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'Nae's Tama-Go Log!

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Ashley Montanae

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 02:55 PM ( #1 )

So, first, I'm 'Nae! Well... I'm Ashley, but, for the sake of sake, let's just call me 'Nae.

To be honest, I come here with a cheat. I was getting bored with my Tama taking so long to age and get to the Dating Place (I have a male Necktchi that I've named Marc), so, I kinda/sorta sped up his aging time. He's six now, so, let me wake him up and see if I can see that wonderful place where he'll get married! *by the way, if you're SUPER dedicated to your Tama, unlike moi, sadly, I don't suggest this. this trick has been known to alter the amount/time it takes your shop to restock && it's been known to alter the time it takes your Tama to mate and have children. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.*

*wakes him*
Unfortunately, I can't see it. I'll change the day and try again.
*changes day*
So, I changed the day and the time again. I'll wait for him to wake up. While we're doing that, let's go to his stats.

Gender: Boy
Age: 6 years (He was originally 3, I believe)
Weight: 50
Generation: 1g
Hungry: 4/5 hearts filled
Happy: 3/5 hearts filled
Train: 5
Friendship: 6/6 hearts filled
Characters: 0
Species: Necktiechi
Money: 21,330

Now that we've got that done, let's check!
Of course, with my luck, it doesn't work. However, I have heard of it working for some people, so feel free to try it! It also may depend on which character you have, and, I, clumsy as I am, lost mine. Ugh.

Now... Hm. That's all! I'll probably have more tomorrow, but, for now, I'm going to go and read some of the other logs, and, perhaps come back with more info that I've missed or something.

*TIP OF THE POST: Your Tamagotchi will naturally wake-up at nine o'clock. So, have fun sleeping in!

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25 Nov 2011

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25 Nov 2011

Ashley Montanae

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 05:28 PM ( #2 )

SO... I want to correct a few things. Well, really, one thing, then, go into a discovery I made about the glitch, a question I have and some news! (Hm... It looks like the news will be permanent in my logs. ALSO, this is not my first time firing this TG up! So, if you have questions, ask away! I'll mention your username and all of that, but, please. I got to L10 last time before I ran out of batteries and was finally too lazy to actually go in pursuit of more).

*I would like to apologize. It seems that your TG will sleep until 8:30 in the morning, not 9:00.

Well, as you all know, my TG is 7 years old, due to a glitch gone wrong. Recently, however, I made a discovery about said glitch.

It seems that since he's been 3-years-old, Marc's weight has been 50 pounds. Of course, that worried me a bit. I've never had a Tama before, in any version, weight 50 at 3, but, I hung in there.
HOWEVER, I went to play a game of Shoot The Bug (which, IMHO is the best of the two games that are on the TG - the other being Long Jumper) and Marc lost two pounds. I didn't think anything of it until I scored 80 on the next round I had decided to play and he lost another two pounds.

Then, suddenly, it struck me:

The glitch has something to do with this.

I have yet to gather enough information to determine whether or not this is a bad thing, but, as soon as I know, I will definitely let you know. Since Marc will probably be about nine or ten by the time he's allowed to go to the Dating Place, I'm a bit unsure about how his weight will correlate with his age and if it'll turn me out an even worse Tama. Ah. Just another reason to research glitches before you just try them yourself!

Status Update

Name: Marc!

Gender: Boy

Age: 7 years

Weight: 43 pounds

Generation: 1g

Hungry: 3/5 hearts filled

Happy: 5/5 hearts filled

Train: 5

Friendship: 6/6 hearts filled

Character: -SAME-

Species: -SAME-

Gotchi Points: 20,880

My Question

I've actually already posted this as a question, but, since no one is answering it, and, because I read the logs more than anything else and I know some others do, perhaps someone could answer this for me:

Topic Name: Oh, really, Tama-Go? Age 7 and STILL No Dating Place?

Question: So, as I hope you can tell from my above attempt at wit, my Tama-Go, age 7, cannot access dating place. According to reliable sources (a.k.a. posts that I have been reading here on TT about the Dating Place matter), it's going to be in the door icon right under the PC option. Well, guess what's not in the door icon right under the PC option? Yeah, you guessed right. Any suggestions/tips/solutions? I'd really appreciate it.

If you could answer this, you'd be simply amazing!

News (for the week of 11/20/11 - 11/26/11)

I'm thinking of just permanently having a 'News' section in all of my post. Seems like it would be reasonable.

*PICTURES - I am debating whether or not to make pictures available so that you'll be able to see my progress along with me.

*T-G FIGURINES - I am currently in the market for figurines, however, I won't pay more than what's at my local Wal-Mart. (Why would I, really?). PM me if you have any that you're willing to sell. Or any package deals.


Ashley Montanae

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 09:09 PM ( #3 )


So, thanks to the generosity of my wonderful, lovely family, I am looking at six watch batteries. Yeah, I said six. Y'know what this means, don't you?
Yeah. I think you do.

Whoa. That took a lot of breath.

Now, looking at my Tama's (including my TG, I have nine), I'm thinking that I'm going to fire up my... 1 Music Star (v6), Familitchi (v5) & Celebrity (v5.5)! Based on my research (which came from Binary's Log and This Little Spiffy Site), I am led to believe that these will have no problems inter-connecting!

This is going to be so exciting!

Because it's Friday, I'll go ahead and connect them now. *unscrewing the back off && turning them on!*

So, I'll give a full stat report tomorrow, but, for my Music Star I've got baby Anthony, for my v5 I've got the Blue Family and for my Celebrity I've got the Fame Family (I know, it's original!)

So, I'll post more tomorrow! For now, I'm getting the ready and connected.

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