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Mew Cat Rescue

please read! you might like it!

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Posted 10 January 2012 - 07:03 PM ( #1 )

Hello! Mew Cat Rescue is a 7 volume manga that I created. I wanted others to see the story. I'm sorry I can't show you the pictures, but hopefully you will enjoy the story! If you have comments feel free to post them here, or PM me. Hope you like this! ;)

Chapter One

Track and Field

It was dark in a room. A clock ticked. Outside the pink curtains was the moon, still shining bright. A girl lay in her bed. Suddenly an alarm clock rang.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Whaat?!" the girl opened her eyes wide and sat up in bed, extremely startled. She glared around the room and her eyes finally rested on her alarm clock. It read 3:01. In the morning.

"Oh. Stupid alarm clock," she said. It always woke her up at the wrong time. "Oh well, I might as well get up," she sighed.

She got up and stretched. Her name was Neko Nya. She had short pink hair and purple eyes. She was dressed in her t-shirt and shorts pajamas and slippers. She walked to her calendar.

Ugh... track and field? Today?! I totally forgot! Neko thought.

" I HATE TRACK AND FIELD!!!!" she yelled.

Neko sighed. She wasn't good at any sports in general, and track and field was no exception. She couldn't jump high enough for the hurtles, she wasn't a very fast runner, and she always fell right on her back when trying the high jump. But there was one thing Neko was good at. And that was day-dreaming.

But what is something happened to Mr.Naka, the gym teacher. Hmm... Her imagination took over. STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! Or... A BROKEN LEG! Or maybe... HIS CAR WON'T START!!!! No! Even better! HE HAS A BROKEN LEG, HE ALSO GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, AND HIS CAR WON'T START!!!

Just then Neko's bedroom door clicked open. Her mom peeked into the door. She had red wavy hair and was wearing a cloth ribbon in her hair. She had on her white nightgown with a bow.

"Neko, are you awake honey?" she said.

"Umm.. yes... I'm worried!" Neko said.

"Track and field?" her mom asked.

"Uh huh..." she plopped her face into her pillow.

"Don't worry! You can do it! I know you can!" her mom said.

"Thanks mom! I love you!" Neko said, giving her a hug.

Neko ate her breakfast and rushed off to school on her scooter. But little did Neko know what would come that afternoon...







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Posted 10 January 2012 - 07:06 PM ( #2 )

wow! this is great! i can't wait to see what happens next, including if her coach is struck by lightning and/or broke his leg and/or his car won't start. ;)


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 09:17 PM ( #3 )

It's pretty good, although to be honest, "Neko Nya" is kind of a derpy name.. And why is she in track and field? I mean, if she's bad at it, why's she doing it? Or is it just for PE or something? And then, you had her wake up at 3:01, but then made her eat breakfast and go to school?!

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 06:48 PM ( #4 )

Haha! Thanks for the comments, Kutchipatchi.is.blue, I'm glad you like it! And Runner, yes, I know that Neko Nya is a pretty weird name, but hey, this was my first attempt at a manga, and a lot of manga characters have strange names. How many people do you know named Lettuce? And as for the time, it made more sense in the manga because I put in those little triangle/rectangle thingies that they use to show that time has passed.Oh, and at my school, track and field is something we have to do whether we want to or not. Same at hers, I guess. And so, without further ado, on to chapter two! (that rhymes! :P)

Chapter 2


Neko got to school on time and got changed into her clothes for P.E.: a white t-shirt and black gym shorts. Mr.Naka blew his whistle.

"TRACK AND FIELD... START!!!!" he yelled.

Neko sighed.

Gulp... first event, hurtles. she thought.

Neko nervously stood in line until it was her turn. The whistle blew. Neko took off running. The first hurtle approached.

Ok... one, two,three... jump! Neko thought.


Huh? Crack? Neko thought as she sailed to the ground.

Neko had banged her knee on the first hurtle, resulting in a cut.

"My knee!!!" Neko cried, wincing in pain.

Suddenly a girl with long blue hair wearing a tank top and shorts came racing up.

"Neko!" she yelled.

"Ambaa!" Neko said, relaxing at the sight of her best friend.

"I saw you fall. Do you need help?" Ambaa asked.

"Yes. Can you get me a bandage?" Neko asked?

"Sure!" Ambaa replied.

She ran off and soon returned with a band-aid. She carefully placed it on the cut.

"Thank you so much!" Neko said, standing up.

"Hey! That's what best friends are for!" Ambaa said. "See you later!"

"Bye!" Neko said.

She stared over at the benches and saw Mr.Naka with a cast.

Whaat? Seriously? He broke his leg but he still came? Weird. Neko thought.

Unfortunately, the rest of Neko's day went downhill. She did all right at the rest of the track sports, but she didn't win any ribbons. Mr.Naka decided to do some team sports after the regular events. Neko got hit in the head with a dodgeball and whacked in the face with a hockey stick.

Ugghh. Neko thought as she packed up her bag and started to leave.

As she walked towards the school gates, she saw Mr.Naka in the parking lot with his car hood open.

No way. Now all we need is a thunderstorm. Neko thought.

She walked towards Cat Cafe where her mom would be meeting her...



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Posted 12 January 2012 - 07:02 PM ( #5 )

Hi! Keep commenting! I'll try to add a chapter everyday! So, on to the story!!!

Chapter Three


Neko sat at a table in Cat Cafe, where her mom would pick her up. She sipped at a smoothie and sighed.

Phew! I'll take a break from all this homework! Maybe I'll look at a magazine for a little.

She walked over to a magazine rack and thumbed through the magazines.

Wow, look at all the magazines.Neko thought. Maybe I'll read-

Suddenly the floor she was standing on collapsed. Neko fell through the floor down into the darkness.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Neko screamed.

She landed on something hard and cold.

Huh? Where am I? It's dark....

"Hello Neko," said a voice.

Neko's eyes adjusted to the darkness. She looked around and saw a black cat staring at her.

"Huh? A talking cat?" she said.

"You don't know it..." said the cat."But you and your teammates Lily, Strawberry, and Amber will save the world of cats!"

The cat picked up a small pink vile.

"And now... I give you... HOUSECAT POWER!!!!!!" the cat called.

A pink vapor wrapped around Neko.

What's happening? Is this a dream?

"Ohh..." Neko said as she fainted.

Neko suddenly woke up.

"Whoa!" she said.

Neko was in the car with her mom.

"Are you ok Neko?" her mom asked.

" I think so mom..." Neko replied.

Later that night, Neko switched off the TV.

This is crazy. The news just showed a story about a local P.E. teacher getting struck by lightning.

Neko settled into bed and slept...

She woke up the next morning and stretched.

"Yawwn... What a weird day yesterday."

She got up and walked towards the mirror.

"But none of it's true."

She stared wide eyed into the mirror. On top of her head were purple cat ears, and she had a tail behind her.