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Fake Tama Sighting

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 02:04 PM ( #1 )

I spotted a fake tama in the free-market while my parents watched the stall.
Its shape and design looked something like this. But Instead of 'Princess Max' it said 'Infrared Tama, Ver.5' I doessn't even say what company it came from. And it is touch screen!

One way to recognise a fake tama is when you already know the appearance and function of it.
Real Tamagotchi V.5
Egg shape, three buttons
Bandai logo, Can raise a family

Fake Tamagotchi V.5
Princess Max shape, no buttons, touch screen
No Logo or logo of a company other than Bandai, Says something other than Tamagotchi (Infrared Tama)
More 'fun'.

And I'm sure it is a fake because it claims that it is real and has picture of tama's all over the packaging.

I hope this helps ;)






11 Dec 2010

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11 Dec 2010


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Posted 11 December 2010 - 05:51 PM ( #2 )

Oh dear. That has to be one of the worst rip-offs I've heard of in a while.
If you ever happen to spot it again, could you maybe try to take a picture? I'd like to see just how ridiculous this thing is. ;)