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kuchipatchi.is.blue's log of random tamaness

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 01:39 PM ( #1 )

hello people who are bored enough to read my log!!! i gave up on tamas a bazillion years ago but then i came back to them because i felt guilty about the tamagotchis sitting around killing batteries (which btw cost tons here)
so i decided to start them up again. and then i realized i didn't have any spare batteries so i had to wait forever to get some more. :(
but now i have 3 packs of batteries!!! yay!!!

so here is my really boring collection: 2 v3's (both not working but hey they're old), 2 v4's (one's messed), 1 v4.5 (currently on pause) and a v5 (which i'll be logging).

right now on my v5 they're all adults (yay!) and they're memetchi, sukatchi, and hottteatchi. i have no idea how i got sukatchi and hotteatchi bcuz i used all the cheerful family items for bonding. O_o

so right now they're just bouncing around....

oh yeah i feel so guilty because i was in a restaurant and i turned their sound off and then they became the petite family!!! :( so i gave them milk and they were back to normal except for the parents so now when they do their animation thing they look like two baby chickens peeling bananas. XD

i was bored one day and i started writing stories about them
but they're not really that funny....
ah well i'll post them here anyway

*in the kitchen*
mom: ok kids here's ur dinner
kids: yay!!
adam: *makes face* holy smokes this tastes like poo
felicia: *swats adam* shut up!! i think it tastes delicious, mom. thanks for making it for us.
sasha: i agree with adam. this tastes like feet. *pushes plate away*
felicia: holy smokes you people are idiots. *takes big bite*
dad: i'm hooommee!!!!!!!!!!! what smells delicious?
*dad comes into room*
dad: yum yum. what is this?
adam: hold on dad it tastes like p-
*felicia claps hand on his mouth*
dad: *gives felicia weird look*
sasha: what adam meant to say was that it tastes like fee-
*felicia claps other hand on her mouth*
felicia: what they meant to say is that it's super delicious and you should take a big gigantic bite RIGHT NOW.
dad: oh.
*dad takes big bite*
mom: *headdesk*

before bed:

mom: okay kids go to bed like right now
kids: aww do we have to come on i just got on the computer please let us stay up please
sidenote: did i mention the kids were teens? yeah. now i did.
*kids go to bed*
mom: wow how do you do that?
dad: i dunno. magic?
kids: LOL
dad: GO TO BED
adam: but we are in bed
sasha: yah dad get yo' facts straight
felicia: i can't believe i'm related to these ppl.....
parents: okay good night
*closes door*
adam: why are we still sharing a room?
felicia: like in the 1st gen all they had was this apartment and it was passed down to our family. get yo' facts straight!
sasha: wow. never in a million years would i guess that you would say get yo' facts straight felicia
felicia: *rolls eyes*
*sasha whips out phone and starts texting*
adam: wow sasha you're gonna have to get surgery soon
sasha: *whips head up in surprise* whaaatt???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adam: yah, because we'll have to get that cell away from you using surgery hahaha!
sasha: hardy har har. *goes back to texting*
felicia: *snore*
adam: figures. felicia is asleep already.
sasha: of course. moron
adam: ur so nice sasha. you'll def b on santa's good list
sasha: duh
adam: *falls asleep*
sasha: aw...now i'm the only one awake...that's no fun. *falls asleep*

in the morning:
sasha: uugghhh
adam: what?
sasha: my dose is sduffed ub.
felicia: haha dat's what u get for staying up so late
sasha: you shud ub.
felicia: well u get sick if u don't get enough sleep
adam: really? i've stayed up for years and i haven't been sick in like a week
felicia: newsflash we've only been alive for like 3 days.
adam: oh.
*mom enters the room*
mom: get up everyone!
sasha: uuugggghhhh
mom: what's wrong?
sasha: my dose is sduffed ub. i tink i haf a cold.
mom: aww sweetie i'll get you some chicken soup and some cough syrup
*leaves room*
felicia: haha sasha very clever. where did you learn the stuffed up nose voice?
sasha: internet. duh, felicia.
felicia: you just don't wanna do your chores, lazybutt.
sasha: *sniffles* don'd call me a lasybudd.
adam: well...oh yay i just remembered it's take your SON to work day so i get to go to work with dad! yay
felicia: shoot. then this means i have to do both of your chores and mine
sasha: haha
*mom comes back*
mom: hi sasha here's your stuff i have book club in an hour but felicia will be here okay?
sasha: i don'd haf to debend on my liddle sis, u know
mom: yes but with felicia here i am not worried about the house
adam: *starts laughing*
sasha: *tries feebly to hit him*
sasha: *fails*
dad: hey who's gonna play the golfing game with me now?
adam: i will and hit you in the head with a golf ball!

yeah so that's all for now

oh yeah i'll update later when sasha gets married because i want the cheerful family

and in case you're wondering no i will not have pictures because of parents. :(

"i got da mooves like jaggah i got da mooves like jaggah i got da mooooooves like jaggah"

shut up sasha. <_<

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25 Nov 2011

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 03:26 PM ( #2 )

whoa i'm sorry i forgot to mention that memetchi is sasha, sukatchi is adam, and hotteatchi is felicia.
oops...mah bad


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Posted 25 November 2011 - 03:29 PM ( #3 )

just wondering how do i add colour??? because i'm new here....

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 01:00 PM ( #4 )

Still trying to write in color.... :angry:

Sasha still hasn't gotten married yet.

"it's all because you were doing math homework instead of paying attention to me!!!!! And that's why the matchmaker gave me really horrible characters!"
Well sorry.

Ok you know what I'll just try color. And fail at it.

heey it's me Felicia and Adam just made me spill my tea!!!!!!!
well sorry Felicia it wasn't my fault that you walked into me while I was trying to help kuchipatchi.is.blue with the math homework!!!!
Why don't you just call me kuchipatchi?
cuz we actually know a kuchipatchi that the matchmaker tried to make me marry!!!!! :angry
don't be mean Sasha.
don't tell me you have more homework, blue.
Haha blue ok then I'll be blue. Teehee
And I'm sorry Sasha I have a test to study for (and I should be studying for it) and I missed the entire chapter so I have to study extra hard.
yeah the chapter is pretty weird though...there's like one entire section of diagrams and like three sentences. O_o

Tama wise, they slept in today (which is kind of my fault because I set their time back so I could sleep in :P)
And they went to school on Thursday.

yeah it was weird first there was a lot slamming and talking.
That was me opening my locker and talking to my friends.
yeah and then there was more talking and keyboards being typed on
That was my computer class.
and for the rest of the day there were two ladies talking a lot and some scratching noises. And a lot of jostling. And some really deep voice.
That was the rest of my classes. The scratching noise was me writing with my pencil. The jostling was when I was running during break. And the really deep voice was this guy in my class who I always seem to annoy. We were arguing, kind of.
and around the end of the day, who was the lady talking about rice?
That was my social studies teacher lecturing us about the unhealthiness of white rice. Which is kind of mean because there are tons of Asians on my class XP
hey no fair I like white rice!

Well....it doesn't really affect you......you're a tamagotchi..

Oh wait now Sasha is raiding the fridge with her dad or mom I can't tell them apart. -_-


-blue, sasha, adam, and felicia

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 03:59 PM ( #5 )

Hey I'm back but I'm just letting you know that Sasha got married!!!!

the matchmaker finally gave me a mumutchi to marry!!!! And he's the super nice one that I met at the park! But the sad thing is that Adam and Felicia aren' here anymore....

Now there are two girls. I've named them Tess and Willa. Say hi, girls!
hi I'm Tess I'm the oldest haha!
Tess you're mean

They got sick 5 minutes ago :( then Sasha and dad came to the rescue :D

So I wrote a tama story when sasha, Adam, and Felicia were teens. I'll post it here.
Tama story!!!!!!!!!!!!

*before evolution*
sasha: why do i feel so terrible?
adam: ikr
felicia: me too. i feel like i'm gonna barf.
mom: well it's something all kids go through. when you're older-
kids: MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mom: ok ok
sasha: mom what will i evolve into?
mom: i think you will evolve into a sweet little memetchi.
sasha: cool. and there hasn't been any memetchi in the family, has there?
mom: nope. there have been violetchis and mametchis, but no memetchis yet.
adam: what will i be?
mom: hmm...let's see....
*pulls out growth chart*
mom: you'll probably be a sukatchi!
adam: eww....
mom: what's wrong with sukatchi?? i think one of your uncles was one.
adam: it's just that...he looks so....girly! i want to look tough.
sasha: well, considering ur a tamagotchi you will never look tough
mom: that's true even your father looked like a really cute mouse
kids: ........
felicia: what will i be, mom
mom: well since there can't be two memetchis...i don't know. 
felicia ???!!!!
sasha: haha i'll be a pretty memetchi
felicia: *sob*
mom: oh it's okay you'll be something cute i know it
mom: but no matter what you'll be my tamagotchis. and before you know it one of you is going to get married and inherit this apartment like i did. well, your father.
felicia: what happens with the others?
mom: you'll come with us back to tama planet in our big family house and meet everyone from your family tree. we all end up there eventually.
felicia: ??! even the 1st gen people????
mom: yup. you'll meet the tamagotchis that started our great family.
adam: who are they?
mom: they are a very sweet violetchi, who started our great family and her husband was a sukatchi, adam.
adam: *puffs out chest proudly*
mom: there was her brother, furikotchi, and her sister, yonepatchi.
sasha: so we're the 5th generation?
mom: yup. you'll have to talk to your dad for the full story, and he can tell you about your aunt, chamametchi. he even had a dog, too. oh that's right! the dog and violetchi's elephant will be at the tama house.
adam: now i want to go.
felicia: me too.
sasha: me three.
mom: we'll all be there eventually. don't worry.

Aww...I bet adam's having fun at the big family house....with his great great grandma.

I never got to the story about the family tree though....:(
Oh well!

I'll update when Tess and Willa become kids.

A weird random thing I just thought of: I had a dream where I had this fluffy white poodle. I found her under the bed. O_o

And 6th gen on my tama!!

And I totally wanna put photos on this but I can't....hope you people understand!:)



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Posted 26 November 2011 - 07:03 PM ( #6 )

Just curious are people not reading this thing because I don't have photos?????
That's just a bit mean. :(

And Tess and Willa became a memetchi and imotchi. I would have photos if I WAS ALLOWED WHICH I'M NOT.


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Posted 27 November 2011 - 07:13 PM ( #7 )

think blue will notice that we're playing angry birds?
no....blue never notices. Besides, she's busy.
good. Then she won't know that I'm on the very first level of angry birds.
*snickers* you're still on the first level?
yep. *flings red bird at structure* I won!!!
hahaha but that was the easiest level on earth!
you're such a killjoy.
yesterday was so fun.
yeah we watched a hockey game and the first goal was total fail because one guy shot the puck and then it bounced off the leg of a guy on the other team and then there was a goal.

but the team i decided to cheer for (when i watch hockey randomly, i just pick a team to cheer for, even though it's not my favourite team :P)
uh we don't know bye tamatalk!
Hey wait a minute I'm not done with you ye-

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Posted 27 November 2011 - 07:21 PM ( #8 )

Oh yeah I just remembered that a bunch of my friends brought their tamas and we connected like crazy!! :)
Now I don't feel like a loner....
And in case you're wondering about the hockey game in the above post, the Canucks won over the sharks!

Just to throw some excitement in, I'll be doing my first tama sneak tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Now Playing: some random beginner piano song
can I say something?
I passed the second level of angry birds!
I said no.

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Posted 28 November 2011 - 06:08 PM ( #9 )

oh my gosh we got to go to schoooll!!!! and it was fun!!! except for that part where you shut us into that closet. :angry:

i'm soorrryy but i can't wear jeans to PE otherwise mah teacher will yell at me for wearing bieber jeans to PE (and a guy last year actually did that) :D

our day started with a lot of talking and jostling, then we were in a room where there were people talking a lot and keyboards were being typed on and then there was a scratching noise. and a bell rang. :huh:

that was when my science teacher booked the computer lab for us so we could give presentations. and we were supposed to take notes about them.*fun! not*

then why was there a voice that didn't really sound like someone was talking????

that was because we had to record our voices onto our presentations.

oohhhh.......i knew that!!!

<_< right. sure.

then there was talking and stuff.and then we were shut in the closet!!!

hey i had to change, tess!!!

humph. then finally there was a lot of laughing and talking and pages being flipped.

heehee. that was my math group talking and creating "quizzes" for each other. ;)

and then there was even MORE talking!! what's up with talking in school?

we get breaks, willa.

and then there was someone singing superbass.

<_< that was my friend trying to annoy me.

then there was a lady talking and then there was talking about a celebration and farming. you have boring classes.

social studies, tess. and there was something about a celebration, yes. and yes, most of my classes are very boring. except when we have debates. "you can't eat an ipod!!" :)

what for?

that's classified info, willa.

and tess and willa just called for their bonding call!!

whatev. can i watch tama entertainment? (TE)


but they have a story about kim kuchipatchi and kris androtchi!!!

no, tess. go watch some educational tv.

boring. so boring.

it's not that boring...

oh yeah, i forgot!! can i quiz you for your science test that you still haven't completely studied for yet?? and btw, the test is tomorrow?? *grins evilly*

*swats tess* tamatalk wasn't supposed to know about that!! you're not my mother, ya know. i know, so surprising.


yeah today was my first successful tama sneak in school :) but i probably won't do it again. i had to feed them without looking at the screen, otherwise haters would like ask me and then my teacher would steal it and kill tess and willa.
and i'm on 6th gen!!

so has anyone got their christmas list done?? cuz i did!!

and i put a bunch of tamas on mine. ;)

so maybe there will be one more tama on this log!

um, can i say something?


you should really start studying for that science test.

argh. i give up.

ecosystems would collapse without decomposers...

all right! all right!! i'll go study now!!

gtg tamatalk

now playing: silver bells
random thing of the day: if all goes well, i'll have photos by the new year!! :D or maybe later than that as it took me a while to get a new email...oh well!

tell me how i can make my log better! PM me!! (and don't say post photos cuz i'm working really really hard on that)


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Posted 29 November 2011 - 06:24 PM ( #10 )

hello peoples!!!
i passed 1-3 on angry birds!! yay!! :)
you're still on poached eggs? i'm on mine and dine already.
O_o i'm still on poached eggs.....
hey how did you pass so fast??? and i'm older than you!!
uh.....*smiles and looks guilty*
did you go on the app while you were supposed to be sleeping????!!!
ugh!! so unfair. :(
shame on you willa.
:( i'm sorry...
but you'll go on anyway later today. it's so unfair!!!!!
do you think the people of tamatalk want to hear you rant about the unfairness of life?? (which, by the way is pretty unfair without willa playing angry birds at night)
yes!! the people and tamas of tamatalk want to hear what i say!! they totally care about what i want to say!!
something came in the mail tess...."dear tess we don't really care about the unfairness of it all. from the people and tamas of tamatalk" see??
when did this note come??
a few seconds ago...
you people hate me.

while tess rants about unfairness in THE CORNER, i'll report on what happened today

okay there was nothing that happened today. tess and willa slept in my locker-
the closet!!
fine, the closet and now we're at the library where tons of people can see me logging and laugh at me going "haha that person is a loser for logging on tamatalk haha"
well, it kind of is the closet because you keep a lot of clothing there...
oh yeah i forgot about that...just my PE shorts, some extra shirts, and a pair of runners. (to me, sneakers are keds and converse. i'm sorry, i can't help being canadian. ;) ) hey how do you know about the clothing? i thought you just stayed in the pocket of my jeans and played card games.
well tamas get bored too you know. all we did was read the sticky notes on the door, go through the little basket on the door, look at your schedule, go through your clothes and that shoebox, look through your jelly belly box, and chew some of your gum.
excuse me?? that gum was super expensive!!
i don't think so.
can i come back yet??
i guess...
hey tamatalk the library is so boring it's all quiet and there are tons of books and people. why won't they add like a dj or something??
hey tess wanna know what the good thing about the library is?
that there are computers that i can log on so you can tell the world about yourself!!!!!!!!!!
fine fine. geez, you yell a lot.
that's not yelling. THIS IS YELLING.
i know the difference.
hey when are the photos coming up?
when i get a response from the parents.

now playing: people talking
random thought of the day: can anyone help me with googlewhacking? right now my best is "stereomicroscopic quadriplegia" at 557 hits

PM me if you find a better googlewhack!! and as usual, with any comments on how to make this better, PM me. and if you want me to make my tamas talk or whatever. or if you can help me get permission to post photos.


-blue, tess ("yay i passed 1-4 on angry birds!!), and willa <_<


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 06:21 PM ( #11 )

heey peoples
i still think it's super unfair that i still haven't got married yet.
fine, fine. i'll get you married tonight and take photos if i can ever post photos.
hey how come i can't get married?
because the matchmaker won't let you. :(
hmph. that's mean.
you'll live, willa. besides, you'll get to go to the big family house with your dog and parents and meet everybody from your tamagotchi family.
yay!! haha in your face tess
...tess will get there eventually
so who will i marry?
what about that cute kuchipatchi we saw at the mall yesterday? or how about that furikotchi?
no way he was super ugly
hey guys the matchmaker will sort it all out
but what if she gives me that mean mametchi i met yesterday? i dropped my bag and he kicked it so all my stuff was spread out everywhere.
that's not very nice....
hey don't you want to tell tamatalk about our day?
yeah this one guy walked around with a fake mustache
and there was a lot of people singing christmas carols
tee hee that was the crazy people in my school we were having fun singing a warped version of 12 days of christmas

yeah nothing much happened today...tess and willa stayed the same as always.

now playing: silver bells again

as usual, PM me with googlewhacks, questions, and ways i can improve my log! and if you know where to get a cheap iD L, that would be appreciated ;)
hoping for an iD L for christmas....

-blue, tess, and willa


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Posted 01 December 2011 - 07:03 PM ( #12 )

I got married!!!!
And had three kids.
I don't have the patience to log right now so I'll post later...


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Posted 01 December 2011 - 10:14 PM ( #13 )

Tess got married to a furokotchi. They had three kids. Right now they are a Sakuramotchi, a belltchi, and a mousetchi. I haven't decided on names yet. If you have any ideas, PM me. Sorry for the lazy blog post,but right now I'm too tired to decide on names and personalities and figure colour and all that.
Sorry, people who read my log because they like Tess trying to play angry birds.
I'm aiming for the easy going family. Will have better post tomorrow.

Now playing: I don't know.
Randomness of the day: Tess and Willa went to school with me today and they had fun. And they didn't get shut in the closet this time. 7th gen! Whee....yeah, you know that i'm tired.
PM me with comments, criticism, pep talks, or if you just plain want to talk.

Coming soon: blue's tama wish list for christmas! Names of tamas to be revealed!


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 06:24 PM ( #14 )

oh my gosh this stupid computer is makes my life harder. i hate old computers.
hi people i'm the sakuramotchi and my name is lexi
i'm the mousetchi and my name is tristan
and my name is adele and i'm the belltchi oh my gosh i'm so super excited to be on this log we're gonna be famous yay!! :)
ok so i came up with lexi and tristan's names on a whim but adele i name her that because adele is like awesome and i like the sound of that name. adele adele adele :D
today we went to school it was super boring.
no way i think it was fun!! especially the volleyball game.
there was a volleyball game at my school today. it was awesome.
how come we didn't get shut in the closet mommy was telling us about?
*does that thing in anime where sweat slides down their faces and smiles all embarrassed* because i didn't have PE today...
ohh that explains it!!
what else was fun?

ookay then.
so i promised you guys my tama wishlist right?
well i want an iD L, and an Ocean. actually, i just want an iD L. yeah. ;)
i can't wait until christmas! it's going to be soo fun!!
hey tama story be quiet lexi, tristan, and adele

this story is about tess getting married and willa and her parents going back to tama planet:
i'm going to go to the dating show today!
already???! but don't you want to stay with us? *lip trembles*
well...i should be getting married soon. besides, don't you want nieces and nephews and a brother in law?
*perks up* okay go to the dating show NOW!!!! :P
okay okay.
*tess goes out the door and to the dating show*
matchmaker: hello dear!! are you here for the free cheese and tacos?
matchmaker: oh you must be here for the cherry pie tasting today! i hear there is one made with hot sauce! ;)
no actually i'm here for the dating show.
matchmaker: oh okay dear. let's see our first suitor! *applause*
*mukugetchi comes out*
uhh, no thank you.
matchmaker: ok thank you. next suitor! *more applause*
*furikotchi comes out*
*does double take* oh my gosh it's the furikotchi i met at the park yes yes yes yes!!!!!
matchmaker: furikotchi it is!! come and meet this lovely memetchi!
furikotchi: h-hi.
ooh it's you!! yay!! come with me and we can plan the wedding and you can meet my family!!
furikotchi: ookay...
let's go!! yay!!

and that's how they met.

Now playing: keyboard.
random: googlewhack!! quakerisation quadriplegia at 8 hits!! so close!!
PM me with comments, criticism, or any ideas on how to make this log better! or if you want nintendog tips. i've got tons.
23 days until christmas!!!!!!


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 06:24 PM ( #15 )

darn it tristan's color didn't come out...what's the shade for dark green?


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Posted 03 December 2011 - 12:31 PM ( #16 )

Nothing much has happened...just an ordinary Saturday and i'm freezing. Yum...smells like coffee....
Oh yeah and i'm allowed to draw tamagotchi characters for my project! :) tamas for the win!

Well.....Lexi, Tristan, and Adele are all due to evolve today at about dinner time...I'll update when they do.



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Posted 03 December 2011 - 08:50 PM ( #17 )

At about 5:43 pm today, Lexi, Tristan, and Adele evolved! They became shelltchi, korokotchi, and ichigotchi, in that order. Sorry I can't say much, I got a deep paper cut on my finger and it really hurts to type. :(

I'll say more tomorrow! And hopefully my finger will be better ;)

and thank you for over a hundred views! But I think part of it is blue's fault...

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