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Tamagotchi House. (Pictures)

tamagotchi bed tamagotchi furniture tamagotchi house

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 09:15 AM ( #1 )

Hey, im going to show you how to make a tamagotchi house :D.

Heres a picture of mine, but you can choose ur own colours, and ur own layout design.
Posted Image

Posted Image
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So, to do this, first i had 1 shoe box, (any size u would like and with a lid of course) Then u need carpet, so for mine i used a peice of yellow foam, which fit inside the box perfectly, if you dont have foam, fabric or felt could work, or even just paint or add paper for the floor. Next,with the lid, i cut out a wall with a cut our door to seperate the bedroom, and main room. (the green walll in picture above) I cut it to shape, and slid it in, i didnt need glue, however i added it just to make it more secure. Then lastly for the layout, i added a door (picture below- i know.. bad cutting out..)

Posted Image

SO, thats the layout created, the next thing is the furniture.. You can add this is however, but ill show you how i made it/where i put it.
so firstly.. the bed, i must admit, the bed i made is complicated, but ill show u some pictures.For bed u need, little box (e.g jewerly box u get from buying earings or neclace from catalouge or online, and cardboard, and i used tissue paper for decoration) First cut out a long strip of cardboard, about 15.5cm by however long u want it- mines by 9cm. NOTE** im showing u in paper, but this is best done on cardboard.

Posted Image
So where the red lines are.. thats where u fold, then u should get a thing rectangle.. and on the botom the sides dont join up, just use tape to keep em together, but thats the base of our bed. Then as i said about the box i placed that on top (not the lid, just the box) and in the spaces that wernt covered up i added tissue paper.. i know..confusing.. ill show a picture (i also added a back board .. u can too)
Posted Image
As you can see in the photo, im showing u the base of the box the lid came from. So thats how i did my bed. Next i have a wardrobe.. this is easy.. all i did was use the other half of the little box, and put a peice of wire/rope thru both sides and taped them in place around the back.. then i put some coat hangers which i had from little dolls when i was younger (polly pocket). Adding a picture on the side.. the bedroom is complete.

NEXT- the main room. Inside here i have a fridge..Chair/table, sofa, and a little table with a tv. So for the two tables.. all i did.. was bend a peice of card twice.. simple.. then i decorated it with the theme colours for my home.

Then for the fridge, i cut out and long strip And bent it round to a square shape.. it can be any height. Then i added a square piece of cardboard for the top of it, and that’s my fridge. I also put in tissue paper inside it so that I cud slide the shelf’s in, without having to glue them in. Here it is..

Posted Image

So i added little bits of food, again from old toys like dolls. Then i have the sofa.. the sofa is complicated, so u might want to try ur own way, but heres what i did..

Posted Image

So you need this sort of shape.. i dont have exact mesaurements tho.. so what u do, is bend along the dotted edged, and cut the ares cross off out. Then when u bend all the sides u shud get a corner of a rectangle shape, glue these all together, and u have the main part of the sofa.

Then, i added tissue paper around the sofa, to make it more comfy and to make it look more like a sofa. For the legs, i cut a long white rubber into two.. and i just stuck them on.. simple :)

So thats the hosue mroe or less done.. i added a chair for the table too, I just got a long peice of cardboard and got a bit for the back, and rolled it up, like in this picture.. then i added some decoration.

And thats the house. I added a few more decorations.. like pictures, one in the bedroom and one in the main as u can see in the pictures at the begining.. and i also added cusions.. these are just tissue paper, folded neatly and gues at the back, and patterns added, like these
Posted Image
So there we go. Thats my demonstration on how i made my tamahouse. I'd love to see your pictures of urs if you make one.. or already have one, So please post some, Have fun making, and merry christams :)
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Posted 21 December 2011 - 11:33 AM ( #2 )

That's actually really, really awesome. Great job on those!


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Posted 27 December 2011 - 03:29 AM ( #3 )

Very good!
I have read your blog and was exited to see this! ^^
Awwesom! I'm really going to make this! :D


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 09:54 PM ( #4 )

That's really cool! :rolleyes:


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Posted 08 January 2012 - 08:19 PM ( #5 )

Pure genius if you ask me. I'd never have the patience to make that!


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 04:11 AM ( #6 )

Wow! That's pretty awesome! I made something like that once.... but my dad mistaked it for rubbish and threw it out :| I was sooo unhappy because i had worked really hard on it! But i'm deffo gonna give your one a try it's much cooler than my old one!
Sakura <3


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Posted 19 January 2012 - 02:16 PM ( #7 )

Its so geek and awesome!!

I love it!!

You are an artist!!!!


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Posted 29 January 2012 - 08:58 AM ( #8 )

This is amazing...I already have a tama house, but I think I'm now considering it going under some major construction...Thanks for the detailed instructions! :)