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Dr. Slump Tamagotchi

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 05:28 AM ( #1 )

I don't know how well regarded this one is, but I thought it would be interesting to add to the archives. Anyone seen/got one of these?

Posted Image

It is deceptively huge, as this comparison with a P1 proves:


The two black antennas are buttons, alongside the traditional three, and it apparently has a couple of neat features that haven't been seen in other Tamagotchis of the era. More information and a full translation here (with thanks to OldSchoolTama for that link).

For anyone interested, it's not very expensive (cheaper than a boxed P1, in fact), and there's still one to be found on eBay from a respectable seller (I bought mine from the same guy). Check it out!

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06 Nov 2010

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06 Nov 2010


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Posted 06 November 2010 - 12:27 PM ( #2 )

It's too bad it's so big! I just looked at the characters on pixelmood.com and they look adorable... for me though I like the smaller cased tamagotchis-- I don't think I'd play with a big one. (I barely touch my tama-go) Are you going to leave it in the package or take it out and play with it?


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Posted 06 November 2010 - 03:44 PM ( #3 )

I don't intend to play with this one, for the same reason you gave: it's huge! Though it's much flatter than the Tama-go, even if it probably looks much chunkier than it actually is.

The casing is very cute, but I would look like an absolute berk pulling this out of my pocket in proximity of my colleagues. Shame really; it's much more ostentatious than even the Doraemon/Doraemichi Tamagotchi.


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Posted 06 November 2010 - 09:15 PM ( #4 )

Stu_Dee_Jay Hahaha DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE GIVING IN TO PEER PRESSURE! Go on, wear it with pride on a lanyard around your neck. Check on it during important business meetings. Whilst applying for a loan, let the banker know that you're a responsible member of society by tending it. First date? What an ice-breaker!
lol it does look really cute! I think I would buy one just for collections' sake. So conspicuous though! I saw a similar version on ebay, but I believe it was shaped like a dog/doghouse or something? Sound familiar anyone? It was huge as well, but pretty cheap. I considered buying it but I thought it might be a fake, since I'd never seen anything like it.