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When you were younger, what stuff did you do to Tamas that you regret now?

tama cruelty

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 01:00 PM ( #1 )

Well, we've all heard of animal cruelty and child cruelty, but what about TAMA cruelty? I admit, I've probably treated Tamas the worst out of anyone who will post here. I did EVERYTHING...except break the actual toy. So what have YOU done? Obviously, some of us will have clean Tama records, but I'm talking to the people who got their first Tama aged six and are thirteen now. You must have mistreated it at some point. As for me, I'm the worst. I've reset Tamas, killed them on purpose, done crazy death scene experiments, broken a few Tamas in a debugging attempt and made a V6 practice music all day. TWO YEARS AGO!!!!!! It was my New Year's resolution for 2011 to never mistreat Tamas again, and I've definitely kept to it. Now I have Nintendogs as well and they're really cute, I can't bear to neglect them! As for Horse Life 2, this DS game I have, I tried to kill my virtual horse once, and I only got halfway down the Happiness, Cleanliness and Fitness meter before I felt really bad.

Anyway, what have you done? Don't worry, we'll forgive you for it...so forgive me! Well, my Tamas will never forgive me. On second thoughts, the only Tama I mistreated is now broken. Whew.

~ Dazzmina ~






07 Dec 2011

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 04:40 PM ( #2 )

I have to this day lost my familchi and painted a v4. I really wish I hadnt.


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 05:28 PM ( #3 )

thats not tama cruelty!! thats just random accidents. youre not alone, almost all of us have done that. and familitchi are super sensitive mine broke for no reason, and once I got my friend one for her bday and it broke the very day she opened it :(

if my writings a bit weird its cause im on my DSi. just so ya know ;)

~ Dazzmina ~


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 05:50 PM ( #4 )

I dont mean to be a party pooper here or something but I got my first tamagotchi a loong time ago, when i was like 5. And, back then i've never even HEARD of torture, or any sort of cruelty. I have no idea how you guys even THOUGHT about doing that to a toy...?

Actually my first tamagotchi is still in perfect condition. I always took extremely good care of anything I owned, even when I was little. xD

But I just dont get how you even thought of torturing animals or toys? What was the point of doing that..? o.o

Iunno, it just sounds weird to me that you're making these resolutions to not harm them anymore. I mean, its a little pet, is it that big of a deal? o.o

Thats just my thoughts. xD I was a pretty protected child when I was young, and I can't really judge anyone on their childhood. xP


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:16 PM ( #5 )

I had stripped screws... Needed batteries to work again... I took scissors to the middle of the back and cut to the old batteries. (Breaking the back that keeps them inside, p2) Then removed the top by popping it off... The screws were still inside stuck for 2 years, working with tape to the back. Then I finally got the screws out and now I regreat getting it off like that. Its not directly cruel, but I view it that way because I regret it every time I play with it.

After that.... Getting the same P2 character I always do... and letting it leave.
Putting batteries inside for an hour, maybe, then removing the battery...


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 07:05 PM ( #6 )

No I lost it because I was playing with it at a park then I threw it and didnt bother to look for it


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 07:47 PM ( #7 )

Gosh D: well I lost my first v.2 connection from the last time we moved. I spent all night looking for it the other day. Also my V.1 connection which is my first is pretty beat up. I got it when I was around 12 or so. It's still in working condition but it's pretty beat up D: I don't even know where half of the damage came from.

It`s Teri

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 08:55 PM ( #8 )

Well, as I said in another topic, I reset my V2 whenever I got a boy because I didn't like having boy tamas. That's about it. Oh, and neglecting my V5 once to try and get ninja or petite family.

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 09:14 PM ( #9 )

The first tamas I got, (besides my V4, which has pulled through the worst) I took them apart, and I wanted to release the little pet outside of the toy so it could be real (I was young and dumb, so.... I was weird xD) and I broke each one of them, either by spilling water in them, trying to give it something to drink or poking around in the insides with a marshmallow, trying to coax the little animal out with a treat. Wow, I was stupid! Letting my mum open my iD's back with a knife because I had no idea how to open it. The back broke and it won't stay put, now I taped it >.< I also tortured my tamas plenty back then (Off topic: I swear, I was possessed, I wanted to kill bird eggs and I smacked a cat with a cat toy really hard D: Poor tamas and cat, I never did get my hands on those bird eggs, though, and I'm glad)

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 10:23 PM ( #10 )

Dropped my first Tama ever, a V4, in water and then just throwing it away, not even bothering to hold on to it, even if it was broken. -_-

Sold a music star to my friend because I 'didn't like the design'. At least she bought it. It was very nice of her. (you know who you are. ;) )

When I had my V4 I let an Otokitchi get sick 'n stuff because I wanted to see the death animation. :mellow:

I opened my music star and it didn't work for a while, but after plenty more exploration now it works in perfect condition except for the sound. :)

But mostly I treat my Tamas well... I don't like aiming for bad care characters unless I've gotten all the good ones...


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:41 PM ( #11 )

I once made my tamagotchi weigh up to 99 lbs...
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Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:13 AM ( #12 )

Well, since were all being honest here,

I have probably neglected or mistreated my tamas ALOT in the past. But i certainly didn't mean too, when i first got my first ever tamagotchi the v3, i had no idea what i was doing most of the time plus i was only eleven years old so i was pretty young :P I'm pretty sure i dropped it alot and kept letting it die, this is my opinion is tama abuse, because i always feel terrible when my tama's die or i accidently drop them.

When i got my first v4 i kinda got water in it, but since i was still pretty young and was totally clueless about tamagotchi i thought it would be fine, so once it broke i actually didn't even care. I just chucked the tamagotchi out, I REALLLY regret this now though :( Especailly since it was a glow in the dark one, and my mum got it for me for Christmas and then i went and ruined it and never looked back.

I have accidently broken one of my current V5's this was on total accident BTW!! I don't know what i ever did to it but for some reason it now keeps randomly resetting itself. I think V5's are just generally glitchy tamas. Or it could be something i did to it but i can't remember. And I'm really sad about it because it's one of my fav tamas :o.

I totally didn't mean to do this either, but i have now water damaged my purple TMGO. (I think i have told you guys about this already) Anyway it was sitting in my handbag one day and i had a water bottle in there with it (stupid mistake!! :/ ) So the bottle was open and it leaked onto my TMGO and i was too late to save it. So now my first TMGO is broken but don't worry i still have it. I don't think i will ever get rid of it.

I think that's it. That's my tama abuse that i seriously regret doing now :o.
Love Sakura-san123 <3


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:36 AM ( #13 )

I really regret breaking my MS('s ;)) I did look back though.:) Thanks to beagee on TZ. She killed my FIRST EVER TAMAGOTCHI. She said put the vaseline on the screen so I had TONS of scratches on the actual screen but guess what? She meant the faceplate cover. She should have been more specific that time. :( My faceplate is not even scratched that time. After I saw the dissapeared pixels, I dropped it then my Memetchi turned into a Otokitchi the time it hit the ground. ;n; I will never forget you Memetchi. I do regret debugging my V1 then killing the character on it like crazy though. :/


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 01:36 PM ( #14 )

To tell the truth, every single cream or spray that's been put in my room has gone on Tamas and soft toys and it hasn't hurt any of them any more than a bowl of water. (When I got this one soft toy dolphin called Misty at a funfair when I was six, I gave it a long bath as soon as I got home and that permanently made it an un-soft toy. It feels more like a carpet). The only things that hurt my Tamas are plane rides (going on holiday tomorrow, 15 Tamas coming with me, in a sellotaped cardboard box with my pyjamas wrapped around it), debugging and most importantly, me (in the past of course).

As for your resetting V5, sakura-san, it has a glitch called the bump glitch. My Tamas have experienced this twice, and my friend's V5 did too and I saw it, and to be completely honest, all those three Tamas broke. 2 were brand new V5s and one was a very badly treated old V6. This glitch can be caused by very minor falls, since larger falls will break the Tama instantly. It may not break your Tama; if your V5 has survived a week with keeping resetting itself, it's got a really minor bump glitch that probably won't break it. (Note: I am quite sure this is true. It's happened to three of my Tamas.)

All I can say to you guys is, ten and eleven year olds don't deserve such a bad reputation for Tama abuse. We're better nowadays :D

~ Dazzmina ~


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 02:03 PM ( #15 )

When I got my first two tamagotchi's they were both working fine. They're v2's and one of them started to eat up my new batteries. I would put in new ones but the screen would always say it has a low battery when the battery was brand new. I looked up the problem on here and someone said it was damaged for good. So I dunked it in water and threw it away.... :mellow: I regret that big time but I was 10 years old at the time.


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 04:18 PM ( #16 )

well I've never really abused my tama I mostly paused all the time cause I was worried it would die :P and my cousin is crazy she leaves her tamas in the car because "they ether die or grow up." O.o


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Posted 08 December 2011 - 05:16 PM ( #17 )

Well, I destroyed my 3 favorite tamas, ALL trying to Degub/Un-Debug them

Red Party V3
White and Yellow V1 (たまごっち+)
And my biggest regret...My Yellow Striped Tamagotchi Mini that i bought in 2007 from GameStop for $5.00.... :(
R.I.P. My long lost loves!