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Tamagotchi P1 (Original)

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 11:52 AM ( #1 )

This is Part of a Project so please DO NOT COMMENT untill this page is finished. Thanks -JB-
The Tamagotchi P1 was first released in Japan on November 23rd 1996 by Bandai. It was later released in America on May 1st 1997, and a few months later, The P2 was released. Once you pull out the tab out the side of the Tamagotchi, a egg will appear. You will then need to set the time, to do this press B and then A and C, This will then let you enter the time by using the A button to scroll through the hours and the B button to scroll through the mins. When you have finished, press the c button to exit. After 5 mins, the egg will hatch and out pops a baby. For the first hour of his life, he will be very needy, When a baby is first born it needs constant love and attention. If you check the health meter you will find out if your Baby needs food or a Snack/Game. After around a hour of constant care, and Napping and pooping. He will evolve into Marutchi.
Below are the instructions that were included with the Tamagotchi. (Posted by binary in the Reference Section of TamaTalk's Library here)
segment 1
segment 2
segment 3
segment 4
segment 5
segment 6
segment 7
segment 8
segment 9
segment 10
Note: when you click a link, an image will appear scaled to fit your screen. If you move your mouse over the image, the mouse pointer should change into a magnifying glass with a plus (+) in it. (If it does not, click the image first, or press F5.) When it's as such, click the image to see it full size. These images have been scanned at 200 dpi, which make it quite easy to see all the details.
Are You A Good Caretaker For Tamagotchi?
  • 0-5 YEARS: Try harder next time.
  • 6-10 YEARS: Room for improvement.
  • 11-16 YEARS: Good job.
  • 17-22 YEARS: Excellent.
  • 23+ YEARS: Amazing!
Posted Image
Please Note: The Growth Chart is from mimitchi.com.
A list of Tamagotchi P1 character files will be added soon.

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Sorry jordbos, I did edit your topic - I have sent you a PM to explain ;)
I don't think it's really fair on everyone to post stuff and then tell people not to comment until the page is finished.
If you don't want comments or constructive criticism about a page until it is finished, it might be best if you didn't post it on the forums for everyone to see - until it is finished.... just saying (not trying to be mean) ;)


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Hello TamaMum.
Thanks for your PM. I understand. However about the no comments thing, I said no comments because when there is lots of comments, it usually hard to find all of the correct information that you are looking for in the first place. I guess this doesn't matter no a comment has been posted.