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kuchipatchi.is.blue's log of random tamaness

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:43 PM ( #392 )

Everything's the same.

Nothing much has happened...just an ordinary Saturday and i'm freezing. Yum...smells like coffee....
Oh yeah and i'm allowed to draw tamagotchi characters for my project! :) tamas for the win!

Well.....Lexi, Tristan, and Adele are all due to evolve today at about dinner time...I'll update when they do.


At about 5:43 pm today, Lexi, Tristan, and Adele evolved! They became shelltchi, korokotchi, and ichigotchi, in that order. Sorry I can't say much, I got a deep paper cut on my finger and it really hurts to type. :(

I'll say more tomorrow! And hopefully my finger will be better ;)

and thank you for over a hundred views! But I think part of it is blue's fault...

Sooo...not much of a conversation. Oh yeah, I remember that paper cut. That hurt. A LOT.
Haaaaa! x3
-.- You're so mean.
Bllluuuueeeee!!!!!! How come HE gets to play dress up and become red and have heart shaped icons????!!! Why can't I????!
It's because he's an iD L, and you're a Tama Go. (We unlocked Makkaka Town, new icons, and now LB is red.)
Why can't I be an iD L?? LB! Switch with me!! Pllleeeassseee???
But I like eating lunch with Sunopotchi and being in a winter themed room because I'm a penguin and I love my trench coat and I love my new Santa hat with antlers and I LOVE BEING RED!!
Girls, girls, you're both pretty.
That's not even the argument!
Yeah, we're arguing because she wants to be me!
I never said-uuuggghh, I HATE having a big brother! I'm going to go watch cartoons! *leaves*
Cartoons? Wait for me, little sister!
Uhhh...that was weird...
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Posted 06 December 2012 - 07:37 PM ( #393 )

Awesome, we're almost to the adventures of James and Tristan Jr! Yes! Out of all my posts, I think this series has to be one of my favourites. xD

oh my gosh i'm such a bad owner i left my tama on a chair in the library....
you're such a bad owner, blue. you forgot us! us, of all things. you're so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
:( i'm sorry....
you better be!! and after i became the character you wanted too. :angry:
sniff...i thought some irresponsible kid would steal us and then kill us!!! wah :(
i said i'm sorry.
you sound like my sister. and i don't need another one.
why didn't you sneak us again today?
i thought i had PE but instead we ended up not having PE
anyway, what's really sad is that i joked that i needed some money to bid on an iD l on ebay, and then some guy was like "a tamagotchi? a tamagotchi. i had one of those, when i was like 6." :( :( -_-
that's what i get for telling my hater friends about these things.
excuse me? you should be proud of us!
i would be if some other person living in potato would give me some support here.
yeah, i know. i feel like a potato is constantly following me when i travel.
speaking of traveling, aren't we gonna go on a trip with you?
no. we never travel for the holidays, and besides, i like staying here.
blue found some adele sheet music yesterday and she was playing it! but she failed. *snickers*
excuse me? some of those notes were really hard to read! which brings me to my next point: on 'someone like you' the notes are REALLY low for the right hand. can't they just write it in bass clef since most of the song is in that anyway? and i really hate it when the write the major and minor 7th chords in because it sounds like i'm choking a moose.
haha choking a moose haha!
<_< that's not even funny, tristan.
hey hey guys, calm down.
blue, why are your teachers so mean?
i don't know. they gave me a ton of homework and two tests to study for, plus i have a bunch of concerts, a test for like placement or something, and applications for something or other to worry about. my life is so hard right now. i'm logging only because i don't have any paper or a table to do my homework. it sucks. and writing on your lap is hard, i tell you.
blue, will we be here for christmas?
depends. do v5 characters become oldies or do they just stay the same? PM me if you know!

well, i should end this post and do some studying. plus, i don't have anything to say right now. :(
19 days until christmas! but i still haven't bought or made any presents yet......
oh well!

(edited a few things from original)
So...started up my V3, no Tama Go, iD L still. Hoping for a +color for Christmas and maybe a P. ^_^ We'll have to wait and see, if I'm lucky, I might get both (or not).
V3 is named Albus, in a Harry Potter theme thing going on here.
LB got married and had a son. Another one. I've had this 10 boy streak or something, haven't had a girl for maybe a month and a half now. :/
Names names names.....uhhhh...
I'll name him! iD L, that works!
That name sucks, and you know it. I will not be named iD L, ALBUS.
Let's name you Voldemort! xD
No! Not Voldemort, that's evil! I'm good!
*cough* Mmhmmsure.
How about...Ron.
Hey, that kind of makes sense, you know, you have those weird orange spikes on your head, and Ron has red hair...matching...
You're a baby, how would you know that? I haven't even read the books yet and I'm a teenager. You, on the other hand, was born yesterday and hasn't been unpaused until now.
True, but I didn't just sit there while I was paused. I got up and actually did useful things instead of sitting on the couch and eating Pringles.
I don't always eat Pringles! I...I...bake! Yeah, I bake!
Baked what?
Ha! I knew it! You don't bake at all!
I do! Why you little-
Stop fighting.
Fighting is good! Fighting-
Shut. Up.


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 06:29 PM ( #394 )

Correction: V3 is named Harry, not Albus.

Nothing much happened today.....and why won't Tristan's colour come out? *angry*
blue what's for dinner? And shouldn't you be doing your homework?
I did my math homework and studied for my science test. I'm taking a break.
what's for dinner?
Tristan, you eat too much.
that's mean.
stop yelling at each other! That's my job!

Post later! A better post.
-blue, Lexi, Tristan, and adele

Tristan got married to a nice yonepatchi!
but Lexi, Adele, and mom and dad aren't here anymore...oh no what'll I do without them????????
Um, you have your lovely wife and two kids.

Ok now I actually have some time.
since my kids are really young, I'll talk for them. I haven't decided on names yet, but they're both guys. Any ideas? So anyway, I went to the dating show and what do you know, the matchmaker brings out the cutest yonepatchi ever! So we got married and now we have these two futabtchis.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

The kids evolved onto kuchpatchi and chibipatchi. Chibipatchi looks like two characters mushed together in one.
excuse me???????
don't mind him, he's just grumpy. My name is tristan jr.
and my name is James, after the furikotchi in the first generation.
As you can see, I have managed to get the kuchipa family. My next goal is to get the space family.
you make goals? For your tamagotchi? that's pathetic.
JAMES!!!!!!!! Stop that right now. Blue is a very nice owner and has kindly offered to take care of both of you. Blue has raised all the generations before you, and without blue you would not exist. so the least you can do is show some respect!!!!!
*shrinks back* okay dad. I'm sorry, blue.
It's okay. No hard feelings. Wow, a parent only for an hour and you're a pro already, Tristan. ;)
haha...thanks. Oh yeah, I got a call from adele! She says to say hi and that the family house is as amazing as you said, blue! She wishes you could visit, and Lexi says hi. Apparently Adele says the 1st gen is really nice!
Cool. Tell her hi.
will do, blue. Haha, that rhymes. Do, blue. Do, blue.
dad...stop embarrassing us on the internet....and on tamatalk.....

Awesome, we're up to Tristan Jr. and James! Fun! *happy dance*
Who's Tristan Sr, then?
Tristan Jr.'s dad, smart one. I thought you were all smarter than me since I'm only a stupid teenager.
Nuh uh, you evolved into a big old Spacytchi and now you think you're smarter because you're an adult and the thing is YOU ARE.
Awesome! I'm finally smarter than you! Whoo hoo!
And I'm only a kid, so I can act like I'm little and dumb and I have a total excuse for breaking your stuff! *knocks over Ron's drink* Oops, I spilled your drink!
I can't help it I'm a child. A Tamatchi.
Aaaaargh. *headdesk* Blue, I wanna get married the moment my fourth happy symbol comes.
Yeeaaahhh noooo, mmm, no.
Why not?
Because I'll be doing important human things then, like eating.
*huffs* I'm sure you can take a break.
But then there's baby hour...
Yah Ron. There's baby hour.
But I don't have to worry about it, since I leave anyway.
Yeah, YOU don't have to worry about it. I do.
Was Harry's baby hour long?
Yes, it was forever and ever.
No it wasn't. An hour can't last forever and ever and ever and-
Shut up, please.


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 06:57 PM ( #395 )

Just because I keep forgetting :
Ron's son

WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what are you going win for?
i'm allowed to post photos!!! yay!!! and i found out that my mom's camera is SO DARN good for tamagotchi photos!! yay!!
stop using exclamation marks!! they're making my ears bleed!!
please stop!
:o never in a million years would i dream that you would say please stop.and so politely, too. you're turning into a gentleman, james! *sniffles*
<_< no i'm not. shut up, jello for brains.
good. i was worried that you were actually turning polite, james. i was *this* close to calling 911 and admitting you to a mental hospital.
????!!!!!!!!!!! why would you think that?? you've known me for...how long have we been living?
five days.
yeah. really.
change of subject. did you like home alone?
i want kevin to be my best friend. he could help me with defending my house from creepers. ;)
i fell asleep. oops.
???! but home alone is so awesome!
i have a math exam this week. my project is due tomorrow. i have a concert tomorrow. and.....i'm stressed. and i'm trying to figure out how to put photos on this log so you guys can see tristan jr. and james.
please figure it out! before i'm an uncle! i want tamatalk to see how beautiful i am! *strikes pose*
:o is it just me, or is that diaper getting tighter?
tsk tsk, james. spending too much time in front of your PS3.
and eating too much junk food. like my special bag of japanese candy. :angry:
well, i should really be getting off the computer now...
no i want tamatalk to know my opinion of everything! i thi-
*claps hand over james's mouth*

thank you, tristan jr.

Ohhh, I remember this day! I think it was when I tried to make lasagna. Yeah. :3
Pfft. Tried to.
Well...it was edible...
Hey, how come they watched Home Alone and we didn't???!!!
It's all your fault! I'm going to go and eat your popsicles!
Nuuuu!!! Not my popsicles!!
Hahaha! Yes, your popsicles!
But...but....not the cherry ones...please...
Yeah bro, lay off those cherry popsicles.
No! Those cherry popsicles are the ones I'll attack first! Nobody can stop me! Muahahaha!!! *shoves popsicles in mouth* CHOKING CHOKING OH MY GOTCHI *chokes*
Wanna save him?
Ahhh...no. Popsicles melt anyway.
I'm going to go eat with Nonopotchi. *leaves*
CHOKING CHOKING CHOK-wait, the popsicle melted so now I'm not choking anymore. ^_^
<_< Applause, applause.
*bows* Thank you, thank you. Kisses to all my adoring fans!
What fans?
I have tons of fans! Here's...uh...
I'm back! Nonopotchi wanted me to bring you all diced tofu. Here you go! *shoves it into Blue's and Harry's mouth*
Yay, we all have tofu! Thanks for reading, everyone!


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 06:46 PM ( #396 )

Ron's son got married and haddd....A GIRL!!! YAY!!!
She's a Kusatchi right now. I named her Hermione.

I am pathetic at geek stuff. Seriously.
I hate the closet. With passion.
I'm sorry. Can I help it that I had to change today?
Never mind. Where was I at? Oh yeah, geek stuff. So I took a bunch of really good photos, and I don't know how to upload them. *facepalm*
a lot of pictures of me!
yeah, a lot of good pictures of you falling on your face.

(Hermione) I have the same colour as James!! Yay!!
What's so yay about that?
Well, James seems weird and funny and yells a lot. Just like me!
How would you even know? You haven't even been alive for a Tama year yet.
So? I know me better than you know me.
*sighs* You're right, you are like James.
Yes! You're finally agreeing with me!
You guys are so like James and Tristan Jr. it's weird. Except Hermione is a girl and doesn't wear diapers.
*puffs up proudly* You bet I don't wear diapers! Oh yeah!
Oh. My. Gotchi.
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Posted 16 December 2012 - 06:39 PM ( #397 )

Hello, world.

SCHOOL. IS. SO. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
and what makes you say that?
why didn't you tell me school was just partying and having fun? the party today ruled!
i didn't because school isn't just partying and having fun.
whaat??? then why was there a party today?
because it was the last day of school before winter break and we had nothing better to do.
oh. so what's really school?
work, homework, tests, exams, quizzes, stress, report cards, projects, and not fun stuff.
oh. now i don't really like school.
good. stop liking it. anyway, that doesn't matter, because now i'm on break! and i'll be running another tama now that i have some spare time. ;) but i need some time to decide first. i think i might run my v4. i dunno. and this means you'll have a brother or sister, sam!
can't you decide now?
no. i'm not really sure i want to run another one because i'm a bit bored of all the versions i have :P but maybe i'll run my v4.5 again. and you guys can meet cassy! my spazzy hanagatatchi! just give me some time to think. okay?
sigh. okay.
and i promise photos will come soon.

So we're up to Sam now. Huh.

Hi hi hi hi hi hi!!! I'm a pretty Makiko!! *twirls*

Ugh, not so loud. I'm not awake yet.

Uh, yeah you are. You're talking to me and moaning.

I'm not fully awake. I need my coffee. Where is my coffee. I need coffee.

It's called a question mark?

I don't wanna use question marks. It's too tiring to not talk in a monotone. Where. Is. That. Coffee.

Coffee? What's coffee? Is that the brown pot I drank??!!

Brown pot?

Yeah! I saw a pot with lots of brown stuff in it and I drank it ALLLL and it tasted super bitter but now I'm super awaaakeeee!!!!!!!

Noooo...my coffeee...went into....THAT... *points at Hermione*

Ohhhh I had coffeeeeee???? THAT'S what I was drinking!!! I thought it was hot chocolate! Oh well!

Can you please stop talking?

Nope, I don't think so! I like coffee, it makes me happy and awake and I LOVE COFFEE I WANT MOOORRE

There was tons of coffee in that pot she drank...


What's genius?

Letting her drink all the coffee.

Did someone say coffee? I looove coffee!! *bounces off walls*

Is she actually bouncing?



Ooh, what does this button do? *click*



-touch that.

I think I'm on fire.



I'm not hyper anymore.

*headdesk* Great, Hermione. Great.


It's ok.

So...um...can I post this?


Okay...um...PM us with any fanmail...bye...


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Posted 17 December 2012 - 08:45 PM ( #398 )

Is it just me or are there more conversation logs popping up? Like, there was a huge long empty break...and then....new logs, boom! *whooshing noise*
Maybe it has to do with the time of year, I started my log around this time last year. ^.^

i can't believe it. the one time this week i got on this with my dad home and HE'S ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, we have family coming over so if i log while they're here, i will be in huge huge trouble.
and i'm mad because blue botched the plans for my little brother.
well sorry. i tried out my v3, but it has some weird glitch and i'm tired of the v4 and v4.5.
so no little brother?
i'm afraid not, unless i get a tama for christmas.
hey! why don't you call the family house and see who picks up?
ok! *calls house*
hello! who's this?
it's sam, mamavioletchi.
ohh! sam! hello, dearie! is blue with you?
hi cara (1st gen violetchi turned mamavioletchi)! i can't believe i'm actually talking to you! how are you doing??
i'm doing fine, thank you. my brother james sr. is very entertained by james jr.
i'll bet he is.
everyone! sam and blue are on the phone! *to blue and sam* i'll put everyone on speakerphone.
blue!!!!! hi!!!!!!! the log's still going?
yup. how are you doing, sasha?
hi blue! wow! the family house is as great as you said! and you're right! mamavioletchi's husband is so nice and manly!
hey blue! the family house is so neat and organized!
hey felicia!
i know. mamavioletchi and holly (2nd gen violetchi) are such fun to cook with! i've made so many neat things!
wow....you're my great great great great great great grandma's sister! do you look old?
well..i do have a few wrinkles...
no you don't! how are tess, willa, lexi, tristan, and adele doing?
they're so much fun! i'm definitely getting out of the house more now that they're here. especially to walk tess and willa's dog! ;)
i remember when tess walked the dog.....she walked straight into a pole. -_-
we have to go, blue. maybe next time we can talk longer.
alright. bye guys!
have you left your tama in the library again?
-_- no. not yet.
good. bye! *hangs up*
???! she hung up on us.
oh well.
like i said, photos of sam are due tomorrow. i made my dad promise to help me this weekend. ;) also, sam will evolve tomorrow! yay!
it smells like potatoes. yum yum.
well, i have to go to make sure sam doesn't eat all of my dinner. -_-
COME TO ME MY PRECIOUS POTATOES!! MWA HAHA!!! *starts running towards the kitchen*

agh! come back!

Sam tried to steal my potatoes and Tess walked into a pole. Okay.
Can you do a school sneak please please please please pleeeaaassseee????!!!
Really?! For realsies??
Maybe. For one thing, I can't check on you a lot, and another thing, I'd have to keep you out of sight, otherwise I'll totally get made fun of. Yeeeup. And my usual method is keeping you in a pencil case and carrying it around for the day, and I have a class (*cough*PE*cough*) where I don't take my pencil case along. So you'd sleep in my locker and be totally fat, because I'd fill up 6 of your ricebowls in the morning.
I just want to go to school once!
How come SHE gets to go to school? She's spazzier and younger and more immature than me and I can totally handle myself and leave this annoying baby with Hermione!
I don't take care of babies. I look at them and then they start crying. I don't get why.
*stares at Harry's baby with eyes opened reaaaally wide*
*Harry's baby starts crying*
See? I'm not good with babies. *pokes Harry's baby*
*yawns* Well, neither am I. Blue, can you take care of that, please? And while you're at it, a double double with a few shots of espresso.
Get your own coffee and take care of your own kid. I'll have to do that anyway, so maybe give me a rest and get off your lazy butt and take care of him?
Fine then, I will. *stomps off towards baby* Uh, how do you take care of one of these things? *pokes baby*
*baby stops crying (baby's colour!)*
Ha ha! I win!
<_< First you give him something to eat.
Uhm...*gives loaf of bread to baby*
*baby stares at it*
You break off a small piece and give it to him.
*breaks off piece*
Small enough to fit in his mouth!
Nom nom. :3
See? He's happy!
*burp* S'cuse me.
Gotchi King's crown! You can talk?
Yeah...what with having you as a dad...
You can talk! Wow! This makes having a baby just that more interesting!
I still need to be fed and washed and-
Shut up. You're ruining the moment.
You're my dad! You're supposed to be nice to me!
I'm not your dad, think of me as your...big brother.
And I'm your aunt! *beams*
*big sister.
I like aunt better. *pouts*
And I'm Blue!
Fine then.
I guess I'll post this then.
Anything else you want to say?
I like pie.
I like letters.
Yeah...so...see you all soon!


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Posted 18 December 2012 - 07:59 PM ( #399 )

i'm bored. blue, why don't you have any FUN stuff lying around?
because. i didn't think ahead to PACK any fun stuff, sam.
hmph. you know, it's not exactly my idea of to listen to a bunch of people talking to each other in chinese.
i think they're talking about cars. .....yeah. the guy said "car".
booring. *snore*
blue? can i ask you a favour?
well, sunny and i found a great last minute deal for a getaway in the bahamas. we've booked the tickets and everything.
i'm going to the BAHAMAS?????????????? YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts dancing around*
yes, well, sam, the catch is that the deal only offered two tickets. aaandd...your mom and i have decided to go.
oh. so who's gonna stay home? you or mom?
neither of us, sam. you're going to stay home with blue. *winces and prepares for explosion*
WHAAAAAATTTT???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY VERY FIRST CHANCE TO GO ON VACATION AND I CAN'T?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
(note: i'm not going to the bahamas. i'm staying in my country, thank you very much. ;))
sorry sam...we're leaving tomorrow.
*sobs* it's not fair!
sam, why don't you go and get yourself a drink?
*walks out of the room into the kitchen, then locks self in room*
i knew he wouldn't be too happy.
well duh, tristan jr. no kid would be happy. and he's evolving tonight too, so i'll be left tomorrow teaching him about the dating show. *rolls eyes and shudders*
ah haha......it's not that bad...
and i'm really sorry but there's no time today for photos or anything. :angry: :( -_-
which means that tamatalk will not see my beautiful face.
they will, sam. i promise.

Forgot to do the school sneak today. >.<" Not sure if I can do it all this week...maybe, maybe tomorrow. But probably not.
Your locker is super boring.
And messy.
It's not boring...and yeah, it's messy.
Yeah, all we did was listen to you and your friends talk, and then when you left, other people talked, and then it was all quiet, and then there was more talking and boring stuff. And the worst part is, you didn't have any gum!!
You better be! Hmph!
Can you help me open the peanut butter jar?
i don't have arms.
Auntie Hermione? Can you?
Awwww...okay. *opens jar*
Thanks! *eats peanut butter*
Dude, it's not ice cream...
Bub ip taysh ike it! (But it tastes like it!)
O.o...no, it doesn't.
It tastes like peanut butter ice cream! ^_^
My son is weird.
You don't say.


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 07:57 PM ( #400 )

So...Hermione got married, and had...a son. BUT...he evolved into Tamatchi! Yes!!! I can finally get a new boy character! *happy dance* His name is Neville.
Harry is still here with baby what's-his-name.
I'm Neville. I hate that my colour is so close to my weird mom's.
Hey, you're my little brother! Or little cousin!
But you're still a baby. I'm bigger than you! *puffs up*
Nooo, I was born earlier. Blue kept me and Dad paused forever, so I couldn't grow up.
But...but...I'm a Tamatchi, and you're still a little baby! So there!
I was still born earlier than you~
Ugh! You're so annoying!
I should be saying that to you.

Posted Image
as you can see, my collection is pretty small.....and if you look closely, you can see sam raiding the fridge with his dad. ;)
HEY! why did you catch a photo like that?
i thought it was funny.
Posted Image
i think this looks cute.
i look all roly poly. barf.
no you don't!
Posted Image
aw...he's smiling
i guess that doesn't look too bad....kind of
why are you being so critical???

well, you're not uploading photos of yourself for people to see. you're uploading photos of ME.

My first log photos! <3
Ew, why were they so big?
I didn't really get the hang of resizing yet, okay?
Hey, my colour's the same as Sam's! That makes ME more special than YOU! Ha!
Well, my colour's the same as...someone's!
But Sam's is even more special, because he was one of Blue's favourites!
Gasp! I'm not your favourite?
You're all my favourites, and stop trying to pick a fight, what's-your-name.
Ha! You don't even have a NAME!! HAHAHA!
Shut up! I've been living longer than you and I have a dad and my colour is the same as Sam's! So there!
You're mean! *cries*
I don't wanna be your brother anymore! *runs away*
Look what you did, what's-your-name! You made Neville sad, and he hasn't even been living for 6 hours yet!
He started it!
I think we should end this here...


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Posted 22 December 2012 - 11:40 AM ( #401 )

So the world didn't end. Ooh, big surprise.
I know, right? I was SO surprised when the world didn't explode in a big ball of fireyness and then we all died!!
Please tell me you're joking.
I'm not.
What kind of child have you raised here, Harry? *points at what's-his-name*
It's not my fault. I tried to tell him that this was all a joke, but he insisted on making all these weapons and battle plans for zombies.
Look, I made useful things! *holds up a bunch of popsicle sticks*
Uh...that's a wad of popsicle sticks all glued together.
It's a spiky ball! I put it on the floor and some unsuspecting zombie will step on it and be distracted for 5 seconds!

Sorry super busy no time right now but Sam had fun decorating for christmas with me today.[

Brilliant post. It really makes you think, you know?
It's really thought provoking.
So...in log matters, Harry was still around last time I checked, and Neville is an Oyajitchi, because I messed up the time and made him have to go to the hospital...oops.
It was awful! I hated it! *dramatic*
Haha! You could've been a Guriguritchi, but no, you became an Oyajitchi! Hahaha!
There's nothing wrong with being an Oyajitchi. In fact, Oyajitchis are special characters, did you know?
Mhmm. On Connections, you have to connect an Otokitchi and an Ojitchi until they marry in order to get Oyajitchi.
See? I'm specialer than you! *gloat gloat gloat*
You know what's even better? Neville was a Young Oyajitchi, and then a regular Oyajitchi. ^.^
Double the Oyajitchi! Oh yeah!
Ooh, so important.
Look, my popsicle stick ball worked! ^_^
*tries not to laugh*
Here, let me try to pull that from your foot...
Thanks for reading! See you soon!
But I'm a wizard....;__;
EDIT: Wow, we're up to 21 PAGES!!! Thanks for sticking with us from page 1 to now!

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 05:00 PM ( #402 )

Over 6400 views!!! Yay!
So, I have a surprise...photos!
Posted Image
It's Neville! He's all ready for Christmas with his snowy background and Christmas tree (appeared December 20th). Neville even bought a Santa hat!
Posted ImagePosted Image
He planted a seed and was super surprised when it sprouted, because...well...you can't exactly garden in the snow, can you? xD
So that's it.
What's-his-name is now a Tamatchi. I named him Oliver. It shows up as Olive on his stats, though. xD
Posted Image
Ugh, Olive is a GIRL name!!
xDDD I know, right?
Stop laughing, NEVILLE!
Neville is a manly name! Neville is a respectable name! Neville owns all!!
Oliver sounds cooler.
But Neville is Nevill in six letters, not OLIVE, which is a GIRL'S NAME!!
I'm not a girl!
Girls evolve into Tamatchis too.
Blueee!! Make him stop, please.
*lazy* Neville, shut up, please.
Hmmm...I don't feel like it.
Blue, come on! He's bullying me!
Neville, don't bully your cousin/brother/roommate. That's mean, and you're an adult, you should know a bit better (although I don't really think you do), he's just a kid.
But he's older than me...technically.
*huffy sigh* You're getting married tomorrow. Grow up a little, will you?
Wha? MARRIAGE???!!! You never told me about that!!!
I love being a kid.
You never told me I was getting married! I'm not ready yet!
Suck it up and get ready, bro, because you're getting married tomorrow for the Christmas hatch.
Christmas hatch?
Yeah, I'm starting a new generation for the Christmas hatch, okay? So you're getting married, no buts about it.
*pouts* Can't you put it off?
Let me think about that....NO.
Aw. ):
And that, ladies and gentlemen, completes today's post. Have a safe, happy holiday and we'll see you soon!
EDIT: Last year's post:

when are mom and dad coming back?
Erm, not until next week.
darn it. I wanted them to be here for my wedding.
Well that's not gonna happen soon unless that matchmaker gives you someone other than that desperate potetchi to marry. *rolls eyes*
well I guess I'll be here for Christmas.
We can open presents together. ;)
did you get something for me?
good. It means you don't hate me for eating all of your shepherd's pie last night.
Please don't remind me. My stomach was grumbling all night last night.
and almost 6 hours straight of tv!
Well there was an epic movie on. Now shut up and keep wrapping, minion.
*rolls eyes* I'm not your elf, you know.

Neville and Oliver can be my minions! xD

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 06:40 PM ( #403 )

Couldn't post yesterday, life kind of got in the way.
Yesterday, I got a lot of great presents from all the nice people in my life, including...a green Tamagotchi +Color from my parents!!! I took a lot of nice photos....but I can't show you because of 1) the background, which is people's faces/my house, and 2) I used a different camera, and I'm not sure if it has GPS settings, so just in case, no photos. I don't have a lot of good photos of starting it up either, with my usual camera. :( I haven't started an official run yet, since I'm basically using it to get 2 special connection characters for the 15th Anniversary. Must get a girl next generation!!
So that's my little rant. Hope you guys all had a great holiday.
Tama wise: I deactivated Oliver, because I can only handle keeping two Tamagotchis alive at a time. :P Neville did get married, and had a son named Awesome Pants (name suggested by CheesyNoodleTama)
Hi. I'm Awesome Pants. I am awesome.
Sure you are.
Of course I am! I will embark on the quest for awesomeness and return with power, glory, and even more awesomeness if it's possible, since I'm so awesome already!!
-.-" It's going to be a long couple of days.
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Posted 28 December 2012 - 02:55 PM ( #404 )

Thank you to whoever voted! That's 25 rates!!
Thank you to lala0629 for following! Hope you enjoy future posts!!
Thank you to all readers, members and (possibly) non-members for 6511 views!!!!
So...I've decided that my TMGC+C can talk for now, although I will for sure be resetting it sometime soon...assuming I do get a girl.
I'm No Name. NN.
Hi NN! I, unlike you, have a name! Hahahaha! *gloat gloat gloat*
NN is currently a Young Mametchi (and has an eternal derp face), and Awesome Pants is....AKAHANATCHI!!! *happy dance* I'm so excited, he's adorable and I love Christmas and he's my first connection character and flsjl dkjf JLSDKJF LSKFD J
Someone is spazzy.
No way, I never knew.
Is this normal?
You tell me, I've only been around for two days.
Wow, so deep.
*sigh* This is boring.
Yeah, I'm jealous of everyone else who's actually having fun because they're weird.
That's it! We have to be weird!
Say what?
We can become weird! We can read up on it and choose weird obsessions?
Can mine be Santa?
Yeah! And mine will be cookies, I'll be a real cookie monster!
Awesome! Weird quest, begin!!
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Posted 29 December 2012 - 07:51 PM ( #405 )

Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for the ideas from our weird chat yesterday! *coughAwesomepantsandgiantburritocough*
So today, Awesome Pants got married and had...a daughter! Yay! I can get Princess Tamako (I think). NN evolved into Gozarutchi. Too many care misses. :P
I guess Awesome Pants's daughter will be called Ginny.
I'm Ginny. My dad, Awesome Pants, left me his awesome pants.
Gasp! I love those awesome pants! Good times, good times.
They have tons of sequins, glitter, a burrito making machine, some cupcake liners, cup holders, and a few pairs of socks. Oh, and he left me this gigantic burrito with a strawberry smoothie, a piano, a snowman, a cow, and 10 pounds of whipped cream.
I love whipped cream!!
Go and eat 10 pounds of it, then.
Okay! *starts eating whipped cream* This-mmmph-ish sho good!
<.< I rest my case.
I'm-mmph-a Gosharushi! I'm a bad care characsher! Dat meansh I love to eat!
I'm not a bad care character. I like to eat.
You're not a Gozarutchi like NN or a UFOtchi like me or a Tamagotchi in general, Blue.
*swallows* There, 10 pounds of whipped cream, gone.
And here, Ginny, your dad left a letter for you. *gives Ginny letter*
My dad knows how to write? *opens letter*
Dear Daughter/Son/Potato,

If you're reading this, that means NN still hasn't been reset (and if NN is reading over your shoulder, hi bestie!) and that you're probably reading this the day I got married. Oh, and that NN has probably spilled coffee or sake or something on this already-
Hey, I have! He's psychic!
<_< No, he's not.
and he probably just said that I'm psychic. Anyhow, before I got married, NN and I decided to go on a quest to become weird. I am now passing this quest on to you. With the help of our friends Artemis, Ralph, Simon, and Roger, I want you to become weird. Oh, and eat a 15 pound bucket of honey garlic chicken wings, since I like those.
Onward with your quest, young nite!

Your dad/potato, Awesome Pants
P.S. I left my awesome pants for you, not NN. Just for the record.
Aw, maaan! I was hoping to get those awesome pants.
Ha! They're mine, sucker! My dad even said so! Hmph!
So, on your quest to become weird, you're supposed to do one weird thing a day.
He didn't say that in my letter.
He said so in this sticky note that he taped to my face before he got married.
Both of us have to do a weird thing together.
Let's have an ice cream eating contest!
*snorts* That's not weird.
With a dragon and we have to dump 5 bags of M&M's on our ice cream bowls!
Do I have to-
Yes, you have to participate too, Blue! Okay, ready, set, go! *om nom nom*
YUM ICE CREAM I LOVE ICE CREAM *shovels ice cream in mouth*
You have to drink it! *slurps*
I give up. I'm way too full and you guys put weird things in my ice cream.
Ugh...I'm not hungry...*faints*
It's just you and me now!
We're both almost finished-AUGH MY LEG IS ON FIRE!! *dunks leg in sink*
*finishes ice cream* Ha! I win!
That's not fair! He set my leg on fire! *points to dragon*
Tee hee. I like her better, what can I say?
See you guys tomorrow! Or maybe the day after that...or the day after that...uhhh...


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Posted 31 December 2012 - 08:37 PM ( #406 )

So, Ginny evolved into...Dazzilitchi!! I've never had her before (I don't have a Music Star :P). I had to reset poor NN, so RIP NN. Instead, we have another Young Mametchi who'll I'll call I Don't Know What, or IDKW!
Thanks for my awesome name, Blue. I really appreciate it.
I hate being a Dazzilitchi.
I have hair almost up to my feet and I always trip on it and-AUGH! *trips on hair*
*evil death-
Hey, that's my thing! *evil death glare x 2*
*evil pointing finger*
That's better. ^_^
Don't you laugh at me. Anyway, I hate being a Dazzilitchi because I look too much like a human and I don't like humans.
Gasp! You don't like humans? But I'm your bestie!
No, you're not.
<_< Fine then, NOT BESTIE.
Yeah Ginny, why are you so mean?
I know, it's because she's a diva.
No I'm not!
Are you going to give up the quest to be weird? It would break your poor dad's heart if you did, and Akahanatchi is my favourite character, so you'll get a lot worse than an evil death glare if you do.
Oh yeah? What?
I'll make IDKW break your rainbow parasol, I'd eat all the strawberry Jell-o in front of you, and the worst...IDKW and I will eat alllllll the steak in the house so you can't have any.
Gasp! My precious steak! You win this time, Blue! I will resume the quest for being weird!
Yay. ^_^
What weird thing are you going to do?
Uh...I don't know.
Let's ride unicorns!
That's not weird.
While we wear waffle bowls on our heads and yell LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE (from Spongebob) the entire time.
Okay! *puts waffle bowl on head* UGH! THIS HAS ICE CREAM IN IT!
Tee hee. *waves ice cream scoop* You still gotta ride the unicorn, and keep that bowl on!
Fine. *pout*
Fall off?
AAAAHHHH *hits ground*
Ha. Ha.
I'm okay!
Thanks for reading, guys! Have a happy new year!
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Posted 01 January 2013 - 08:00 PM ( #407 )

Thank you to tamagotchialice and CheesyNoodleTama for liking a few posts in my log! I really appreciate it!
So...same as always. Ginny is a Dazzilitchi, and IDKW is a Young Mametchi. Actually, I should see what he evolved into...
Aw, man! I wanted to evolve! ;u;
I still trip over AUGH! *trips on hair*
You don't have to-UGH! *trips on hair again*
You have so much coordination.
I'm dying. So much grace.
Shut up.
So...2013, new year...wow, if I continue until November, that'll be two years of logging! *mind blown* Anyway, I don't have any resolutions.
This is what happened last night:
Blue: Wow I'm so tired is it midnight yet so I can sleep
Hey, I wasn't THAT tired...
Blue: Ugh it's almost next year and then there's school and ugh
Me: It's 12 happy new year!!
Blue: NOOOO *chugs Fruitopia*
That was basically my new year. But I was a lot happier. I think.
You don't get out much, do you?
Wasn't invited to any other parties, so home. But I was in my pajamas and I was warm so I'm okay with that. :3
You obviously don't have a life.
Yeah I do, I just don't let nosy Tamagotchis like you into it. Besides, your only friends are me and IDKW.
*sniffs* Neither of you are my friends.
Ooh, burnnn-hey! I'm not your friend? *le gasp*
Not really...
But we connected and everything!
That makes us "friends"...
Hey! I know! How about you eat that bucket tomorrow, Ginny? Then you could become weird and make your daddy happy?
Okay! I love making my daddy happy. :3
I thought you hated him.
La gasp! No I don't!
It's impossible to hate her dad.
I'd like to challenge that.


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Posted 02 January 2013 - 01:34 PM ( #408 )

Thank you for 6601 views!!!!!
Ginny just got her fourth happy symbol, so she's all ready to be sent to the matchmaker! We also unlocked Oyaji Town, which is pretty cool (when we visited, Otokitchi and Ojitchi gave us Gotchi Points). She also adopted a Rubitchi last night.
IDKW still hasn't evolved. -.-"
Since it's Ginny's last post, I think she should eat the 15 lb bucket of honey garlic chicken wings.
*deep breath* It's okay. I can do this. For my dad.
Yeah, Ginny!
Here's your bucket. Are you ready?
*gulp* I guess.
Ready, set...go!!
*nom nom nom* Hey, this is good! *nom nom*
You got a little bit of sauce there...
Whatever. *nom nom nom*
*15 minutes later* Finished!
Huh? Already?
Uh huh! They're alll in my tummy. *pats stomach*
And now it's time to get married! *skips away*
I don't think she gained any weight...
I just....o.O
What? I'm not going to turn into a monster...I think I'll wear my dad's white tux to my wedding! Yeah!
-.- Those chicken wings made her kind of off.
You don't say.
Ooh, air freshener! I'm going to eat some! *sprays in mouth* Gasp! A cookie! *stomps on it*
You deal with her. *pushes IDKW*
No way, you do it. You take care of her. I'm just a lowly Young Mametchi.
Hee hee hee! Hahaha! Hoo hoo hoo! *takes bite out of couch*
*sigh* I guess it's my turn. But you owe me, sucker.
^_^ Thanks for rescuing me, Blue.

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