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V4.5 Connection: Choose who goes where!

game win choose connection v4 v4.5

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 08:02 PM ( #1 )

Have you ever wished you could control how your Tamas interact? Is connecting them a pain? For the v4.5 (not yet proven on other versions) this is a little trick that might be able to help you. NOTICE: This usually works, though Tamas can be fickle.

When playing games:
Select the heart icon on both Tamas, click V4/v4.5 and then Game. Here's where you do the little trick. While the screen says Stand By, press the B(middle) button first of the Tama you want to win the game. If it works correctly, they'll win!

When giving presents:
Giving presents is similar to playing games when it comes to this trick. As soon as the screen says Stand By, press the B(middle) button on the Tama that you want to travel to the other toy and give them a present. This one is practically fail-safe.

When visiting
Unfortunately, there is no way to control what the Tamas do while they're visiting each other, but if the Tamas have both reached the partner stage and have been adults for 24 hours each, they can mate! Two babies will be born of the same gender and one will go back with the travelling parent. You probably already knew that....







26 Nov 2011

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