 etc)
6. You can optionaly could draw a picture for the cover.
7. The title can NOT be Tamagotchi
8. If you do make up a character, you must describe him/her so everyone sees what's in your mind or draw a picture.

That is my idea for the contest. I love the idea of a contest for a contest! LOL! :lol: And also, good luck to everyone who entered! :D

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 09:33 AM ( #11 )

Message Forwarded From Admin

Sent: Tama-Go Contest, July 26, 2010 09:28 pm

Hello Admin!

The rules said to reply to the post, but when I clicked "+AddReply" it wouldn't allow me to, so I'm guessing and hoping that this is how you intended to receive replies. I apologize if it is not.

My idea for the next Tamagotchi contest would be to challenge TamaTalkers to narrate their own short story or comic strip featuring themselves on an adventure with their favourite Tamagotchi characters, including one Tamagotchi character of their own original creation. As part of this, the entry must include a minimum of one illustrated page from the hypothetical "book". The winner is the person with the most interesting and original story idea, the runner up would be the person with the best illustration.

Thank you for your time,

Doh! Sorry about that!

It should be good for replies now. :lol:


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 11:44 AM ( #12 )

OK Here is my idea (P.S. I live in the USA)

Think up ideas for new skins for Tama Talk and the best idea wins a prototype Tama Go refresh (If they have one :()

Tamago is awesomerest

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 11:45 AM ( #13 )

:( I live in the USA ;) and this is my idea. I think that there should be a contest where everyone who enters must either draw what they think tamagotchis (as in something like the Tama-go or v6, not the charactors) will look like in the future and some new characters that are in it or they can give suggestions about what would make tamatown or tamagotchis better.

These are the rules:

1. Everyones ideas must be original, which mean copying someone elses idea isnt allowed.

2. Everyone has a choice of either drawing or giving suggestions. They must do one or the other.

3. Creativity is encourage and wild ideas are allowed. Dont be afraid that the idea may be to crazy to post.

4. It doesnt matter what is used to do the drawing or how it is done, as long as it is a future tamagotchi with new characters.

5. Lastly, everyone can only post once.

:( :blink: :( :( :o

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 11:48 AM ( #14 )

I live in Canada.

My idea is that we create our own Tama-Go faceplates. Plus those faceplates could be printed to place on our own Tama-Gos. The faceplates are those papers placed around the screen of the Tama-Go.

Do we add the rules for the contest? If so, I'll edit my post.


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 12:00 PM ( #15 )

my idea is this- you could design your own kind of tama-go and website. (NOT A REAL WEBSITE.)

memetchi <3

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 12:14 PM ( #16 )

*removed by me* I'm getting my Tama-go in the beginning of August! ;) So no point of me entering. :( Good luck everyone!

P.S. I live in the U.S.A XD

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 12:19 PM ( #17 )

I live in Canada.

My idea is that you make a collage of any tamagotchi(baground optional).

You can use pencil to draw the picture, but you have to decorate the picture with materials other than pencil,pen,markers,crayons,etc.
You can use any solid for the collage as long as it's not dangerous,poisonous, explosive, etc.
Can't copy others etc.

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