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What's your bedroom like?

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 05:24 AM ( #1 )

I don't thinkk there's an active one.

So what's your room like? I'll post later, gotta get off computer :mellow:






30 Jul 2010

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 05:54 AM ( #2 )

Bluuee !
Everything's blue. :3

The floors are laminate.
The closet's near the TV.
The curtains have little blue houses all over them.
The sheets on my bed are striped with lots of green.
My computer's right beside my bed because I like to put my feet up. :3
The headboard is my bookshelf, and has a little space for all my clothes.
My COPICs and art supplies are always near my computer for when I need them.
The walls have nothing on them, because my mom doesn't like me putting stuff up. ;w;

I don't feel like going into detail. (:

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 06:21 AM ( #3 )

My wall's blue.

Light tan laminate floor.

A tan wooden bunk bed in the top right corner.

A tall maroon dresser in the bottom right corner, with my stuffed animals on top.

A bulletin board with ribbons on it on the right of my door

A closet beside that

A quilt with pockets with pencils/pens, drawing books, etc... in it on the left of my door with a terribly drawn Canadian flag above it

A horizontal maroon dresser beside that.

On the dresser is a mirror, a trophy, a stuffed polar bear teddy, a stuffed dog teddy, an old MP3, and a digital clock.

On the mirror is a sign saying "Dresser of Awesomeness", a white flag, and a drawing of Hetalia-Italy.

Beside that is a small maroon nightstand with a TV on top.

Then a mirror with pink curtains on the wall between my TV and my bed.


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Posted 30 July 2010 - 08:41 AM ( #4 )

Alright. Here we goooo:

Pink walls.
Green carpet.
Tons of Hello Kitty stuff~
White furniture.
A four-post bed. It has a detachable canopy, too. <3
Pink curtains.
White dresser, glass case, stereo stand, white desk.
Pink chair that looks a lot like this.
Hello Kitty comforter and pillow case.

As for decorationsss:
I have posters. A lot of them.
Big Time Rush posters and Justin Bieber above my bed.
Zelda posters to the left of my bed.
Green chalkboard above my bedside table that's my new love. :'D
My desk's backboard/thingy is covered in Rurouni Kenshin pictures.
Hello Kitty stuff randomly here and there.
A huge Domo stand up between my two closets; with Domo plushies in it.

When it's cleaned all up, my room really looks like a fangirl castle with all the white furniture, pink stuff, and fangirly pictures/posters.


P.S. My room is way too pink to fit my personality, really. I'm such a tomboy, I would have much preferred a green or blue room, rofl.

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 09:18 AM ( #5 )

An alarming amount of extremely white pink! The walls look like white when you get up. They also have white crown trimming.
A drawer right next to the bed I sleep in, which gets light from the hallway. It has all of my bedtime things on it. As of now, it consists of assorted boxes, my sketchbook, and the book I'm reading (Firestarter).
Above that, two shelves of plush toys. The shelves were going to serve as bookshelves, but they ended up too slanted for books. We just crammed a bunch of toys up there instead.
There are two beds. One is the one I sleep in which usually has me and my kitty Sia in it, and the other has clothes and Rico, another cat on it. The beds have light pink bug blankets and deep magenta sheets. There is a picture of flowers and bumblebees above my bed. I was afraid of ladybugs being on the other side of it as a kid.
On the floor is a pink and orange rug with plant-y things patterned on it. It takes up most of the floor. Otherwise, wooden floors. There is a snail rug next to it.
Now, right in front of the snail rug is the furnace, the closet, and the desk. The furnace has two little compartments, which hold books and Pokemon card binders. It's an off-white. It has a range of plush dolls on top of it.
The closet is stuffed to the brim with clothes that are too small. Boo.
The desk is white, as is the drawer. It has a square space so that you can scoot your chair up to it. There is a 12 box of root beer stashed there because my Bro kept taking it. The chair is a modern-styled white chair that we took off of someone's curb. Because why not. There are several drawers on the sides of the desk, which are stuffed with old crap. There is a large, circular mirror hung above the desk. It rarely gets used, but there's still a clipboard with notebook paper and some other assorted figurines on it.

Wow that was long. Anyway, that's pretty much my roooooooom.

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 09:56 AM ( #6 )

White and pink. Eew.
I wanted it to be red and black/white but my mum wanted it that way.
Usually it's really messy, but I just tidied it.
I have stashes all over the place. :D
Band posters on the walls.
There's too much to describe.. so I'll leave it at that. x3

City Lights

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 10:11 AM ( #7 )

Mine's kinda boring .__.
I have some pictures on hand because I was testing my new camera out not too long ago.

I'm a nerd so there's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! figures (police Hibari <3), box weapons, and my ring of sky... Then there's the middle size totoro... Naruto posters and a Justin Bieber poster. There's also lots of Sanrio and San-X stuff. Just because it's cute, y'know? o3o
Reborn! stuff + Totoro

Walls are white. Floor is wood.

There are two beds in my room even though I'm the only one who sleeps there. I just use the extra bed to put stuff on =P

My dresser has the mirror and all my makeup and lotion.

My desk has my laptop and whatever else. It's really messy o__o lots of notebooks, random papers and drawings, hello kitty rings, rubber ducks and stuff.
Some of my desk =P

Besides posters my wall has random drawings, framed art stuff, and things people drew for me. There's a pink cat wall sticker too xD
Some wall (:



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Posted 30 July 2010 - 03:53 PM ( #8 )

Light blue walls
wood floor
fuzzy white rectangular rug
single bed, with a light blue and brown theme, or i change the light blue for orange when i want a change
lots of pillows on my bed
new windows 8D and fake wood white blinds
a white shelf on the wall with random stuff including my band award 8D
white bookshelf with, guess what? BOOKS! Fruits Basket and a lot of other real books, lol
two dressers with, another big surprise, clothing in them
my closet used to have a door, but it broke so now it's just sort of an indent in my wall where there is even more clothes and shoes overflowing from it
one one dresser is very disorganized jewelry, my tamagotchis, and other crap that doesn't belong anywhere
an old toy box that looks way to kiddy for my room, but it has crap inside it and on top of it that there's no room for anywhere else, and it also functions as a table to put a fan on and stuff
american girl dolls i don't play with but can't bear to get rid of
webkinz, same as above


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Posted 30 July 2010 - 04:06 PM ( #9 )

Southern part-
On the way southern left, there are bookshelves. The top is of the biggest books, 2nd from the top is medium books, 3rd from the top has my tarantula, and bottom has small books and VHS tapes. Next is my TV. It's on a desk-like table with the Wii on the left (if you are facing the TV) and a bunch of old joystick games. On the top of the TV is plush toys, a lit up salt rock, my Wiimotes, and this weird bubble glass thing that lights up and has a picture of a dog. To the right of my TV desk is my plant desk. There is a dragon humidifier, an orchid in the back, 60 watt bulbs hanging from a cabinet, shining above my carnivorous plants. To the right is, well, my cabinet. Clothes. Then, there's a door to the hallway that can't close.
is my bathroom door and (man, I'm forgetting a lot of terms!) the push-pin board. I have a bunch of pictures, my calendar, my name in hebrew, and my Tamagotchis hanging there.
That's where I'm facing. There is a lot of stuff on my computer desk, I'm not going into detail.
My bed. It's facing my TV. There are shelves behind my bed with books and et cetera. Also, there's my window.

My room is painted light green on the walls and a white ceiling. The stripe between the ceiling and walls is a darker green.

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 07:35 PM ( #10 )

My room = too much stuff, not enough space. x.x
It's very small and very cluttered. The walls are white, the bed frame has things on it, the bedset is purple and pink with sequin butterflies. I have 3 dressers; one black, one yellow/cream, and one white. I have my stereo and CDs on the white dresser, a whole bunch of assorted junk on the cream one, and makeup on the black one. My bedside table contains my lamp, glasses case, clock, and box of tissues and the mirror is above the black dresser. The closet has tons of stuff in it, half of which don't even belong to me, and I have an easel inbetween the cream and white dressers. My rocking chair is next to the black dresser and it has greenish cushions on it.

Yeah, my room isn't very color coordinated either. xD


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Posted 30 July 2010 - 07:45 PM ( #11 )

purplee :D

i got a white bed with a purple comferter. a white, long dresser with a mirror with pictures and writing on it. the long dresser has my radio, cheer trophies, and cds. my other dresser has my tv and pictures on it. my nightstand has my ipod speaker on it and pictures and a light. i have a little chair in my room. its got fussy pillows. :o i got lots of posters too. :wacko:

i wish it was blue or pink walls, zebra comforter and etc..


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Posted 31 July 2010 - 06:00 AM ( #12 )

So... I HATE MY ROOM. It's been the same since I was born. My parents refuse to change it.

So umm, the walls are pretty random, there are 2 white walls. One wall is light green, like really, really light green. And the last wall has white wallpaper with some pink small flowers. >.< My mom picked it because she thought it would be great for babys room but... I'm fifteen. Oh, and theres a pink butterfly border!!

The roof is white. The floor is laminate.

Only thing I like in my room is my pink round carpet I chose a few years ago.

Another thing I hate is that I have a cabin bed. I don't even sleep there. I sleep on my sofa that can be turned into a bed.

Then, I have this table for my laptop. And another computer we never use.

Then I have a widescreen TV in my bedroom *proud* 8D

What else? One closet, a bookshelf, and lots of little stuff.

Also, on wall 1 (next to wall 4 and 2)= Door and this computer table
wall 2 (next to wall 1 and 3) = cabin bed with sofa under it.
wall 3 (next to wall 2 and 4)= window and bookshelf
wall 4 (nect to wall 3 and 1)= closet and widescreen TV (also my stereos on a little chair)

Some little things I'd like to mention are my bulletin board on top of this table and my calendar next to it, a big stuffed mouse next to this table (I won it from an amusement park when I was little XD), on wall 4 I have a huge Tokyo Mew Mew poster, and also a big mirror on my closet. :(

So that's pretty much it. EDIT: You can see tiny bit of wall 3 on my avatar 8D

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Posted 31 July 2010 - 06:36 PM ( #13 )

on wall 4 I have a huge Tokyo Mew Mew poster

Where'd you get it :D

Anyways, for my room, I hate it.

The walls are white
The carpet is grey There a a bunch of random posters, including animals, a Club Penguin one and two from a simpsons comic
My bed has a white headboard, and the pillows are white. The duvet is white with flowers and ribbons. I actually think the duvet is nice and homey.
My curtains are a dark orangey brown, but I want to get them changed
I have two bookshelves, a fuschia one, and a white one
I have a brown wooden dresser with a large mirror
It is very messy, but it looks better when it is tidy (which is hardly ever)


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Posted 31 July 2010 - 06:44 PM ( #14 )

Cream and black striped carpet, cream walls, yeah it's boring.
My room's tiny. So much stuff, not enough space. I have a window, with white curtains. One of my walls is entirely a Short Stack wall, dedicated to my 78456347546 posters and magazine cutouts and such. Another wall is for my certificates and medals and achievements. And the other wall is for other band posters and photos.

My bed frame is black. I have a few little 'organizers' around my room which I use to stuff things in when it gets too cluttered. OOH. I also keep my mice on the top of my desk. They add a cool kid feeling to my room >;D Um that's about it. I have a peach coloured door..


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Posted 03 August 2010 - 01:37 AM ( #15 )

My bedroom doesn't feel like a real bedroom. The walls are a dull maroon color, the carpet a simple dull green. It's tiny and cramped with a small closet and a dresser. I have 2 beds- one for me and my little brother, the other for my mom. There's nothing on the walls.


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Posted 03 August 2010 - 05:01 AM ( #16 )

you can share pics.

I just tidied my room, nice and clean, lol. I cleaned my desk and drawers, and it's no longer cluttered =D


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Posted 03 August 2010 - 06:55 AM ( #17 )

Although it has been changed a bit since I posted this video.