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Mistress of the Woods

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Posted 01 August 2011 - 06:46 PM ( #1 )

I can't explain how I came to be, but all I know about myself is that I was constructed because of music. Then she made it a little more emotional, making stories about me in her bed. She wouldn't remember every detail the next day. I hadn't even made the decision to search through the woods, while holding a bouquet of black roses searching for "her", which would be me, but in a white dress. Then came along the girl in the green dress, trying to capture me with a deviant smile and welcoming eyes. Oh, how gullible I was. I'd always find a way out of the traps in which she'd set up, though. Then came the girl who acted like a statue, and then the girl holding the disco ball. The god who made all of us up thinks she's insane, but all of us... well... we are all her.
Dear Reader,
From what you've just read, I assume you have no clue what you are reading.
But I do beg of you to keep reading, because you might understand what is to be going on.
Just keep reading, or give this story one more shot if you think that you're going to give up.







01 Aug 2011