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Tamagotchi ID L download mini games tutorials?

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Posted 05 January 2012 - 01:21 PM ( #1 )


I just got my new ID L and downloaded all the minigames, I would love to play some of these, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to play them. I've searched the forums, YouTube, and google... I haven't found anything... Can someone give a comprehensive guide to all the downloaded games we have to date?

1. Ball Rolling Game
2. Christmas Eve
3. Fall Harvest
4. Flower Crown
5. Flowers Matching
6. Frog Jump
7. Hapi Chama Cafe
8. Hapihapi Heart
9. Kirakira Tamamori
10. Leaf Matching
11. Look This Way
12. Lovely Stage
13. Mametchi Parade
14. Mametchi Swim
15. Melody Score
16. Milky Way Rafting
17. Otsukimi Night
18. Pasharin Camera
19. Pichipitchi Seashells
20. Presents Matching
21. Soba Delivery
22. Spicy Donuts
23. Summer Night Dance
24. Tamamoriritchi
25. Which Flower

Thank you so much!!






05 Jan 2012

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Posted 06 January 2012 - 03:04 PM ( #2 )

3. Fall Harvest- See the foods in the background? Use A and B to catch those in each round that they appear.
8. Hapihapi Heart- is the one with Chamametchi and the pets? Use A to scroll through the pets, and B to shoot a snack to each one of them, avoiding the balloon.
11. Look This Way- I think this one is random. Press A or B to guess which way your character will turn. If you get it right, congrats! If you don't, you don't. Two rounds only.
14. Mametchi Swim- Use A and B to make Mametchi go up and down, avoiding the obstacles.
15. Melody Score- Use A and B (again ;) ) to move the platform up and down, destroying as many bubbles as you can. The game counts the purple music notes only, so you need to get all six of those and the game will be over.
16. Milky Way Rafting- Same as Mametchi Swim
22. Spicy Donuts- There's a video of this one on youtube. I think you're just guessing which one is sweet, and avoiding the one doughnut that's spicy.
24. Tamamoriritchi- Press A to fill up the bar as fast as you can.

Those are pretty much the only ones that I know. ;)


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 03:11 PM ( #3 )

Ball rolling - Push A rapidly as fast as you can and get the meter as high as possible.
Pasharin Studio - ^ same.