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1st rank on music star but no reward?

music star award rank

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:22 AM ( #1 )

I've just started to play with my music star again, after replacing new batteries and downloading it. (it's a Masktchi)

Initially the rank was 5th and after three concerts, it rose to 1st. As far as I know, I should be able to get the award for being 1st in rank. But it didn't happen. The tama went back to their home after the concert and nothing happened. The rank is still 1st now, though.

More strangely, the genre changed from Jazz to Classical later that night. I thought if once they turn into an adult, the genre should be stable. What happened???

On a side note the tama is 7 years old and the band manager never turns up with a mate :( I've tried setting the time to 12:29PM and 4:29PM and waited for a minute but the only thing that happens is the mailman :(

Thank you for your help! :D






21 Feb 2012

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:54 AM ( #2 )

The strange thing about Music Star is that, once the rank is up to first, you need to star in ONE MORE concert. Furthermore, the genre changes when the music skills change. Hope this helps! ;)


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 08:31 AM ( #3 )

Yes, when you go to anther concert you should get an award.
I believe if you tell your Tama to play with a toy their genre changes, but correct me if I'm wrong.
The genre will never really be stable. :P
Good luck. :)


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Posted 22 February 2012 - 10:57 AM ( #4 )

Actually I'm running mine and it's now on a Gen2 :) I found that the genre changed even when it was an adult and the toys stayed the same and I never sent it to play or practice(It would do these on it's own). It kept going from Rock N Roll to R&B. It bounced back and forth like every other concert. Weird but nice variety lol. It had the 1st ranking for an hour or so before the next time the attention beep went off (Like for a concert or when someone's at the door). There was another concert and then at that time the award was given. It kept bouncing back and forth between rank 1st and 2nd on the clock screen every hour or so but after a concert it would always go right back to 1st and the fans kept growing.

What other awards are there to be obtained? I see like 9 empty slots in the awards...

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 06:34 AM ( #5 )

Thank you so much!! There are awards for getting 1st in each genre, and since there are 9 genres, there are nine awards:)

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