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Posted 02 January 2011 - 11:03 AM ( #1 )

One of the great things about Furby, and one of the reasons why it was such a successful and popular toy, is that each Furby seems to have its own little personality.
Of course, it's mostly down to your endless imagination, but Furbys definitely inspire it on their own.

No two Furbys are exactly the same. Sure the name pool isn't very large - and you're likely to find out that there are thousands of Furbys named "Koh Koh" or "Ah May", just like your own - but there are many other areas where Furbys start to become individuals!

The ways they can react to their surroundings help define their "personality".
For example:
If I pick up my White adult Furby and wave him around in the air, he exclaims "Wheee!" laughs, and asks me to do it again. If I do the same to my Bumblebee Furby, he cries and pleads for me to stop.
My baby Furby enjoys it for a short time, but then cries for me to stop.
My Emototronic Furby doesn't even react to it very often. (If she does, it's usually with laughter)
When talking to other Furbys, my White adult Furby always falls asleep.
My Bumblebee Furby often sings, and tries to get the other Furbys to sing.

Due to Furby being an electronic toy, it allows for them to have certain physical quirks, which can be charming (or annoying, depending on what it is. XD)
+ My White adult Furby's tummy censor is set very low, and he is very sensitive to light. He often complains about the room being too bright, or too dark.
+ My special edition Spring baby Furby smells like burning wires.
+ And my Bumblebee Furby has extremely loud gear noises, desyncs his speech with his animations, and has a loose beak.

And last but not least, each Furby has its own distinct look.
Sure there are billions of Bumblebee Furbys out there, but none look exactly like mine. Even looking at and comparing other people's Furbys, I can pick out certain characteristics that are unique. Some Furbys even appear to be "fluffy", or very thin and sleek compared to others of the same type.
Doo-Moh's ears are sewn in a way that permantently flares the inside of his ears outwards. He also has a distinct stripe under his right eye that fans out very wide.
If I dropped him inside a basket full of Bumblebee Furbys, I'd be able to recognise him in a second. :D


So, Tamatalkers, what are the personalities, quirks and unique appearence traits of your Furbys?
I'd like to see pictures, too, if you can. :D






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Posted 27 January 2011 - 11:18 PM ( #2 )

I had one of the originals. It was black with a white belly and green eyes. It was really fluffy and fell asleep if I threw it. Once it hit the ground, it would laugh and then sing.


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Posted 15 February 2011 - 09:03 PM ( #3 )

I had one of the originals. He was solid white. Ah, this topic is actually making me miss my Furby! Maybe I should get him out of storage and start him up again...then again, I don't think anyone would appreciate that.


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Posted 07 March 2011 - 12:37 AM ( #4 )

Awww, I'm really missing my Furby right now!! I used to have a ton of Furby plushies and stuff when I was little, and a bunch of the smaller, hard plastic ones too, like that came in Happy Meals and stuff. I had an electronic Furby (the ones that came out a few years ago) but I accidentally dropped her a few times and she broke DDD: My mom was making me get rid of a bunch of stuffed animals and stuff when we moved so since she didn't work anymore I gave her away.. =// I want another one now.. >_> xD :U

I have a few Furby plushies left though.. :) They're soft and adorable.. :3 One is gray with black stripes and the other is gray with black spots on it I think.. found them a few years ago at the supermarket xP.


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Posted 19 March 2011 - 03:50 PM ( #5 )

i had a mint green and white furby, which would get hungry if you knocked him over. XD


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Posted 24 March 2011 - 08:07 PM ( #6 )

i have a original all black furby with pretty green eyes. his name is hidan. i also have 2 babies 1 is broken and they are both in storage.