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When you were younger, what stuff did you do to Tamas that you regret now?

tama cruelty

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The Lost Sean

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 10:05 AM ( #103 )

I used to switch the backings between my tamas to have mix-matched color combos and I carried them everywhere all clipped to my hip... One time when I had an obscene 25 attached to my belt loop, I ended up having one break off while I was out playing. I didn't notice that it fell off until later and I couldn't find it anywhere. So now I have red original tama with a dark blue backing. It bothers me now that I'll never be able to have the original cover for the red one back.


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Posted 01 September 2012 - 01:56 PM ( #104 )

My very first tama that I got when I was like 6 or something was either a v1 or v2 (I can't remember) I remember it was white and it lasted me a really long time and I had tama stickers all over the back but one day the battery finally died and my mom never bought me a new one because "those kinds of batteries are expensive" so I kept it in this little purple locker I used to have and then I got a black and pink v3 and then I also bought the ice cream one for my best friend when they first came out and mine went through the wash so my friend got bored of hers. Mine still worked but a lot of the pixels were mess up so I stuck it in my locker with my v1 and I have no idea what happened to them after that. A year ago I got back into tamagotchis so my friend gave me the ice cream one but I'm so sad that I don't know what happened to my other two because now I could have bought my v1(or 2 idk) a battery and stuck my v3 in a bowl of rice and saved it :/

XxX KennyLover XxX

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 01:11 PM ( #105 )

My very first tama was a v3, I don't know how young I was but I was horrible to it. I'd let it's stats get empty and I'd never train it properly. If I took it to school, me and my friends would play catch with it and it'd usually hit the floor really hard. If I left it at home I wouldn't pause it or change the time so I'd be asleep, so when I got back home it would have billions of poops, need medicine and have all stats empty.
I got really annoyed with the beeping ( I didn't know how to silent it ) so I'd chuck it down the stairs and at the walls. Also, if someone annoyed me and my tama was around I'd chuck my tama at them. I gave my brother a black eye once because I threw it at his face.

I don't know how but it's still alive with only a few scratches :huh: , I have it next to me, healthy. When I found it a while back I thought about how I treated it then started shouting sorry and started to kiss it ( thinking it'd forgive me :mellow: ).

I still feel really bad and take seriously good care of it now.


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Posted 27 September 2012 - 07:03 PM ( #106 )

My very first Tama was a v1. I was pretty reckless with it as any a 6 or 7 year old was. I continually swung it around on the lanyard so naturally the pixels began bleeding after a while. Lo and behold it still works. It's a little trooper :3


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Posted 30 September 2012 - 04:21 PM ( #107 )

I bit my v3 (first tama ever too). Yep. But it wasn't much of a damage- just a little hole, or even not a hole, just a deeper thing. It's barely visible too.


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Posted 01 October 2012 - 04:16 AM ( #108 )

Hmm, lets see..

♥ I kept resetting it until it hatched into a girl.

♥ I washed my V4 on purpose and the water went into the buttons, so it wouldn't work properly. Good its working now after the water dried!

♥ I left my V3 on a bed on holiday, that's how its lost now.

♥ I used to keep swinging my V4 all around the place.

♥ I stuck my screwdriver inside the V4

That's it I guess!


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Posted 12 October 2012 - 11:03 PM ( #109 )

....I was horrible to my Tamagotchi's when I was a child.
I had (and still have) the cartridge game for my Game Boy Pocket.

I would intentionally kill my Tamagotchi's.
9 cakes in a row = death.
I did this mainly because there was only one game to keep them happy, and I hated it. The Left or Right game. I always failed at it so eventually I gave up trying to keep them happy.
The other reason I'd like to kill them is because I liked the creepy tune that played after the flatlining.. (i was an odd child)

Two weeks ago or so I reintroduced myself to the world of Tamagotchi after a good 15 year hiatus. I had forgotten how much I was intruiged by them. So I got myself a Tama-Go and I have an iD-L on the way. I was going to get a V4-V5 but then I discovered Kuromametchi, and I just had to get a version (or two) where he's available!
The Tamagotchi's now-a-days are so much more advanced to what I used to play!

I have a Lovelitchi in my Tama-Go right now and she's asleep for the night~


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Posted 14 October 2012 - 06:12 PM ( #110 )

Well, one time me and my sister did a crazy thing to our tamagothis. I think hers was a v2 and mine was a v3 or a v4 (it was so long ago). They were both boys and we connected them alot. So we set out to make a gay tama couple and it worked! We both used love potions and connected. It was so funny to us, but looking back that was so wrong on so many levels! (We were thirteen) I think what it was was that a character I had didnt exist on her v2 and so it showed up as Nazotchi. Maybe that had something to do with it?
Also: I generally ran 4 or 5 tamas at once, a v1, v2, v3, v4.5, v4. I had one be a "tertiary tama" and I would change the times like crazy to restock the shop and buy stuff to give to my other tamas. I also took great advantage of this one glitch. If you reset a tama while its giving a gift, you can keep the gift on both tamas. There were a few other well-known glitches I used as well. I also changed the dates to get special holiday items to give to my other tamas.
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Eternal Mametchi Fan

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 07:18 AM ( #111 )

^ I once made my female Tama marry another girl too. xD
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Stefan Bauwens

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 06:36 AM ( #112 )

I was introduces to tamagotchis (I would say at least 6 years ago). I'm 17 now and I can't remember exactly when I first had one. Maybe when I was 8, maybe later.
I had a digimon, and my brother a p2, which he gave later to me.
My brother decided to open my digimon, replace the background picture with a pic of himself :P
Then he removed the speaker(all of this with my permission). The screws where slowly getting destroyed. Then when we couldn't get a screw out anymore he took his solderingmachine and melted trough the plastic. The steel plates to connect both batteries eventually got lost too and I lost the backplate. Years later I tried fixing it up with tape, but that made it just looked even more awfull. Although I think I have gotten it a few times working it really was a pain. Also I remember considering throwing it away. I regretted it though and snatched it back out the garbage bag. Now it lays untouched in my chelf.

Now, that was story 1. Remember that I said there was a p2? Well, that one afaic we never opened. But something worse happened.
I live in a very big house, which used to be a factory and my big brothers and my father welded a staircase. (Almost 16 meters high in total). Anyway I came out of the shower and had forgotten the tama in my pants. I caried my dirty cloth to the washing machine(I was walking on the stairs). Then suddenly I heard something fall down. I thought my sister had dropped something so I ignored it. When I eventually noticed my tama was missing I searched the whole loundry but couldn't find it. I then remembered what happened on the stairs. Since next to the stairs is a gap that reached till down, I had to check every stairstep. I searched till I reached the ground(On the bottom of the stairs lies ground). I searched, digged but didn't find it. On several occasions, years later, full of hope I still attempted looking for it. I never, untill today, found it.(Probably if I would it probably be totally coroded anyways).
So far all those years I never had a tama anymore, although I still had the digimon and bought still some fake tamagotchis in nearby shops.

Then this year, getting again more interested I found a great deal and bough a brand new p2. I've taken very good care of it. It probably doesn't even have a scratch yet. Although it's currently not in use I'm happy. Also I hopeI may still get to buy a Tama-Go this year.

So that was the stories. Pretty dreadfull, ey?


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 10:20 AM ( #113 )

Something I regret doing was selling my very first tamagotchi I ever owned to this guy who I'm not even friends with anymore. This was back in the day when Tamas were like REALLY popular. I got a new V3 (the one I have now), so I gave my first V3 (it was silver) to him. I regret it. :(


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Posted 05 November 2012 - 03:29 AM ( #114 )

I know no one will bother reading this haha, I just need to remind myself never to make the same annoying mistake again!
I actually did this in the summer hols just gone...
I used to have 2 v3s which I got somewhere in 2007-2008, ma got them from abroad somewhere (China maybe? :/) and I loved them. I tried looking for em this summer but only found one, a red cased v3 with a neat checkerboard design. (I think it's quite a rare design, I've never seen it before). Anyway, the battery was dead so I tried to unscrew the back... but the darn screw was stripped! I was so frustrated because I was so eager to see what it was like to play an old version again, my favorite version too. So I decided I'd do anything to get off the back. I ignored the screw and got several instruments for the procedure... A pizza cutter, a box cutter, a cheese knife (Yes, I know -.-) and scissors. So I sliced into the back of the casing using the different.... tools, hoping to break it in half or something... and I created a deep ugly cut into the plastic. Then I had an idea. I got a thin flat headed screwdriver and put it under the casing (so it was trapped between casing and main body) and I used it as a lever. And yay! The back SNAPPED off... The pesky screw fell out. But then my tamagotchi just looked horrible. I didn't wanna play with such a scruffy, dented, scratched looking thing now. I still had the red back which was the scruffy part. So I stupidly thought that coloring the plastic black with permanent marker would hide the huge cut. Yeah it hid the cut slightly but that didn't make up for the fact that it looked crap and didn't go at all with the red body of the toy. Then I had an idea. I could buy gems! And I could cover up the entire toy with them. Yeah! I spent £10 on those gems... and I got the wrong size at first so I lost £4. The self-adhesive gems kept falling off and interfered with the buttons... I just got so annoyed, I couldn't take it anymore. I had lost the rare design and £10 went down the drain, not worth it. I decided I would sell the tamagotchi on eBay, got £10 for it. I even included spare gems. Sorry tama, you went through a lot of unnecessary pain! Ah well I hope you enjoyed your 1000 mile trip to Norway...

Just a sad episode in the tamagotchi part of my life! XD


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:44 PM ( #115 )

well i had a music star and i couldn't understand what you had to do (i was 5 years old) so i was banging it on the table...
... eventually the screen cracked so i threw it in the bin

how dumb !
i regret it !


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Posted 05 January 2013 - 01:01 AM ( #116 )

Ugh, here we go,
When I was 5 years old I got my first tama, a V1 (or P 1, ) & I was like, "you know what? ima take this little guy in the shower with me cx"
& turns out he didn't even make it too see the shower.
He fell in the toilet.
& that's the end of my tale.



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Posted 05 January 2013 - 03:21 PM ( #117 )

I mentioned earlier in this thread that while I never abused my Tamas, I was horrible to my computer/video game type pets because I didn't consider them real Virtual pets.
I can't even abuse computer pets anymore. I don't have the heart for it. I regret torturing my norns in Creatures and my Tiger in Black and White. Although looking back I wasn't that mean to my tiger. I liked him. I'd hit him occasionally but not often. But in that game you had an ally, and that ally had a giant Turtle. I was horrible to that turtle. I'd go into my ally's territory just to torture that poor turtle. I'd beat the poor thing horribly. I'd also make it eat it's own poo. I feel bad about that now. I also feel bad about the various robot pets I took apart. I was trying to learn more about how they worked. But it seems wrong somehow. I'd never do that again.
My Tamas got off lucky. I never mistreated them or took them apart. Most of my Furbys got off lucky too. I skinned one because I wanted to see what a furless Furby looked like but I never took it any further than that. That Furby still functioned perfectly without the fur. I can't abuse any virtual pets anymore. Animal cruelty isn't funny and that's all Virtual Pet abuse reminds me of these days. Slaughtering tons of enemies in a video game is one thing. But the whole point of virtual pets is that you're supposed to be caring for them. They aren't monsters to slay. They're pets. Torturing something that depends on you, even if it's a digital creature or a robot seems wrong to me. I can't do it anymore. And God help any character in a game that threatens a creature in my care. In Fable 2 I was walking through a town when someone kicked my dog. I wiped out the entire town and about 80 Guards. And every so often I'd go back to that town and go on a killing spree. Disproportionate retribution? Maybe. But you don't mess with my pets. This holds true as much in games as it does in real life.
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 06:20 PM ( #118 )

Some of these stories made me laugh out loud... But anyways, here's my story.
When I was a lot younger, I got my very first Tama, a v4.5 when it first came out, and had NO IDEA what I was even doing. And I was really stupid for doing this, but the first time my Tamagotchi needed to be called to a time out, I gave it a time out, then I said, "You know... I barley even punished you, so YOU NEED MORE PUNISHMENT!! Mwahaha!" or something along those lines, so I took it outside into the rain and hung it in a tree. :marumimitchi: I meant to get it, but I fell asleep. And left it there THE WHOLE RAINY NIGHT. Next morning, I jumped out of bed and ran into the rain again to get it. Luckily, not that much moisture got into the Tama and I was acually able to save it. I still have that Tama in working condition to this day :ichigotchi: but that was pretty dumb of me. Hanging it in the tree I mean.

EDIT: I accidentally clicked edit, then I realized I had a typo, so yeah.... moving on with my life.

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 02:12 PM ( #119 )

I used to open my tamas and always break the sound wires. i thought i broke them, so i threw them away.
i've also lost a v4.5 and a v5 on trips. really regret not checking before i left :angry: