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Sakura's Tamagotchi log of craziness

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 09:41 PM ( #188 )

Greetings TamaTalkers! :D
OK so i am going to a friends for dinner tonight so i won't be able to log which is why i am doing it now. So here we go!.....

Errrrkkk, Kitty evolved into a adult last night. The reason why I'm not so excited about it is because she evolved into Kunoitchi >.< Exactly who i didn't want to get!! dang i thought i had done pretty well in taking care of her!.... it could be because her friendship hearts are pretty low.... IDK. But nonetheless shes still pretty cute and i will just continue taking care of her, i do still love her!! <3 So today i woke at 9AM which i wasn't planning to do at all! But my cat woke me up and i couldn't get back to sleep after that so i checked on Kitty and she had a few happy hearts empty so i played loads of games with her on my gotchi figs and get her friendship hearts up to 4 which was pretty good :).
I didn't do much else with her today, it was a kinda boring day for Kitty today. She's 3 years so she mates on i think either Monday or Tuesday so that should be exciting!!

Same applies to Cloud, didn't have a very eventful day with him either. He's 5 years now... I'm pretty sure V3s mate at 7 years.... or at least that's what it says in my charts! IDK, i will try mating him tomorrow when he's 6 but if there is no luck then i guess that means that he does mate at 7 :D. His training bar is almost full!! I just have to catch him needing praise/Discipline or doing the pee pee wiggle dance once more and then he will have full training! Cloud is very excited for this!
I played a couple of games with this morning as well, but i didn't do very well in some of them, it was probably because i was still half asleep XDD. We did win Heading and Get though which was pretty cool. But we failed miserably at bump on about the 3rd round... i have never really being very good at that game!

Short post again, i know -_- Sorryeh, it looks like it's gonna be like this alot now since i don't always have much to post and can no longer post pics... but please don't stop reading this log!! I am reallly grateful for all my wonderful readers, and if i didn't have you guys i wouldn't even have gotten this far!! So thank you soo much! I know i thank you guys way to much but i really do love you all!!!!
Have a great afternoon peoples!!
Love: sakura-san123, Kitty and Cloud! <3 <3
PS: I'm actually thinking of starting up my Music Star and deactivating my TMGO for a while, just to give myself a break from it because i have being running it for ages now!! So if you guys think i should start up my Music Star let me know! Because i really enjoy logging that tama!! OK now I'm done!! :P


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Posted 15 January 2012 - 02:40 AM ( #189 )

Woah.... something slightly unexpected happened with one of my Tamas today... it was kinda excting as well! So keep reading to find out what it is!!!

Little Kitty is OK. She went to the park today and met up with a Memetchi! They played on the swings and had heaps of fun, and luckily they didn't hop off dizzy ;). You know something that i never really seem to do when I'm running a TMGO?? It's give stats updates! IDK if i have ever done stats updates for this version.... I think i will start though because it's quite fun to do! So first stats update for TMGO!:
Hungry: ♥♥♥♥
Happy: ♥♥♥♥♥
Weight: 34LBS
Age: 4 years
Gen: 7th
Training: |||||||||
Gen: 7th
GP: 2419450!!!!
Character: Kunoitchi
Name: Kitty
There! Kitty's stats!! hehe.
She hasn't really done much today to be honest.... and also while we are on the subject of honesty... I'm getting kinda bored of my TMGO... i mean i have being running it for ageess now, so i think it might be time for a switch up. Yes i am thinking of running my Music Star like i said in my last post. Anyway so there could possibly be a new tama introduced into this log tomorrow!!! Naww, Kitty just fell asleep, bless her :)

Alright so this is the version that something unexpected happened too.... so Cloud is 6 years now, which is good. Anyways so at around 3PM today, i heard Cloud beep and i thought it would just be for some regular attention but no.... the Matchmaker was on the screen!!! I squealed and pressed a button, she brought out a Decotchi!! I thought she looked pretty cute so we accepted. And so fireworks exploded, and Decotchi and Cloud kissed and then BAM! Cloud popped back up on the screen with a gorgeous baby girl next to him!! I have now completed my mission to find out weather or not V3s can mate at 6!! hehe :)

So i have decided to name the baby Poppy.... IDK why it just kinda sounds like a cute girls name. Plus my friends dog is called Poppy so i guess it's in honour of her :D. So Cloud and poppy are very happy together, and they have just being bouncing around the screen, they have being doing a lot of poops since Poppy was born so i have basically spent my day cleaning up after them XDD. Bleehhh, Cloud is pretty overweight at the moment he weighs 50LBS!!! :o Goooood lord, i really need to play some games with him!!! I did play a game of Heading with him today but then he got hungry so i had to feed him.... ahh well, i guess it's off to play more games! I better do it before they fall asleep!

Alrighty my wonderful viewers that brings this log post to an end. I hope you liked it and i will see you all tomoz!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Kitty and Cloud!! <3 <3 :P
PS: This could possibly be the last post on my TMGO for a while! So if it is i hope you guys enjoyed reading about Kitty and all the other past characters i have had on the TMGO, and you hopefully will see this awesome version again pretty soon!!!


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Posted 16 January 2012 - 01:56 AM ( #190 )

Helloo readers :),
Well i've done it. I have taken the battery out of my TMGO. It was hard to do but i have being running that version for agees. So for today i will start with my v3 and then i will tell you what version i started up!!!

So Cloud, i think is due to leave Poppy tonight! I'm pretty sure he is :D I haven't really done much with them today, they have just being hopping around the screen like normal. But at around 7:40PM or something like that i caught Cloud taking a bath which was very cute, and now hes brushing his teeth! Naww i love these animations!! <3 Also i must have being neglecting him today because earlier on today i caught him and Poppy sick! I quickly cured them, they needed two doses and they came right, they also were in bad need of games and food. SO i fed them scones and bread and then played Sprint and Heading because both those games help Cloud to lose weight and they are my faves :) Alright i think i can safely say that i have finished with Cloud's updates.

NOW! For the version i have decided to start up! And that is... my V5!!!! Now i know alot of people aren't big fans of the familitchi which is understandable. But i don't know what it is about them, but i really seem to like them!! So here goes the first update about my new family!!!:

So i have just inserted the battery in the back and i decided to reset. SO i set the time, date and my Birthday and 3 little eggs appeared on the screen. So i am just patiently waiting for them to hatch!
And at 8:42PM a little Mimifuriwatchi, Omututchi and Futabatchi were born!!
So i decided to name the family the Cute family, don't ask why!!
And at 8:44PM the Cute family beeped for the first time! They are soo precious!!! So i fed them heaps of fried rice LOL but that's only because i haven't got any food for them yet! And i also played a quick game of tea time with them and now they are very happy and full :)
And like i always do with the V5 i have given the little cuties names! So here are their names!:
Futabatchi: (Girl) Ginny (Harry potter inspired :D )
Omututchi: (Girl) Katy (Katy Perry!)
Mimifurawatchi: (Boy) Ferb (phienas and Ferb!!)
Yes so as you can see i have named my babies after all these famous people! :P I thought i would be a bit crazy and call them cool names from famous people that i know! Oh! They just beeped!! Aww their sick!! So i have jut given them some medicene (1 dose) and at 8:54PM they were sick. BTW i will probably start keeping times of when my tamas do stuff just because i love doing that and i feel more organized!! Oop they just did a poop! And this was also at 8:54PM.

OK, i think i have said enough. I will probably be back with another update when the Cute family evolve and also if Cloud and Poppy do anything exciting!!!
Alright thanks for reading guys, have a great evening.
Love: Sakura-san123, Cloud, Poppy and the Cute family!! <3

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:24 AM ( #191 )

Quicky update!!
I think you already no why I'm updating again anyways! It's because the Cute family have evolved!! But before i tell you what they evolved into, i will just quickly tell you what else they got up to while they were babies XD. I noted it all down and also put down the times :D
9:00pm: Beeped for attention, were unhappy. Played Tea Time.
9:05pm: Pooped.
9:12pm: Played Tea Time again. Only won 5oGP though :P
9:17pm: The little cuties took a 5 min nap, bless them.
9:20pm: Pooped.
9:40pm: pooped again!!
And then at 9:44pm the Cute family evolved into toddlers!!! Then they went straight to bed :). Anyway so the toddlers are:
Ginny: Belltchi
Katy: Tororotchi
Ferb: Mousetchi
They are very cute indeed, i shall play with them a bit more tomorrow. I have a bunch of cheat codes for GP and food and items! They are really handy!! So I'm gonna spend all day entering codes for all sorts of things tomorrow!! I also plan on getting their bonding up high as well!!
Alright, i am offically done for the night, i will talk tomorroow!!! PEACE! :)
Love: Sakura-san123, Cloud, Poppy and the Cute family! <3

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 11:32 PM ( #192 )

Hiii peeps!!
Woah... it's being a really full on day with my tamas today, so this post might be pretty long. So lets get into it!!! Oh but before i do, i would just like to say thanks to Violetchiluvr3 for shouting me out in her lastest log post!!! Is that weird that I'm shouting her out for shouting me out??? Whatever, i hardly ever get shouted out so i was sooo happy when i saw my name in her log!! Thanks Violetchiluvr3 you rock!!!! <3

Blimey! Alot happened with this version today!!! First off, just like i thought he would Cloud has left Poppy!! When i checked this morning i was suprised to see that Poppy was on her own!! So i let her sleep in, i woke up pretty early this morning... i was awake before Poppy so i let her sleep. She woke at around 9:02am and so i set her name in (BTW i spelt it with a Y at the end XD) And then at around 9:07am she beeped for the first time! So i fed her and played Get with her, but i kinda failed so we only won 50GP >.> Which isn't that bad really. So like in i said in my last post, i was gonna start doing that putting things in a list of what my tamas do and also saying what time it happened. (If you don't know what i am talking about see previous post) Well I have actually started doing that! I did it today and here is all the things Poppy got up to when she was a baby!!:
9:07am: Poppy beeped for the first time!
9:09am: Played Get, lost only won 50GP :(
9:16am: Poppy pooped :D
9:21am: Poppy got sick. Needed 1 dose to cure.
9:30am: Beeped because she got hungry. Fed her a scone and some sushi.
9:35am: Poppy took a 5 min nap.
9:44am: Poppy pooped and needed praise, she was crying :(
10:03am: Poppy evolved into a Kuchitamatchi!!!
10:49am: Poppy got caught doing pee pee wiggle dance and got 1training bar!
Pheww, I'm finally done! That was a long list of things that little miss Poppy did while she was a baby! Well anyway she's a cute little Kuchitamatchi now so she's attention seeking XD. I think i caught her doing the pee pee wiggle dance again today, but I'm not sure what time it was. But Poppy has three training bars now so that's good! I suppose since I'm on a new generation i should give you Poppy's stats! So here they are as of now:
Hungry: ♥♥♥♥
Happy: ♥♥♥
Weight: 15LBS
Age: 0 years
GP: 2391
Gen: 2nd
Gender: female
Name: Poppy
I think those are some pretty good stats!! So she's just happily bouncing around the screen now. I think i will feed her some dinner soon, she goes to bed at 8PM which is a couple of hours away. I also wanna squeeze in a quick game of Get as well!!

Well not soo much happened with the Cute family today. I do have a couple of things listed on what they did today:
7:30am: Were already awake, had pooped. Played Tea Time.
9:12am: Caught them doing pee pee wiggle dance! Got them to the loo in time.
11:14am:Caught them doing the pee pee wiggle dance again!! hehe.
12:29pm:Beeped for attention. Had 2 happy hearts empty. Filled them up with a Cupcake and a game of TV surfing.
4:00pm: BONDING CALL! Chose the first option for the Smart family!
So yes, not much happened to the Cute family today. I kinda cheated and kept resetting the time to 3:59pm so i could get bonding calls, so after a million years of that (plus waiting patenitly for the REAL bonding call times) I have managed to get their bonding up to 30%. :) I also did what i said i was gonna do in my last post! Since i was up so early, i whipped out my charts and started entering the codes for food. (I have a bunch of cheats for food, snacks, items everything!) I would show you guys the charts but unfortutenately i have no idea where i got them from so i can't. But i can tell you some of the codes for the items i got, i will just tell you all the codes of the items that i have atm:
Sushi: 07000 43396
Pizza: 07001 43892
Balance Biscuit: 07200 43398
Shark Fin: 07101 43297
Milk: 07200 43499
Tempura: 07000 43497
Cupcake: 07300 43995
Gingerbread House: 07201 43298
Cookie: 07001 43993
Steamed Bun: 07400 43794
Stereo System: 07500 43593
Bubble Set: 07600 43291
Gotchi King DVD: 07500 43795
Horn: 07600 43190
That's all i entered for them. There are heaps more and if i enter any more tomorrow i will tell you and maybe put in more codes! So to enter those codes go to SPECIAL on the last icon on the top row. If the codes do not work, you can feel free to PM me and say so because i may have made a mistake or something. Also the codes only work for FAMILITCHI. Okies, i think that's all!

Hope you guys have a great day, see you all tomorrow!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Cute family and Poppy!! <3


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Posted 18 January 2012 - 12:02 AM ( #193 )

OK, today sadly won't be a big post because i don't have much to report. But i hope you guys enjoyed my rather long post from yesterday!! :D

Verrry happy to report that Poppy has evovled into a teen!! If you saw my status update on the main page you will already know about this. But if you didn't well now you do! Anyway I managed to get the time that she evolved as well! So Poppy evolved into a Hikotchi!! Which was really exciting because it has being a while since i have had Hikotchi!! So anyway she evolved at 11:39am! It was lucky that i was outta bed by then. Yes i slept in till like 11:15 this morning i was uber tired ;). So because of that Poppy wasn't very happy when i woke up. She had no happy hearts and 1 hungry heart full, and she had pooped. I played heaps of bump and Get with her to make up for it, and fed her some cheese that we had brought from the shop plus some sushi to full up those happy hearts. Here are a couple of events that Poppy got up today:
12:40pm: Poppy beeped, she was crying so i gave her some praise
1:34pm: Beeped because she was hungry, fed her scones.
2:45pm: Had done a poop and was in need of some games. Played Bump, and cleaned away poo.
3:40pm: Poppy beeped for no reason, so she got a time out.
Those are the only events i could list today, sadly. I didn't want to many though because otherwise it would take to long to list!!

I'm still waiting for the triplets to evolve. I can't remember how long it takes, i will have to check my charts. But I'm pretty sure it takes longer for them to change to teens that what other versions do. So i only listed 2 events for the triplets today and they were:
2:58pm:Cute family beeped. Wanted food. Fed them pizza and Balance biscuit.
3:56pm: Potty trained Cute family.
Yea i didn't write down to much for these guys because well not a lot has happened to them!!
They did get their bonding calls today though, and their bonding is now at 50%. Which isn't bad, i have being cheating again and kept resetting the time to 3:59PM so that i could get their bonding up faster. I know it's kinda cheating but it works! I also entered a couple more snacks codes in for them today just to treat them! I will give you the codes i entered:
Popcorn: 07400 43097
Apple Pie: 07400 43592
I also got them a cookie, but i think i have already given you guys that code in my last post :P.
Other than that, not much really happened. I played TV surfing but kinda failed Miserbably and only won around 50GP :o

OK peoples, I'm signing off now. But i will see you all in a new post!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Poppy and the Cute family!! <3 :)

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 02:11 AM ( #194 )

Alrighty, today I'm afraid there isn't much to post because i was out at the mall all day today with my Mum and little Brother. So i could barely keep up with the times that my tamas did things so i don't think events will be listed today peoples.

Barely anything happened to Poppy today. She beeped for attention this afternoon and needed some praise. I also managed to potty train her again today, it's very exciting because Poppy's training bar is almost full! Jeepers! I just checked her stats and it looks like she only needs one more training bar before she has full training! Awesome! I didn't realize i had trained her so much :D I managed to squeeze in a couple of games with Poppy while i was having lunch at the mall. We played Heading Bump, we won Heading and got 150GP.... but failed half way through Bump and i can't remember how many points we got from that :). Now to finish off the psot about Poppy i will give you a stats update!:
Hungry: ♥♥♥♥
Happy: ♥♥♥♥
Weight: 23LBS (Shes only 3 pounds heavier than her base weight!)
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Training: |||||||| (Woot woot! Nearly full!)
Gen: 2nd
GP: 2971

All done. And poppy is now fast asleep, she goes to bed at 8pm.

Triplets did something quite exciting today!! They evolved!!!
I had to wake up reasonably early today because we had lots to do before we went to the mall. So i woke at around 7:20am and of course the triplets were already awake... anyway when i checked on them i found that there were three teens bouncing about the screen!! Here are the teens:
Ginny: Chamametchi
Ferb: Mamekatchi
Katy: Ichigotchi :ichigotchi:
yay!! They are soo cute!!! And of course i was keeping up with their bonding and making sure they didn't miss any calls in between shopping. So i have now got their bonding up to 80%! I shall get it up to 100% and then maybe i could try getting a family!! I will have to think about which one i might aim for and then get back to you in my next post :furawatchi: :furawatchi:
I was actually gonna let them talk to you, but they have just gone to bed so i guess we will have to wait until tomorrow! They have being really eager to talk to you all day!! I knew i probably should have logged earlier but i kinda forgot with going shopping and all, so the triplets can talk in my next post!

OK, just before i finish up this post i would just like to quickly tell you guys that i am going away on holiday once again! Yes, my family have decided to go camping for a week with some friends, and this time we probably won't have any internet access!!!! So i can't give you guys quick little updates like i on my last holiday. Just thought i would let you guys know, so that once i stop posting for a while you will know why!!

Alright, take care everyone. thanks for clicking!!!
Love: Sakura-san123, the Cute family and Poppy! <3 :hanatchi:

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 09:37 PM ( #195 )

Good afternoon everyone!!

Poppy is due to evolve soon because she is 3 years old! I'm not sure if she will evolve today or tomorrow but either way i can't wait to see what adult i get!! So today Poppy has just being bouncing around her screen and beeping lots because she wants to be played with. I got her last bar of training this morning!! She beeped for nothing so i gave her time out to teach her a lesson and BAM! We had our final training bar! Poppy now has full training and i am verrry proud of her. I wish i could take a pic to show you guys -_-
I have being playing with her all day today, i played Get 50 million times because i really seem to enjoy that game plus it's really easy to win so we now have lots of GP :) I have being pondering wether or not i should take her to the shops to buy some food and stuff.... i might take her later on if she behaves herself.
So that's i think everything for Poppy today.

Triplets are making good progress!! Their bonding now sits at 90%!! Can't wait to get it up to 100%!! Alright so i was thinking very hard last night about which character i want to mate off once the triplets turn into adults which they may do tomorrow.... I'm thinking that if I'm lucky and my only little boy Ferb evolves into a Mametchi, then i might marry him off to a Chantotchi and get the Mame family!! I will after all have 100% bonding so i may as well use that advantage and get a nice family for my 2nd gen!!
So as promised from my last post i was gonna let the triplets speak to you guys today! And that promise has still being kept! The triplets are very keen to talk to you, so i will put them on now:
Ginny- Pink
Ferb- Red
Katy- Blue
Hey everyone!! It's Katy here!! I thought i would go first in saying hi to you all!!! So HIII!!!
Hey!! That's not fair!! I'm the oldest so i should get to say Hi first!! HI READERS!! We are all very excited to talk to you today!! Ferb get on up here and say hello!
Sup readers!! Sorry about not saying Hi earlier but I am a bit caught up in inventing something new for the upcoming school science fair! If I'm gonna be a Mametchi i gotta work hard and suceed in school!! I have big dreams to win first place in the science fair!!!
Yes, Ferb is very excited about the fair, and we are all supporting him 100%, right Ginny??
Of course!!! It's lucky the fair is next week because you have to be a adult to enter so by the time the fair comes around Ferb will be a Mametchi! And i bet hes gonna win!!
Trust me! He's deffo gonna win! But isn't it a little weird that they made rules that you have to be a adult to enter the fair when its a SCHOOL fair....?
Yes, i found this peculiar as well! But whatever, i don't really mind I'm just happy to be doing it and particpating in school activties!!
That's the spirit Ferb! Readers, Ferb has always being very passionate about what he does ever since he was a baby, and he never gives up!! So that's why he's so determined to win the science fair!!
Shall we change the subject now?
OK! What shall we talk about to our wonderful viewers???
I KNOW! FASHION!!!! Yes let's talk about all the new clothing sales at the tama tama mall!! They are having massive sales today and our mummy promised us that she would take us today so i could spend some of our GP and get some cute stuff!!
Aww, come on Ginny I'm sure our readers don't wanna hear about your clothing tastes!!! Sorry about that guys, Ginny is very obessed with fashion it's a bit annoying sometimes. Please don't mind if she starts going on and on and on....
Yea, we get sick of hearing about it too!!
Hey!! YOU might get sick of it but I'm sure the readers won't mind hearing a bit about the latest fashion!
Bleh! I think it's just best that we go now, I'm sure mum wants to finish up the log!
Yea, i agree... we can talk to the readers some other time about fashion Ginny!!
Cya readerss!!

Hahaha, wow they sure can talk!! Anyway hope you enjoyed their random convo!!

OK before i sign off readers. I'm pondering wether to take the battery out of my V3 and start up my Music star which was my orinignal plan.... anyone know what i should do? PM me if you guys want me to start logging about my Music Star!!!
Take care!
Love: Sakura-san123, the Cute family and Poppy! <3 :)


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Posted 20 January 2012 - 02:07 AM ( #196 )

Hey again!!

I just quickly wanted to tell you guys that i have made the decision to take the battery out of Poppy, I'm sorry Poppy!!! I promise to start you up again soon!!!!!

So anyway my overpowering urge to start up my Music Star has finally broken me!!! So i whipped it out and slotted the battery from my V3 into it. It came up with the download/reset menu. I selected reset.
Then i set my bday, time, date, username and all that good stuff :D And so then i waited tensely for the egg to hatch...... and at 8:31pm a pretty baby girl was born!!! I named her Promise because i think that's such a unique and awesome name for a girl :D. And at 8:33pm little Promise beeped for the first time! So i fed her and played a game of sound block with her and she was swell.

Then at around 8:43pm she got sick and needed 2 doses of medicence to feel better. :) And right now she's just taking a quick nap, she's soooo cute!!!!! I will update again with the goss on what toddler she turns into!!

In other news, Triplets have just fallen asleep and i got their bonding up to 100%!!! Here i come Mame family!!!!
Be back in a while to tell you about Promise!
Love: Sakura-san123, Promise and the Cute family! <3

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Posted 20 January 2012 - 02:36 AM ( #197 )

Hehe back again!!

Promise evolved into Hitodetchi! She evolved at around 9:32pm. And now shes fast alseep :)
Alright that's all be back tomorrow!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Promise and the Cute family! <3

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Posted 20 January 2012 - 04:27 PM ( #198 )

Hey hey!
This is just a quick updatey. I will probably be back later with a proper one!!

Promise got accepted into pre-school this morning!!! I was up pretty early so i was playing with her a lot and then she got her pre-school mail! her teacher is Mrs Frill and i have already taken her once today. She met with a Kuribotchi and played Jump rope! It was so cute but they failed after 2 jumps :D. I also went ahead and brought omelette, milk and fried chicken from the shop because the king came along and gve us 2000GP!!! I was super happy and so was Promise :) I was gonna do stats update but i think that can wait until the next post!

Triplets finally evolved!!! They must have evolved when i was asleep because when i woke up i found 3 cute little adults jumping around on the screen!!! Anyway, they evolved into:
Ginny- Chantotchi
Katy: Memetchi
Ferb: Mametchi (he got his wish!!)
They are super cute and i can't wait to mate Ferb off and get a Mame family! That is still my goal for this version! Other than that i brought them a basket ball from the shop and also played Tea Time! We won 100GP :P.

Alright i might be back with a bigger update later! I might actually start updating more than once a day to keep it interesting, so i will be back with more later on! See ya later!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Promise and the Cute family! <3 <3

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 12:12 AM ( #199 )

Good evening peeps :D
So here is yet another update! Hopefully this will be slighty longer than the one i posted eariler today, but i can't make any promises XD

Well. Quite alot has happened with Promise today since my last update. So she has being getting rather a lot of mail from the king, she received a toy train, sausage, sushi roll and a cookie all in one day!! The king must have being feeling very generous!! She also got a couple of poops which didn't make her very happy :(. I seem to be taking very very good care of Promise at the moment.... it's pretty much excellent care but not quite because i haven't done that well :D. I'm hoping she evolves into a awesome teen. I have checked the Music Star growth chart and it says that perfect care is Chamametchi, Bad care is Ichigotchi and Horrible care is Ringotchi..... I'm gonna be seriously annoyed if i get Ringotchi because i haven't being neglecting Promise at all!! Anyway so I'm hoping for either Chamametchi or Ichigotchi. I believe i said in my last post that i would give you a update on Promise's stats? Well here they are!!:
Hungry: ♥♥♥♥
Happy: ♥♥♥
Weight: 11LBS ( WOW! that's awesome!!)
Age: 0 years
Stress: 39 (it's a little high but I'm working on it)
Tone: 27
Oringinal: 153
Rythm: 54
Music Genre: Pop music
Instrument: Drums
Toy: Toy train
GP: 1870
Name: Promise.
Yea.... i think those are pretty good stats!! I kinda need to work on her Rythm though XD. Also, i recently took Promise to the shop and we brought a scone, kebab and milk! We had quite a lot of GP so we just blew it all and that's why we only have 1870GP left hehehe.

The Cute family are doing very well!! They still have their 100% bonding because i haven't missed any of the bonding calls today... it's mainly because i know what time the calls are :P. And they are wishing to talk to you today, but i have told them maybe tomorrow if i remember because they talked yesterday and they don't need to talk everyday :lol: So anyway i used more of my cheats and got the triplets a couple of really cool rares!!! Here are the things i got and the codes for them, just in case you guys wanna enter them in your V5!:
Magokorotchi: 07201 43894
Airplane Ticket: 07900 43193
Family Trip Ticket: 07101 43792
Bow: 07900 43294
These are all Rares and i used them all today!! LOL i had nothing better to do :). So apart from that i think that's all. Oh wait no it's not. I also let them play with their little Bubble set that i got them the other day, it was very cute!!

OK, that's all for tamas. But i just quickly wanted to say that I am going on my little camping holiday tomorrow, so i am afraid i won't be logging again until the 28th Jan, which is a whole week away!!! I'm gonna miss you guys! But please stay tuned for when i get back because i will have plenty to talk about!!! Also only a couple more posts until i hit 200 posts!!!!! That is truly awesome and thank you guys sooo much for sticking with mee!!!! <3
Alright gotta dash, dinners up!! Peace out!
Sakura-san123, Promise, and the Cute family!! <3

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 02:36 AM ( #200 )

OK, sorry about the rather excited intro! And i know this is my third post for today but i have awesome news!! Promise just evolved into Chamametchi!!!! She was alseep and i heard the evolving sound, she evolved and then fell back alseep! I am soo happy right now! hehe. I just checked my growth chart again and the perfect care adult for odd gen is Mimitchi!! :mimitchi: :mimitchi: :mimitchi: I'm deffo gonna aim for her!

OK, that's all, lol i know i seem a bit excited right now sorry about that :D. 1 MORE POST TILL THE 200TH!!!! YAY!!! Love you guys <3
Love: Sakura-san123, Promise and the Cute family! <3 :mametchi: :ichigotchi: .

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 02:47 PM ( #201 )

This is epic.... i can't believe i have come so far, and you guys have all stuck with me!! Man i lovee you all!!!! So i am going camping today, i shall be off in a couple of hours so i thought even though there isn't much to say i would squeeze in a quick post!!!! So let's get on with it!!

I woke up to the Cute family this morning to see that they had pretty much no happy hearts and only one hunger heart full. I quickly fed them some yummy sushi and fried rice, then played some games of Tea Time and TV surfing and before i knew it, they were all happy and healthy again :D. Oh and also they had done a poop o.o. So other than that they are doing fine. They should mate hopefully either tomorrow or the day after that.... too bad i won't be here to tell you guys about it!!

Promise was awake before me and i had completely forgotten that she had evolved last night!!! So when i looked at the screen i was kinda suprized and happy to Chamametchi bouncing around! So she got some mail today like she always does.... it was the band guy, and he gave her a Bass Drum! Promise was very happy with this and we immedately switched the instruments round after that. So other than that she had a couple of happy hearts empty so i played Sound Block with her and we won! So she got heaps of Oringinal points and was very happy :)

I'm afraid that's it readers!! I may or may not come back again a bit later with another quick update! Butf I'm not i will see you all on the 28th Jan and i will look forward to coming back and telling all about what happened to my tamas on the trip!!! BYEEEEEEES!!!!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Promise and the Cute family!! <3 <3


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Posted 28 January 2012 - 09:22 PM ( #202 )

I'm baccckkkk!!!! :D
Yes, i am back from camp. I came back yesterday, and i am logging a day later... i would have logged yesterday but i was too busy with unpacking and surviving the long car ride back home!!! So sorryeh i didn't log yesterday!! I have really missed you guys!!!! Anyways, i have A LOT to get through so lets get into it!!!
So i wrote down most of what my tamas got up to on camp.... everything i wrote down took up 3 pages!! So i might have to split this post into 2 parts but we will just see what happens ;). Alright on with the show!!!

-Promise got into school and formed a band with a Ichigotchi called Colleen and a Ringotchi called Victoria! Their band is called Peanut XD
- Played Sound Block with Promise. Lost on round 4 :(
- Promise's band Peanut went to a concert for judging!! They got 2 yes and 1 no, they came back rather disappointed.
-Promise played a game of vegetables, we won 200GP!
-Promise evolved into a Sebiretchi!!!! I'm really happy for this because now i can unlock her on tamatown plus she's really cute!!!
- Took Promise to the shop and brought her some popcorn for 150GP.
-The band Peanut went to perform a concert for their fans. It was a success!!
- Ended up taking the battery out Promise about 3 days into my camping trip :( I'm sorryeh Promise!! I will deffo start you up again soon!!! I was getting kinda bored of my Music Star o.o.

- Cute family potty trained!
- Ended up marring Ginny the Memetchi to a Mukugetchi! I tried a million times to get Ferb to mate to a Chantotchi but it just wouldn't happen, so Ginny was the one wedded!! <3 And at around 7:37PM the new babies were born!!! Here are the characters and names:
Futabatchi (Boy)- Benny (Oldest of the three)
Futabatchi (Boy)- Bronto
Mimifuriwatchi (Girl)- Bronwyn
Going with a B theme for names :D.
- Played Tea Time loads with triplets.
-They pooped 50 thousand times XD, caught them doing the 'pee pee wiggle' dance twice.
- Cute family evolved into toddlers at around 8:36PM!! Here are the characters:
Mattsuritchi- Benny
Mousetchi- Bronto
Tororotchi- Bronwyn
-Brought Cute family a yo-yo for 1200GP.
- Got the triplets to play with the yo-yo it was verrry cute!!!
- Can't remember what time or day but the triplets evolved into teens!! Here are the characters:
Mamekatchi- Benny
Bakutchi- Bronto
Chamametchi- Bronwyn
- Got Cute family some more stuff from cheats, i will list the codes for everything at the end of this post! ;)
- I think it was yesterday that the triplets evolved into Adults!! Here are the characters:
Hatugatchi- Benny (gonna turn him into a Kuromametchi later!)
Uhyotchi- Bronto
Lovezukintchi- Bronwyn
-Triplets now have 40% bonds!.

So that's that!! That's pretty much what happened to my tamas over camp! And yes i took the battery out of Promise, i was just getting really bored with her for some reason..... Anyway so luckily i took a random spare tama with me just in case i wanted to start something else up! So that spare tama was a V4!!! So here's what happened with this one over camp (BTW i started my v4 up a little while after taking the battries out of Promise)

-Inserted battery into V4. And selected Download from the download/reset menu.
- Came up with a Gozarutchi named Brad!!! Decided to keep him.
-Brad recieved a heart in the mail yay!!
- Brad got a job offer but since he doesn't have very many skill points he didn't get a job :(
- Brad got sick!! He needed one dose of mediecne to cure!
- At around 6:30PM on Friday night i caught Brad having a bath, sooo cute!!!!
- Yesterday on the car trip home, Brad recieved a ring in the mail!!
That's all that happened with Brad on camp. I might give you a stats update on Brad tomorrow! Brad is 4 years atm so he mates in a couple of days can't wait for that!!!

OK, so here's all the codes for the stuff i got the triplets:
Hamburger: 07100 43397
Bagel: 07100 43993
Steamed Bun: 07400 43794
Candied Apple: 07200 43792
Unchi-Kun: 07500 43694
Yacht: 07600 43897
Campfire: 07400 43996

Yep, that's all the cheats i got the triplets!!

And i think i am finally finished!!! WOW this is a long post!!!! Alright i will see you guys tomoz for another one, but deffo not as long! :D Byyee!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Cute family and Brad!! <3


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 02:16 AM ( #203 )

Hey hey!
Sorreyh I'm posting so late! Have had a busy day today ;)

Triplets are swell. They have 60% bonding now which was pretty exciting, they should be mating within the next couple of days. I'm not sure who i wanna marry yet.... I'm thinking Benny but we will see what happens :) OH speaking of Benny i turned him into a Kuromametchi last night!!! I used my cheats to get the seasmea pudding and then made the triplets eat it and VOLIA!! I had a Kuromametchi in front of me! He's so cute and i think he may just be the one i mate!. Also i played TV surfing lots today which gave the triplets a fair amount of pocket money :D.

Brad is good too. He hasn't really done much today so there isn't much to report. I played a bunch of random games with him to keep him entertained and that was about all.
He received a couple of hearts in the mail today which i thought was super sweet!! And Brad was very keen to find out who has a major crush on him! But i told him he will have to wait till Ms BusyBody comes along tomorrow..... Hold on!!! I just checked his stats.... it says he's six years old right now!! BLIMEY! Should i mate him now while I'm still logging?? I do that a lot hehe... yes i think i will! Alright hold on while i set the time....

OMG SHE JUST CAME!!! OK.... so she brought along a Masktchi!!! omgg ACCEPT! Don't they make the perfect couple??!! Anyway so fireworks exploded and then out popped a baby boy!!!! I think i will name him.... Dino.... yes... idk why it just sounds like such a aweesome name!! Anyway so yay! I have have a adorbale boy called DIno to raise once Dino leaves! OK i better finish up here.

Alright that's all readers i will see you in my next post!
Love: Sakura-san123, Brad, Dino and the triplets!! <3


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 12:12 AM ( #204 )

Hello everyone :)
Alright, today i was at school for half a day so that we could get put into our classes and stuff :D So be prepared for a rather sucky post because there isn't much to report....

Triplets are good. I think they mate tomorrow. I still have kept my plan to mate Benny! Their bonding hasn't really gone up much because again, i have being at school :( But anyway, the triplets were very lucky this afternoon because i took them to the TV shopping channel! We brought some food... i can't remember what it was but it looked tasty :D. I also playes Shoe Pairs since i'm on the 2nd gen so the triplets have parents to play games with hehe.

Brad and Dino are all goods as well. They haven't really done much. Brad got plenty of mail today, he received 600GP from the king! And also got a poop and two hearts! I played several games of jump rope with Brad because i am trying to keep his weight down... he currently weighs 42LBS, hes a bit hefty but not too bad :P.

I think that's all, sorreyh about the sucky post more tomorrow!!!
Love: Sakura-san123, Triplets, Brad and Dino! <3

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