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Osutchi & Mesutchi Project V1.2

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Osutchi and Mesutchi Project

Welcome to the Osutchi and Mesutchi project. I had some requests that asked me to make an Osutchi and Mesutchi project with some information on the Characters and each of the icons. I hope that you will enjoy what I have written and find this little guide useful.

Osutchi ( Osu = Boy) and (Mesu = Girl) are the very first Tamagotchi that used the connecting feature to breed and create a new generation. They were released in August 1997 and were only released in Japan and in Japanese. They were also the first Tamagotchi that had 10 icons instead of the tradition vintage 8.

1): Status Meter: The status meter is what nearly every Tamagotchi has on it. It provides information on Hunger and Happiness. On the first screen it has a Hunger and Happiness feature the hearts are smaller than the ones on the P1/2. The second screen has the discipline meter and this is the same as any other Tamagotchi. After that the screen shows the age and the weight.

2): Feeding Icon. The screen is the same as a P2 again; you can select what one you want. Note: There is no picture but some writing, the first set of writing is the Meal and second is the snack.

3): Play Icon. The game is very similar to basic vintage games. You have to select the flag. It is just like the Connection v3 game. On the left he will hold a white flag, on the right he will hold a black flag. Just be fast to choose which flag. Middle button is the flag on the right; far left button is the flag on the left. A good little game.

4): Toilet Icon. Its just the same as any Tamagotchi ever released.

5): Discipline, Itís the same as most vintage ones. It looks like a circle with a mouth. It does the same job and fills the discipline meter in the status menu.

6): Medication. The medication icon is used to cure your Tamagotchi when it is ill. Thatís all that it does.

7): The lights icon is used to turn the lights on and off. It looks like a lampshade.

8): The TMP meter is used to show what TMP it is one. It shows a crown below the TMP and it can contain up to four crowns, It can change while you are running the Tamagotchi.

9): Mate Icon. This Icon only works when the character is a certain age. Itís the day after they have turn adults. It works just like the Connection connecting feature, this is how they produce the babies and breeding.






05 Jun 2011