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R.I.P Tilly

why tilly why?! i dont get it

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 11:21 PM ( #1 )

Tamagotchi's Name: Tilly
Tamagotchi's Age: 7
Date of Birth: 19th February 2012
Date of Passing: 26th February 2012
What Generation? 3
Other Information? For no reason, Tilly died. So much for breaking the tama-curse
Your Comments: Tilly, you were awesome. No really. I loved having generation 3. I was about to go to bed (10 mins late) and I checked you and you were just gone. You had been perfectly fine beforehand. Well, now I am looking after a little boy named Feli. Seriously. Well, R.I.P Tilly.






26 Feb 2012