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Kimono Wars -The Beginning

epicness and kimonos.

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Posted 15 January 2012 - 04:05 PM ( #1 )

Konata knew
Something was a brew
At the house of Lily
And although it was silly
She had a peek
On the third day of the week
She looked inside
And her eyes opened wide
Tons of fabric over the floor
Covering windows, walls, and door
And there sat Lily
Her hands in a tilly
Sewing kimonos
Shouting a few oh nos
Konata sneezed
Then wheezed
Alerting Lily
Who flew at her in a tilly
"Oh help!" Konata yelped.
"What are you doing?" Lily whelped.
"What are those kimonos for?" Konata asked, looking a bit distorted.
"None of your business!" Lily retorted.
So Konata asked Miyuki, who was very smart
She knew about music, history, and art
"Do you know of an event to do with kimonos?" Konata said.
"Well," said Miyuki."There is a kimono sewing contest, according to what I've read"
"And what is the prize?" Konata asked with sparkling eyes.
"A $100 gift card to the mall is the prize," Miyuki replied.
"Then I will make some!" Konata declared.
She gathered her friends and all were prepared
And they made kimonos one by one
All were busy working, all were having fun
But Lily had gathered her friends too
And soon things turned into a kimono hullabaloo
Finally the day came of the contest
Kimonos came in red,blue,green, and all the rest
Then the judge declared, "Lily wins!"
And Konata's team did some spins
And attacked Lily's team
The fight was ever so mean
And that, my friends, is the story
Of a weird history
To passed down to new generations
Sure to boggle imaginations
And though all of this is silly
Praise to Konata and Lily
And the weird, the wonderful, Kimono Wars.

(Please look for other chapters in the Kimono Wars saga soon!)






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Posted 16 January 2012 - 07:18 PM ( #2 )

O_O How'd you get it all to rhyme?


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Posted 17 January 2012 - 05:56 PM ( #3 )

A lot of work and some weird words. Besides, I don't even think "whelped" is a word. :P

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