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Alone in This World

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Posted 13 August 2011 - 02:30 AM ( #1 )

A story inspired by Minecraft

The sun makes its way down the horizon. You want to run and yell, "WAIT! Where are you going?" and pursue it.
Just like your life will be soon.

Your diamond armor is about to give in.
Just like you...

You have no choice but to step outside and fight the monsters. You know they are alone in the world.
Just like you.

After a long, hard, fighting, the monsters burn to their death and leave their remains behind.
You pick up some bones.

Suddenly, the sound of barking fills your ears. You feed him some bones, and soon, his eyes relax from the tense face they were before, and his eyes start to shine. He follows you. You know he will never be alone again.
Just like you!

Night falls again, and your faithful friend starts to growl. You slash with all your might, and your trusty wolf starts to whimpher. The monsters surround you.
Just like death.

Your wolf looks at you with eyes that beg you to leave. You have no choice.

You run home and look behind you, as the monsters slay the poor puppy. He gives one last whimpher, and he is gone.

And you are alone, once more in the world, never again to met a friend just like him.

-- 1 month later --

A man and a wolf have been found lying on the ground, dead. The wolf seems to have suffered from major creeper explosions, and has deep arrow wounds and spider venom. The human seems to have died from sadness, as he is not injured in any way. However, tears of blood seem to have fallen from his eyes. He is the normal Minecraftian, brown hair, brown eyes, messy shirt and tattered jeans.
Son of Notch
Faithful Puppy






13 Aug 2011

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Posted 28 August 2011 - 12:49 PM ( #2 )

awwwwww thats a really sweet story i feel like that most of the time i wish i had a friend lik that wolf id love a wolf or an eagle :(

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