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R.I.P Ken

cursed v2 tama idek how he died thats why i think its cursed

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 01:15 AM ( #1 )

Tamagotchi's Name: Ken
Tamagotchi's Age: 5
Date of Birth: 16th January 2012
Date of Passing: 21st January 2012
What Generation? 1
Other Information? I don't even know how he died. He was perfectly fine this morning, a little while later, dead. That's why I think my V2's cursed.
Your Comments: Ken, you were my first, and will probably be my only, tama to evolve on a plane. I seriously don't know how you died, but I'll remember you. So will Sophi. That's right, I named the new little girl after Steph's daughter.






21 Jan 2012