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When you were younger, what stuff did you do to Tamas that you regret now?

tama cruelty

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 05:31 PM ( #171 )

Well... I had lost the battery cover of my only tama back in 2009 (fake v1 ^^ huhuh I sucked so much didn't I) so I thought it would be a good idea to... make the battery hold still in it's place by putting some glue on it. Veeeery clever indeed. Theres still some dried glue stuck inside ^^ hahaha...

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Posted 26 November 2013 - 06:09 PM ( #172 )

I made the mistake of taking out ALL the buttons in all 5 of my tamagotchi connections and switching them around so they'd be pretty random colors.

It was fine the first few buttons...

Now, three of those tamagotchis are button-less due to the loose buttons falling out, the other two i have to be extrememly careful with.


Oh, and my v4... let's just say i thought it was a good idea to cut a wire. The SOUND wire...


Oh, and back a few years ago, i was camping with my family and i had all 8 of my tamagotchis.

My oldest one, my v2, was (somehow) broken by my 3 year old cousin. I have NO idea how she broke it.

I still have it though, i cant throw my tama's away.TAT