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What don't you like about the Tama-Go?

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Posted 25 October 2011 - 07:58 AM ( #1 )

If the size is the only thing you dislike about the Tama-Go, please don't post.

But if you have other things you dislike, tell me them! MY big dislike is the potty traning feature.

Do you dislike...

Potty training
Figure price
Figure games
Figure shops

The list could go on forever...

Please can this be a serious discussion topic. Which means no "whats poty trayning" or "dontlike the sise". Please use proper punctuation and make sure you DON'T just say you only hate the size! Also, remember this is a topic about what you DON'T like about the Tama-Go, so don't say "The figures are a bit expensive, but I rather like the games" please. I hope I don't sound too harsh! I'm just one of the people who wants the Seriously Tamagotchi section kept serious ;)

I'm interested to know why the Tama-Go is so unpopular! The size can't be too big a factor!

~ Dazzmina






25 Oct 2011

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25 Oct 2011


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Posted 25 October 2011 - 02:49 PM ( #2 )

There is actually an existing, active topic on this forum : Tama-Go good idea or bad? where members are asked their opinion on the Tama-Go. I know it's not EXACTLY the same as this one, but members are giving their opinions on what they dislike about the Tama-Go (and reading through some of the replies, it's actually not as unpopular as you might think).

It's posted in Seriously Tamagotchi so replies should be sensible and mature as per the forum rules.

Because there's already an existing, active thread about a very similar topic I am sure you'll understand why I am closing this and asking everyone to post their opinions in the other thread - linked in my reply.