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Win a free Tama-Go!

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 10:28 PM ( #41 )

Design your own Tamatown.


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 12:45 AM ( #42 )

I also live in the good ol' U.S.

I thought it would be fun to try and implement common games children play with tamagotchis. For instance, take 'hide-and-go-seek' at hand. The way you could play this game, and at the same time promote and encourage people to visit TamaTown.com and register with their tamagotchis online, would be to pick a staff member (such as Admin) and have them hide somewhere in TamaTown.

It could be an obscure place like behind a sign or a bush, or by the upper corner of a building so as to blend in, and then take a snapshot as proof. Then the staff member in question would log out so no one can spot them any longer, and come back here and start up a competition topic. In the topic, the staff member could give out 3 discreet clues. These clues can be as subtle as "there are trees around me" or "I smell something sweet nearby" etc.

After the topic is created and the clues given out, the members post their guesses as to where the staff member could have hidden himself. At the end of the appointed time, the staff member could post the snapshot he had taken of his hiding place as proof, and give out the first place prize to the first person to have guessed it right, 2nd place to the second person to have guessed it right and so on.

Anyway, that's my idea for a fun time anyway. :P



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Posted 28 July 2010 - 06:18 AM ( #43 )

i live in the us
make a tamago faceplate!

rules: you can only use ones you made
you can draw and scan it in, use a photo editing software, or a painting software.
must be useable on a tamago ;)

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 09:45 AM ( #44 )

I GOT AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to DRAW every tamagotchi charecter that comes to mind or a tamatown and the person with the best drawing quality wins

Rules: (for my idea the admin team can change them up a bit if they need to)

1.) use a pencil pen computer to draw with
2.) any tamagotchi toy will work to

that is all i got right now BUT the admin team can ad more if they want to.


I am from canada New brunswick

just an f.y.i.


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 10:53 AM ( #45 )

Obviously I live in one of the two countries!

My contest Idea would be to make a new "TamaTalk Logo"

1.) You may only enter one!
2.) Everything has to be suitable for children!
3.) No Copying other members Ideas!
4.) Has to be tamagotchi oriented!
5.) Have Fun!

I think it's time for at least one random new logo!

Yeah I edited it...


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 11:01 AM ( #46 )

Here is my Nazotchi-themed idea:


Make the evolution line for Nazotchi!

1) Include Child and Teenager Stages. (Baby and Oldie are optional)

2) Draw (don't have to color) your characters and name them.

3) Write fun facts about them. (E.g. Favorite food, personality, etc.)

4) You can enter ONCE and try not to copy!


Hope you like it!


P.S. Live in the U.S of A! ( Michigan, to be exact) :nazotchi: :D

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 11:37 AM ( #47 )

I live in the usa
I think we should have a design a tama shell contest w where you make tama design of your own ideas and create it In paint or photoshop you can enter once and it must be original

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 11:55 AM ( #48 )

I have an idea!
Make your own Tamagotchi paper doll, send it to TamaTalk, and whoever has the best paper doll wins!


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 12:44 PM ( #49 )

The Tamagotchi Super Season Triathalon!!!

Step 1: Pick a season, any season~ (spring, summer, autum/fall, or winter) your piece of art has to be themed with the season you choose.

Step 2: Pick one of the Triathalon catagories:
~Photography: take a photo of a tamagotchi item that gives you the feeling of the season you've chosen. you'll need a camera, odviously, and a tamagotchi themed item; a plushie, a figurine, or your own tamagotchi toy. (or you could make your own)
~Crafts: sculpting, origami, a plushie, or even a tamagotchi made out of legos, this is the catagory for something physical. you'll need supplies, and probably a camera. you have to make whatever you're entering. absolutely do not enter something that is tamagotchi merchendise.
~Drawings: are you a drawing type of person? draw a picture of tamagotchis having a great day in the chosen season. it's okay if you don't think you can draw. creativity is the key. you could try painting a picture for that bit of creativity, or even a comic strip.

Step 3: Submit!!!

~Keep creativity in mind! be as unique as possible, the more different you are from everyone else's entries, the better.
~We want to see effort! don't just draw a stick man mametchi for 5 seconds and say "I'm done." that certainly will be different from everyone else's entries, but please. if you want to get somewhere in life, you have to work for it, therefore if you want to win, do your best.
~Try to make the judges think "I never would've thought of that!"
~There will be one winner from each catagory, but you can't win more than once.

~Your artwork has to be 100% your own work.
~Stay with the theme you've chosen.
~You can enter as much as you want, but this is being judged on quality, not quantity.
~Nothing innappropriate, please.
~Please don't copy other people's ideas. it's okay to draw a regular picture, because that's probably what will first come to everybody's mind, but you'll know you shouldn't copy someone's idea of a collauge. on top of that, it won't be creative.
~Do your best!
~Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 01:58 PM ( #50 )

I love in the USA, Pennsylvania to be exact.

My idea is to create a school spirit tamagotchi. Since many of us will be heading back to school, create a tamagotchi chart that grows into your school's mascot. And add a shell design in your school's colours.

1. Must have at least one character for each stage (baby, toddler, child, adult)
2. Include as much detail of your mascot as possible
3. Use your school's colors in the design of the shell, use ancestor or connection shells
4. Include the name of your school and mascot for recognition. ((i.e. Penn State Nittany Lion))
5. Judged on creativity, detail of mascot/colours, and overall school spirit


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 02:23 PM ( #51 )

You can have a Tamagotch cradle contest. The idea is to make a crazy cradle that represents your personality and your style. The person who has the best design wins! :mimitchi:


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 03:21 PM ( #52 )

i live in the USA!!! :D ok so my idea is kinda simple you create a tamagotchi of you like i did i am for instance(spelt it wrong :) ) giantchi and you have to make them out of clay and put a pic up of it and if you win if they allow this bandi will make you a tamagotchi(that is kinda weird i know but DON'T JUDGE ME :P ) i live in rohde island oky dokey

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 04:38 PM ( #53 )

My idea is to make a giant Tamagotchi family tree! You must include everything from grandparents to aunts, uncles, cousins and so on.You can choose a certain character and center the family tree around them. You can use existing characters as long as they resemble the character you are making the family tree for. You would probably need to make a few new characters, so let your imagination run wild! The winner would be the person with the most realistic family tree.

I hope everyone thinks this is a good idea :)
I'm a newbie here so


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 05:11 PM ( #54 )

i think you should have people send in pictures that thay draw for new types of tamagotchi i yeally need to win
wthis idea im not jokeking i 13 have and have no money for my littel sisters birth day i told her id try to get her one this way any way i hope you like my idea for haveing kids send ideas for new tamagotchi i think you could get a lot off people to send ideas than you pick the best one :) :) :) :)


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 06:40 PM ( #55 )

Yes i do live in the USA.

My idea is to draw a whole new Tamagotchi Character Chart your own original Tamagotchis. One chart for what they will look like in the tamagotchi moblie toy ( like in the music star or v5) and one chart for what they will look like animated.


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 08:14 PM ( #56 )

I live in the U.S.A (to be exact, in California)

My idea is that you can design your own Tamagotchi character! Practice on paper first, then maybe send it to the Tama Talk P.O box (if they have one)

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Vicky Liu

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 08:51 PM ( #57 )

Hi. I live in Canada, eh! :D

My contest idea is that we should all think of some new catchy slogan for Tamatalk. McDonalds did it with "I'm lovin' it"....Why can't we?

Each member can only submit one entry and the winning one will be used!


Good luck everyone!


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 09:52 PM ( #58 )

Idea: Combine two Tamagotchis together.

Rule: They cannot be in the same family. Goes with stages. Just, different families.

EDIT: I'm in the US too.

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 09:53 PM ( #59 )

I do live in USA
MY contest idea involves making a calendar for the new coming year. you can choose one Month or all months but it must involve either TamaTalk or Tamagotchi in general. It does not need to be drawn. photography or other creative ways can be incorporated. It shall be judged on creativity and originality.


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 10:48 PM ( #60 )

I live in California.

A cool contest idea is to design a Tamagotchi theme park, a poster or collage showing the ideas you have come up with.

Rules :

1) A name for the theme park (something other than Tamatown, BE ORIGINAL!!) at least two rides, three attractions, food stands and restaurants - all Tamagotchi themed using different characters.
2) Theme park should have a minimum of two Tamagotchi Versions represented - the more the merrier!
3) Contestant should write a maximum of two paragraphs describing a Tamagotchi themed show or parade that would take place at the theme park.