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Gen V Tourney :D

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Posted 12 September 2011 - 10:59 AM ( #1 )

Hello welcome to the Gen V Pokemon Tournement I might aswell go straight to the rules

Only 10 people can join. I'll organise the brackets myself.
No legends. The only pokemon alowed in these battles are what you can get in the Wi-Fi match-ups. Those cheating will be disqualified. I will need conclusive proof of cheating though. If you save the battle video and PM the code I will look into it myself.
The same situation for hacks.
Always flat battles. (Yes I know flat battles get rid of legends, but its easy to not notice if they dont put flat battle on)
You can't have two pokemon of the same species
No One hit ko moves
The tournement will be spread from September 20th til october 20th so everyone can plan their battles in time o suit their time zones

And finally, the form:


And that's all there is. If you need any other details just ask. Thaaaaanks ^-^






12 Sep 2011