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Mimitchi's Ranting Virtual Pet Log

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mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 09:12 PM ( #69 )

I Really got tired of the blogging job, Im sorry you guys! But now Ill be logging only my purple Tama-go, my others are running too but too much work.
Okay so memetchi married a shimashimatchi and had a baby boy whom is now a kilalatchi. (named electro)

Hi guys! Dad, Am I famous now?

that depends.. If we have viewers or not.

Wait, We dont have viewers!?!?!?!?

I didnt say that..

Oh okay. Anyways hi people, today I evolved into a kilalatchi and, and, and. And nothing else.. Oh! I met a beautiful lovelytchi at the park! I want to marry a girl like THAT when im older. Dad, how much longer untill I marry?



six days.

SIX DAYS?!!? I cannot wait that long! I have to go have fun while I last though! Bye, Im gonna go get a girlfriend!

Did I say you cou-

*Door slams*

There goes electro.. I wonder whats happening right now.

Electro comes in crying

What happened!?!??!

I *sob* got *sob* punched *sob* in *sob* the *sob* face.....


I asked a wonderful shelltchi out at the park and her older brother came and beat me up.... She was almost as beautiful as the lovelytchi I saw....

Well what lesson have we learned here?

Try try again!!

*door slams*

He'll never learn..

Posted Image

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 13 June 2011 - 01:20 PM ( #70 )

Hey guys, Electro and I are back!

Hi everyone! Guess what! Were rich!!!!!!! We have 200 million gotchi points and so we can buy anything we want!!!Posted Image

Yupp. We went to the shop to buy out everything too.

Except scones! I hate scones.

Well... How is everything else going? after the incident yesterday with the girls and all that..

Who needs them! If they play hard to get then I wont get them. Because thats how I role.

Okay yeah lets go to the park again. I think you need some fresh air.

Okay! But I call the swing!

Glad to see hes back to his normal self.

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 11:24 AM ( #71 )

Hi guys. Electro went out to buy groceries. He will be home soon. And now hes a kuromametchi!

*Electro comes in talking and laughing with a girl* Posted Image


My girlfriend, chamametchi! We plan to get married when were old enough.

and how did you meet this chamametchi...

Oh, well. Its a long story actually. I went grocery shopping like you said. So, I was looking at the prices of apples and not watching where I was walking when I bumped into chamametchi. Everything in her purse spilt out onto the floor. I was helping her pick everything up and apologizing a million times when I noticed how beautiful she was. I figured why not ask to go see a movie? So I did, and we ended up having a great time so we went out to eat and after that I asked her out. And she said yes! so we fell madly in love with eachother and now we want to get married!

Well... Why not. You have to get a girlfriend sometime. You two have fun, Ill be here all alone... turning old and wrinkly.

): Okay... Well she was just dropping me off anyways so I get to stay home the rest of the day.

*Electro goes back into living room*

Bye chamametchi! Ill pick you up on friday for our next date!

Okay Electro. see you then!

So she left?

Yeah. Lets go to the park! I still call the swing!

Your still so childish.

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 09:02 PM ( #72 )

Okay then! Electro and I are back! With two other guests that will be joining our log!
Electro = red = kuromametchi
Emily = pink = shelltchi
Hamataro = orange = shimashimatchi
Me = black


Meet emily and hamataro, the shelltchi and shimashimatchi! Posted Image

Hi! Im emily~!

She has 12 training bars, unlike you electro. you only had ten.

So what!?! Im still the best care adult right now!

Hey, that was rude...

And this is Hamataro. he has 6 training bars, so hes not far from you. And hes older then you so he will marry on friday.

Are you saying im not your favorite anymore?!?!?!? *sniff*

Well, I figured since you have a girlfriend and wont be here much I would include these two.

I told you! I was going to go on a date with her on friday!

Well then, you wont be at hamataros wedding, so just the example for you to be included LESS.

Yeah! Your rude to hamataro!

Thank you guys for supporting me!

I will not get along with these two. Goodbye father, im going to go to bed.

Good night electro.

I should get going too... See you tomorrow tamatalkers!

Well, it seems I have the stage now!

Yes, it seems you do. How about lets go grocery shopping. great, electro wouldve been better to stay up all night with..


*at the store*

Hmm... It seems everyone already got the good stuff! Ill just have to get a scone.

Thats not a good idea.

Why not? I got scones all the time before.

Well, now all you guys live together and electro is allergic to them so its not a good idea.

Oh. Well I guess its time to go home then.

We could stop by the park on the way home!

Yay! Lets go!

*at the park*

Oh no.. its the big bully gozarutchi!

Gozarutchi = blue

Why you here? Its my park at night!

Back off! Hes my son and you cant hurt him!

Oh yeah?

*beats me up*

Oww.. lets hurry home.


*picks me up and brings me home*

Best day ever when you cant buy anything at the store then get beaten up.

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 11:27 AM ( #73 )

Woo! The 7th birthday of TamaTalk must be lucky!!! I got my FIRST EVER LOVELYTCHI!!!!!!
Electro = red = kuromametchi
Emily = pink = lovelytchi
Hamataro = orange = shimashimatchi
Me = black

How do you feel emily?

Stupendous! It feels like, Im a princess and you all worship my great looks and talent.

Heh. Princess emily now. Well anyways emily lets go buy out the food shop for you being a lovelytchi!

Yes. Lets go do that then! :3

*at the cash register*

So what did you decide to get?

Hmm.... Pasta, some juice... donuts and waffles!

That is the worst combination of party food ive ever heard of.

Well... Since its morning we can have waffles and donuts first, then at lunch.. we can have nothing, because we will have to go to the store again. and then for dinner we will have pasta and juice! That is what I was planning for. not like waffles and donuts covered in pasta and juice! A princess would never eat such monsterous foods!

Oh. Okay then lets go home.

No. We can go to the park now. I was following you and Hamataro and after you went to the store you went to the park. so I WANT TO GO TO THE PARK!!!!!!

Okay okay.. sheesh. What is up with you guys and going to the park? I mean noones ever there or the big fat bully gozarutchi is there.

*at the park*

Oh hey chamametchi! Lets play on the swing together!


oh fudge. We gotta go emily!!

Bye chamametchi! see you later!!!

Phew... talk about a jog. OH MY FU-

We can explain!

You sure can.

I decided that if we make a cake for emily she would be happy and that we wouldnt have to go through the trouble cooking everything.

So I wanted to help.. And it turns out we were doing it the wrong way!

So once as we knew what we were doing it EXPLODES out of nowhere!

and we are super sorry Emily. We didnt want it to happen this way...

Oh its okay guys! As long as I have friends like you two, I dont care what goes on! You two are the best friends in the whole world! Posted Image

*group hug*

Im glad everything finally goes the right way.

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mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 08:05 PM ( #74 )

Hi guys! I tried to take pictures and upload onto the computer, but for some reason every time I try to upload they dont come up! So, Im really sorry but im not lying or anything, and just to prove it we went to tamatown today and I have a picture of all three of them! (NOTE = THEY ARE NOT BROTHERS/ SISTERS!)

Posted Image

Electroo = red
Emily = pink
Hamataro = orange

Ahhh... I love adventuring to new places!
You can say that again *kisses cheek*
Emily.. what did you just do to electro?
What? were going out you know...
But what about chamametchi!!?!?
I found out she was seeing another guy so I dumped her, and then I asked emily out.
Yupp! Thats what happened! So we plan to get married!
Oh my goodness... Atleast you two will be at my wedding now!
Yeah. So, decided who your dream girl is?
Hmmm... Lovelytchi a makiko, ringotchi or memetchi.
Well, I hope you know its not how they look, its their personality. if they are nice and truly love you for who you are.
You know just what to say emily.. *kisses*
Okay please stop that Electro and Emily. I may barf.
I love you emily..
I love you too..

Note: Hamataro may get married tomorrow, and electro and emily will marry when they are oldies. they already have 4 Opened mouth faces with eachother so when they evolve I will connect them again.

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mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 12:14 PM ( #75 )

Hi guys! Guess whos back :3 No, seriously. Guess.
I got tired of noone doing anything so I started up Dawson, my pink tama-go boy. hes a baby right now.
Electro = red
Emily = pink
Hamataro = orange
Dawson = blue

Hi dawson! arent you the cutie. I could just ea-
Dont say that Emily!
*they look back at dawson*
And heres my picture with me and Emily at the beach. heres my guitar, heres the trophy I won in a band contest...
Welp. He took your place.
Can you say anything other than goo?
UGH. babies are so difficult!
Emily you clean up his poo... Ill change his diaper.
Well.. Glad to see he's better.

Wow. Very interesting day. But now to normalness. Hamataro got married to an oldie cause I just want to stop the boringness. Electro and Emily and still waiting to turn into oldies, but electro can go to the dating place anytime he wants right now, because its open for him. But! he wont cheat on emily... so he will wait untill they're old.Dawson is going to be my bad -middle care character for this log hopefully, AAannndddd... Im going on a trip tomorrow to tenessee... so I wont be logging. Im going to write everything that happens though. LITERALLY LIKE "Day 1, Emily pooped. " Yeah... Like that. That was just an example though so yeah. Im bringing batteries and my screw driver incase one of their batteries goes bad, and im bringing some figures. Ill miss you guys! ill try to squeeze in a post tomorrow before I go! But for now.. See you later! :(

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 02:40 PM ( #76 )

Okay now. Just wanted to fit this in.

Dawson evolved into an ahirikutchi, has full happy/hungry hearts, lowest weight and full friendship. But he had 3 training bars. then he pooped on the floor. I checked my stats again. He got a training bar for pooping on the floor, so now he has 4. (lol that rhymes) But literally! NOOOOO This cant happen to meee!!!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 05:26 PM ( #77 )

Hi guys! I'm on my iPhone and all my tamas will be paused for 2 days. But! I'm heading back now so I will have to write my vacation entries! Untill then... I don't know. I won't tell you anything else except dawson is an adult. If you guess what he is by the time I get back then you will be shouted out to in my log! :D untill then!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 07:04 PM ( #78 )

Unpaused them, but you still have to wait!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 27 June 2011 - 02:16 PM ( #79 )

Vacation Blog!

Day 1,

I left the house at 7:00 PM and unpaused everyone and then Dawson evolved into a kilalatchi
7:05 PM = Dawson pooped, Electro pooped, fed them and hamataro
7:10 PM = Played shoot the bug with dawson, got 1000 GP
7:30 PM = Dawson is brushing his teeth and electro pooped. (note, this morining I found a baby girl with hamataro)
8:00 PM = Hamataro, Emily and electro were brushing teeth, and emily was hungry.
8:15 PM = Everyone fell asleep

Day 2,

I let them sleep in the car so everyone was hungry when I got in.

10:40 AM = Went to chamametchis shop with Dawson and bought baby ducks, a doll house and bubbles.
12:00 PM = Played shoot the bug with Dawson and got 1000 GP, then played longer jumper three times
1st = 15
2nd = 34
3rd = 64
Hmm, this vacation blog seems mostly about dawson, ill play with electro.
12:10 PM = Fed electro a hot dog then clean up his poo. Now playing shoot the bug. Got 1000 gp. Now playing with emily and hamataro. both got 1000 gp.
2:00 PM = Dawson pooped and I missed it! then after I cleaned it up we played shoot the bug and got 1000 gp 2 times. Then fed everyone. tonight hamataro will leave his baby.
2:50 PM = Dawsom and emily played shoot the bug and got 1000 gp. then I fed electro and hamataro.
11:50 PM = of course everyone is asleep, and I got to my cabin!

Day 3,

Woke up and played a game of pool. I won against myself. (forever alone)

8:00 AM = Checked everyone, fed everyone, DAWSON IS A KIKITCHI!! WOOO!!
8:30 AM = eating breakfast then going swimming! ill be back later!
9:55 PM = everyone is asleep except for Erica, Hamataros baby.

Day 4,

8:19 PM = I have some time before my tamas go to bed so... heres some stats.

1 yr
31 lb
3 gen
1 train
1 friendship

6 yr
56 lb
1 gen
12 Train
5 friendship

3 yr
32 lb
1 gen
12 train
5 friendship

9 yr
59 lb
4 gen
10 train
4 friendship

Day 8,

5:08 PM = Erica is now a shelltchi! she only has 6 training bars though so I wont get a perfect care character. Electro and emily still arent oldies! I really cant wait much longer or ill have to bring them to the date place. Ive been doing the money trick with electro so now he has 267 million Gotchi points!
7:39 PM = Everyone took a bath, and I took erica to the store to buy some food. we are now almost home! lacks about 2-3 more hours.

7:48 PM = Dawson is 5 today, and will marry soon! but for now we went to the store.

Okay! so today Dawson married a violetchi, and Erica evolved into a lovelytchi. Yes very weird I know. I may not log that much on them anymore cause im getting PETS! :D two Blue vieltail Bettas. one Female one male so they wont fight. I know! But this is all for today... so see you guys later!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 12:49 PM ( #80 )

kk im gonna start logging again but im grounded for right now and my g-parents dont know im on so.. ill post on saturday!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 06 August 2011 - 09:55 PM ( #81 )

No this has not been bumped.
Posted Image
Hi guys! Today has pictures!
Its been so long, im really sorry. just, I get stressed over logging sometimes. Keeping up with tamagotchis + your log + pictures can be a handful. But yeah.
O-o No amazing stuff today cuz everyones asleep but my two masktchi V2s left their baby boys in my care. One was a girl, one was a boy. ( I used the honey to mate them)
So here is pictures of them and the sleepy baby.Posted ImagePosted Image

So wanna stats list? No? Too bad.

Hearts V2
(No name)
(no stuff here)

Flowers V2
(No name)
(no stuff here)

Zebra V3
Megatchi with baby girl
99 lbs
9/10 training
9 yr
3 gen
(Good thing its not hidatchi. OH MY GAWD NO)

Yellow and red V4
99 lbs
6 yr
4/10 training
52 Pencil
17 sparkle
9 flower

Pink V4
3/10 training
1 pencil
5 sparkle
0 flower
1 yr
85 lbs
3 gen

Red Zebra V4.5
4/10 training
funny 170
gorgeous 90
strength 111
4 yrs
44 lbs
1 gen

Blue Music Star
2 yr
74 lb
stress 17
tone 449
rhythm 487
original 542
5 gen

Black music star
15 yr
99 lb
stress 41
tone 999
rhythm 999
original 999
6 gen

Phew! so hard! But this year is my first year of middle school! So excited! I get a locker, and some other stuff... And a zip binder.. and this year it will be so easy to sneak in tamagotchis! But yeah, nothing really new... so Ill seeya later!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 07 August 2011 - 09:21 PM ( #82 )

Herp derp.
This is not a awesome log.

Hi guys! Im back today and its really late and stuff and stuff. I went shopping for some Epic clothes.
Ive been so lazy over summer... Ive gained weight. :( :(
I will die.

Anyways...... Tamagotchi wise.. Umm nothing new.. both masktchis are gone, boys Tang the hitodetchi and Spike the marutchi are in my care now, but everyones asleep except for
Jenna my V3. And sorry about the last post, I said she had a baby girl, but its a baby boy. my mistake XDD But yeah nothing else really. hoping to get mimitchi on my V2's... So wish me luck! :3Posted Image


mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 09:43 PM ( #83 )

Hey people. Lots O' pictures today!

No I do not let my tamagotchis die.

So... lets start off with today. Kalee the sebiretchi has a girls destiny star, just havent used it yet, and skylar the ojitchi married a maidtchi. I forgot what the babies gender is. XDD But I have a picture.. so lemme look...Posted Image Yes a baby girl. how wonderful. :33

Now to Tang and Spike. Tang is now a hinotamatchi, and Spike is a puroperatchi. I may get Zuccitchi!!!!! I love zuccitchi, he is a super cute character. I really hope I get him. But anyways they evolved today so yupp. 2-4 days untill they are adults! (Lol potty shot)Posted ImagePosted Image

Pixel the Uramametchi is still fine as can be. he is happy with his TV job. :3 No pictures of it though. and his job is hard!!! Good thing he gets a good pay. Hes 5 today so tomorrow his match may come. lets hope for the best!

V4's..... Tosakatchi left his baby girl today. ): Oh well, she's safe with me anyways. *evil laugh* And YoungAndrotchi is now a gozarutchi. I didnt take good care, and im suprised I got gozarutchi because this is my first ever universal character on the V4. Im really happy, even if it is gozarutchi. but you know what I really want? a hanatchi. I havent seen one since I was 5-6! Thats when I got my first tamagotchi, the V2. Yupp. so long ago since ive seen hanatchi. I miss him. Posted Image(Fish game! :DD)Posted Image(he got a can though. ): )

See you guys later!!

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 08:42 PM ( #84 )

You know what? Im a poop. I feel so stupid. Forget whatever was in the above post. because my goal is to log on my 3 music stars and my iD L(s) im getting for my B-day. So here we go!! :3

(Btw Ill have pictures tomorrow! :D )

My Three music stars were started on Sunday! :D I had two beautiful girls and a really ugly boy. :) Im just kidding hes handsome too. So then they Evolved inrto Hitodetchi, Hitodetchi and kutchitamatchi. then the preschool teacher dropped off their toys and invited them to preeschool! Only kutchitamatchi went to preschool though.
Then onto band school. Chamametchi, Chamametchi and kikitchi. They met bands, rocked out and evolved. Mimitchi, mimitchi and mametchi. Wait. Whats their names you ask? Im sorry! Hold on a second

Petitchi girl - Hitodetchi - Chamametchi - Mimitchi - Peanut
petitchi boy - kutchitamatchi - kikitchi - Mametchi - Butter
Petitchi girl - Hitodetchi - Chamametchi - Mimitchi - Jelly

See what I did there? Peanut Butter Jelly? XDD I love it so much! And its perfect, for my three children :D

Peanuts band has an mametchi and kuromametchi. Its named cats. xxx on first try
Butters band has an Mimitchi and tosakatchi. Its named cats. xoo on first try
Jellys band has an onputchi and chantotchi (their band type is pop! <33) xoo on first try (they deserved better)

Thats all for today XD

Edit: The above post, I did get Zuccitchi <3 But he left. And now his batteries and out) DANGIT I BROKE MY PROMISE. FUUUUUUUU-
Edit Edit: To the post that I said I gained weight, Guess who lost it! :D And Who got a smexy tan. ;) XD

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 06:10 PM ( #85 )

I still have them, but since my birthday is coming up I kept them on pause, because if I get my iD L ill start up my two iDs, my hexagon and iD L just log on it. Unless you guys wanna see all the colors together. Oh well. noone reads my log anyways so none of you guys will respond anyways. it doesnt matter, cause im having a poopy week. Hope my b-day isnt poopy (its on friday) Yeah. Whatever. I guess ill see you on friday.

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