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Fuzz Luvs

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have you ever had one?!

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Posted 26 March 2011 - 06:55 PM ( #1 )

lol i remember having a fuzz luv but then one day my cousin (when he was two, now he is four) spilled tomato sauce on it and the baby popped out when it wasnt sopossed to and the main fuz luv started speaking creepy so my cousin said "Shut up!" and punched it now it doesnt work anymore xD i still have it and it looks stoned! :D i still have the baby too and it works so i nicknamed him Kenny because he is orange and he sounds like kenny sometimes. :lol: i find the babys adorable, the adult fuz luvs are CREEPY!

have you ever had a fuzz luv!?






26 Mar 2011